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The 1975 - Love me - How to Play on Guitar - Guitar Lesson, Tutorial

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hey what's up you guys Marty Schwartz

here and I'm gonna bring you this

awesome song a 1975 love me it reminds

me of David Bowie's Fame meets INXS kind

of put them together into a contemporary

band I think it's really cool it's got

that kind of 80s throwback um anyways my

new youtube channel so I appreciate you

guys subscribing to it also since this

is kind of a contemporary band a newer

band that I'm just kind of digging into

I'd love to hear from you guys maybe in

the comments below let me know other you

know like contemporary bands that you're

into right now or you know other lessons

you'd like to learn you know let me know

and I'm gonna read it and check it out

so I appreciate it anyway let's zoom in

though and break all this guitar magic

down here we go yeah so fun um I love

all this stuff going on in this song I

have a chorus effect I'm using a multi

effects pedal and it's called the tri

chorus on my line 6 m9 pedal is just the

standard setting but a great 80 sound

which this band is kind of a throwback

to some 80 sounds a chorus effect is a

great way to get that vibe I'm gonna let

you hear it again I'm going to turn it

off now so we can just learn it nice and

clean but that gives you that extra

color to the chord so this is a really

cool little riff kind of reminds me of

INXS in a way it's an f7 to a B flat 7

but it uses some interesting voicings so

if I took if I bought

the 8th fret across and then ring finger

went across the 10th fret of the D G and

B that's an F major Barre chord but if I

had my pinky to the 11th fret of the

high E that's an F seven chord

dead right so that's the first chord and

then the B flat seven is this little d7

triad shape and I'm just keeping that

bar the bar is kind of muting the

strings of you know the the upper

strings here and you know we're covering

the D string like that so that that

chord so we have this one let me go to

this one so the bars stayed the same

pinkies gone to the tenth fret of the

high e middle finger is on the ninth of

the B and ring fingers on the 10th of

the G

so the first chord F 7 to the B flat 7


so it's dead it a debt debt debt edited

edit edit edit edit edit edit dead

internet that so you're just going to

want to practice those two shapes back

and forth and then build up to that

rhythm so that's the main riff of the

song and it's really fun to play then uh

you know it's kind of doing a little bit

of that stuff and the bass is going then

a lower octave F so like boom so you

know whatever F notes so eighth fret of

the a first fret of the e mm then I'm

going uh five six five six on the a

string really this is just the bass

player but it's fun to you know do it


so then it's a b-flat major so I'm

barring the sixth fret and then the E

major shape then up a whole step to C

major so B flat to C major B flat to C

major but then the same chords again but

it build up bum bum bum bum bum bum bum

bum bum bum bum so check it out and

those are the two you know main parts of

the song and then there's a super fun

lick that's definitely the right lick

they may play it in a different position

but I picked the kind of like most

linear position to learn so we go like

this 4 3 1 on the high E then we go to

the three of the B up to the floor

then 3 1 so 4 3 1 3 4 3 1 then we go 3 4

on the B again and then roll over to the

for the high E so again so once we do 3

4 on the B and then four on the high E

we go 2 3 on the B


to one on the be open G to the one you

can hammer it on and then the open G

again and then the third of the D which

is F and that's you know those are the

real kind of main parts of the song um

see what else is going on here just at

the end you know the guitar is still

going but the underlying chords for just

for the end at the end when it's playing

the course over and over it changes a

little bit it's like b-flat C it's

really just the bass doing that but it's

it's like a what what you'd call one

four five



alright that was the tune 1975 love me

so you know really fun so I hope you

enjoyed it like I said earlier in the

beginning of the video I'd love to hear

from you on you know other bands that

you're diggin right now that you'd like

me to check out and teach because I want

to give back to you guys and I

appreciate you subscribing to this

YouTube channel Marty music and you know

you can go to the website all that stuff

Marty music comm any support at all is

appreciated and thanks again and we'll

see you real soon