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Minecraft 1.15 Snapshot 19w34a Bees In Minecraft! Bee Nest, Hive, Honeycomb & Honey!

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hello everyone welcome back to another

minecraft update video your eyes do not

deceive you this is 1.15 snapshot 19 w

34 a and I can say that it is the bee's


yay for terrible jokes that's right bees

we have bees in Minecraft this is

glorious they look cute and adorable and

this snapshot comes with all of the

things that you see down here in my

hotbar we are going to be going over

this in detail but first of all I just

like to say I did not expect this this

came totally out of the blue I was

expecting mo yang to do like they did

last year and announced the theme for

this update at Minecon they also talked

about free biomes that were going to

receive an update and it's supposedly

with this update we should see one of

those biomes overhauled as well yet bees

were never part of those plans so I

think what they're doing is rolling out

some of the features and there may be

announcing at Minecon the main theme for

this update

and of course which biome they're going

to be overhauling next so let's get into

it you probably want to know where in

the world you can find these minecraft

bees remember if you're playing on a

snapshot to make a backup and you'll

probably have to go exploring and find

new chunks as these features don't tend

to generate retro actively but we are

high up in the sky here just to have a

look at how big this forested area is

here because there are quite a lot of

bees in the area and I've explored it

and found about four or five different

nests and that should give us a good

idea of how common they are I don't

think you're gonna have any trouble at


finding these nests and then finding the

bees now they do spawn in forest biomes

it would seem I've been to lots of

different types and I've always been

able to find one of these nests in each

of the different types of forest in the

game most of the time they are hanging

underneath the leaves directly and

sometimes more rarer you find them on

the ground like this and there's usually

a couple of bees hanging around and as

you just saw a bee actually went inside

of the nest so they can go in the nest

and they can come out of them and what

they tend to do is interact with flowers

like this one is doing right here in

fact I think we're seeing it doing its

work right now is it trying to get back

into the nest maybe not we'll go into

more detail about these things that they

do later on of course

but if I summon in some more bees right

here you'll see they tend to go straight

for the flowers and interact with them

and if you summon one on a flower itself

you'll notice it's moving a very slow it

likes to move slow when it interacts

with them now you can breathe these bees

with any type of flower so if I hold

this one here you'll also see that the

bees are attracted to the flower when

the player holds it in their hand and

then if I click on them they will breed

together just like other mobs do and

then the baby bee can also have its

gross spread up by clicking on it with

the flower and let's say you'd like to

bring some bees back to your base where

you can actually leash these mobs and

I'm using the flower in the offhand to

attract them and look at this we can

drag them along with lete fantastic so

we're gonna hop over to a test world to

have a closer look at how these bees

work and I'm just going to quickly say

if you want to be informed on all of the

1.15 snapshots then subscribe to the

channel as I do make these videos when

the snapshots come out so here in my

testing world we have a bee that has no

AI this allows us to just look at it a

little closer and learn some things

about it we know it's got wings we've

seen those flapping it's also got little

antennas off the front and these cute

little dangly legs down below we can

also have a closer look and see that

it's texture is 10 pixels deep and then


across the front but here's like really

interesting if I show you it's a hip box

by pressing f3 and B you can see the

hitbox is actually bigger than the mob

although it lines up with the back of it

and it's got a little bit of a tail

sticking out back there as well so the

hip box size is rather peculiar for this

mob and if I interactive it it will also

start doing this little animation as

well and it also makes a sound 8 9 okay

so when I punch it the next time it is

going to die because it only has 5

hearts of health or 10 hit points each

punch is one hit point and when I do

punch it it starts doing that animation

and now it stops so we punch it one more

time and that shows us that it has 10

hit points of health and it also only

drops between two to free XP points

which is not a lot at all now let's look

at what happens when we attack a B I'm

going to summon one in and you're going

to punch it and you're going to see that

its eyes change immediate

but notice how this one over here has

had its eyes changed as well these mods

get aggressive like a zombie pigman do

and that one attacked me and you might

notice that its tail has gone missing so

once its attacked you actually uses your

tail and it becomes unable to attack you

again it also delivers ten seconds worth

of poison now let's get a few of these

together in the area when I attack one

all of them are going to come after me

and they're all going to hit me with the

stingers you'll also notice that they

only attack you one time and then

they'll fly away right I've attacked one

again and now they're coming after me

again but now you'll see they're not

actually able to sting me because

they're stinger has been used already so

as we know poison alone won't kill you

I've got half a heart of health and

actually delivers half a heart of damage

when it first attacks you so let's punch

the bee wander over to it and we can see

the death message Asuma was stung to

death there is also a downside to the

bees attacking you after 60 seconds of

losing it sting out the bee will just

simply die and it doesn't drop anything

what we're gonna do now is use MPT data

to learn even more things about the bee

so if I use this command data get entity

type beat it's gonna give me a load of

jumbled information right here but from

this we can learn some more things so

we've seen these free tags in action

there is has stung for when it's used

its stinger hurt by to specify who

attacked it and hurt time for how long

the bee has been injured now let's take

a look at the bees behavior my noose I'm

gonna be into the world it will find a

nest or a hive nearby and it tends to

pick the nests more often and it will

call that it's home they will also seek

out flowers as well so if you spawn them

next to flowers they tend to pick one

and then go for it and interact to it

and actually store the information of

this flower inside of its memory and

they seem to like returning to the same

flowers over and over again this one now

has nectar and you can see that its

texture changes its backside has some

nectar on it and then it will make its

way to a hive or a nest this one has

picked the hive and you heard that

little sound it popped inside and now

it's doing its business in here so here

are the tags for

stage of the bees interactions the high

position and the flower position are

just the coordinates of those things the

has nectar tank is to change the skin of

the bee and make it head towards the

nest and tick since pollination is how

long it takes to interact with a flower

to get nectar that is 600 ticks now when

a bee goes inside a hive or a nest we

can actually find some useful

information about it so if we use data

get block we can actually find out

what's going on inside the nest now

actually stores the information of the

bee inside it and it can hold multiple

bees as well and there are two important

tags we have min occupation ticks which

is 2400 which is 2 minutes and then we

have ticks in hive and this simply

counts upwards to 2,400 and when it

reaches that number the bee is going to

pop out of the hive I think it's time

for us to head out of this testing

environment now but I wanted to show you

that the bees actually like weaver roses

and can use them to breed however it's a

different story when it comes to these

flowers they will try and pollinate with

them and they will obviously have a bad

bad time another little bit of

information about these bees they like

to share the flowers the locations of

them with other bees and I don't know

how that's useful but it's just

something that they do so now we're

gonna take a closer look at the hive and

the nest one of these can be found

naturally obviously the nest and the

hive can be crafted by the player so

let's jump in here and type hive we can

look at the recipe it's six planks and

free honeycomb now we'll come down you

make honeycomb later on but you'll first

get it from the nest and then you can

use it to craft a hive I also want to

comment quickly on how villages don't

interact with this stuff you might think

that their work station blocks because

they're lumped in with the other ones

down here but they are not the villages

don't seem to interact with bees at all

these blocks are do interactive redstone

however and in order for us to

understand how they do we need to look

at the block state of this which is on

the right hand side of your screen it

has a honey level and a moment ago I

showed you how the bee goes inside the

nest then it comes out two minutes later

when it comes out the honey level is

going to go up so we're going to

simulate that using the debug stick you

can see it's gone up by one two three

four and then at the fifth

well this happens you can see the

texture changes and down below we will

start to get some particle effects maybe

not straight away the same thing goes on

over here we changed the honey level up

to five and then we start to get some

particle effects and even sound effects

as well there's like a sticky noise

going on that's really cool now this

stuff like I said interacts with

redstone but when you use the debug

stick you got to provide it with an

update so now it's got a signal strength

of five as with this one over here so

let's just set this one to zero and give

this an update you can see that it's got

no redstone and then put this here and

it gets the signal strength of one so

this stuff can work with redstone

contraptions - speaking of which

dispensers have been given some more

functionality let's have a look at the

two ways you can harvest these blocks

you can use a glass bottle and

right-click on it when it's level five

and that will reset it down to level

zero but you'll get yourself a honey

bottle and then if you were to

right-click on it with shears you'll get

yourself honeycomb and it seems to be

that you get between two and five pieces

from these blocks each time you harvest

it now obviously the dispensers are

going to do this as well right so let's

check it out over on this side we've got

some shears we press the button and look

at that it can automatically be sheared

which is very cool and on the opposite

side we have a bottle so when we do this

the bottle actually goes inside of the

dispenser however that time actually got

shot out which I find very strange

because I've not seen it do that before

so let's just do that one more time yeah

this time it went in there I think I

know what happened I think it tried to

use the honey bottle instead of the

glass bowl this new functionality

extends to water as well so if we just

power this you'll see that it will now

be able to fill up bottles of with water

and you know what that means more

automation to potion brewers the next

thing we're going to do is see what

happens when we try some of these things

in survival mode so I'm gonna pinch the

honey and despite what I've been reading

the bees didn't go aggressive okay this

time we're going to share the nest and

did that make them angry no that didn't

make them angry either huh now if you

break a bee's nest the bee

that have the data linked to that nest

will come and attack you and if there's

one inside it will appear to spawn next

to it and that will be an angry bee as

well so this bees nest has some bees

inside of it and what I've read is that

you can actually silk touch one of these

that made the bees angry however this

nest should in theory still have the

bees inside of it so we'll go place it

down and check that out it has occurred

to me the bee inside of here might be

angry no now let's use the command and

there you go result touched it and it

still has the bees inside of it

fantastic so we know if I break this and

it has bees inside they're going to go

aggressive but there's also a message on

the post on the website that says

campfire smoke calm speeds place one

underneath the nest to keep them in

chill mode I don't think this is the

same thing no yeah look they're

aggressive so I'm not exactly sure that

bit of text men so we know the honeycomb

can be used to craft a hive the other

item we have is the honey bottle and

this can be crafted into sugar you get

free sugar for one bottle you can also

consume this as well and as you can see

we've got a full hunger bar so let's

drink this and you can't really see the

effects but it would change free

haunches of hunger and I've also heard

that apparently it fills up your entire

saturation bar which will technically

then make it the best food in the game

although golden carrots are stackable

also let's hear that gulping sound again

yeah that's the other one now here's

something really really cool my friends

Polly boy and vale de found some hidden

assets inside the game and check them

out there on my hotbar so this one right

here is called wax block and we've

simply applied it to a different block

so we can see it in-game possibly

something you craft using some of the

new items and this one here is

crystallized honey and it's just been

retexture from a stick let's let's have

a closer look at this crystallized honey

in my hand here very cold maybe we'll

see him in the next snapshot it looks

like mo yang have more planned for the

bees it seems so a few more things to

mention the game will now require what's

known as open

g/l 2.0 there is a new loot table

function called copy state and it copies

state properties from drop blocks to

block State tag in a dropped item and if

you've ever seen chunks in your world

randomly swapping around I've seen it on

the Hermit craft server and fixed it

without the other herm it's knowing

supposedly these issues are fixed they

are really scary when you see them let's

hope this one takes care of them

obviously there were more bugs but those

are the key ones I wanted to bring your

attention to and this is the end of the

video so if you've enjoyed it then leave

a like and of course let me know your

thoughts and opinions on the bees of

1.15 whatever comment down below that's

it for me thanks for watching I'll see

you soon buh-bye