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How to Challenge Your Friends to a Game on

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hi everyone this short video is just to

show you how to challenge your friends

on chess comm it's very simple you hover

your mouse over the play tab here you

click on live chess another menu pops up

right here you can click on play a

friend or you can click on custom

challenge okay either one will work it's

the same right here you can click on

play a friend and you can even create a

challenge link which will a link will

pop up that you have to share with your

friend to be able to play the other one

is to choose option two which I actually

prefer is to type in the username of

your friend over here and then you

search for them and then you click on

their name to challenge them right here

if they're already in your friends list

you can click on your friends name right

here I'll click on scholastic chess and