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2048 Game: How to Play and Strategy Guide

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hello everybody and welcome to the viola

in this video I'll be teaching you how

to play the popular game - Oh 48 okay

first of all you're going to find a set

of numbers your whole thing is that

you're getting the biggest number here

the two zero four eight okay this is the

easiest way to to play this game so well

what we'll be doing is that we'll be

trying to get the numbers the biggest

number has to be here all the time so

all you have to do is just maneuver the

numbers around it and you will try to

get the numbers the the whole idea is

that you can only multiply numbers that

are alike okay so so now I can push this

here so I would - 1 2 and the 4 & 4 will

be a time to get over 800 16 16 16 to be

32 so that is how you will be doing

playing a 4 & 4 ok this way we can get a

power cut which will go back and forth

and I'll try to get numbers here all

right so two one two that's it and we'll

just keep going now I will go in


that would have everybody so what

happened is we we have compiled a 2-0 48

here and we we have kept the biggest

number always on the lower left side

another place you always go up or left

or down ever and go right because when

you go right this a smaller number is

gonna be here alright that's it

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