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How To play real chess with our friends (online)

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hello guys this is a little so today in

this video I'm going to show you how to

tell your Realtors with our friends so

without taking any time let's start so

first you have to click on this online

box then our next button then again on

next so to play with our friends firstly

you have to connect to your ID your

Facebook ID with this game so how can

you connect this you can connect to this

by clicking here I've already connected

so it is not feeling that option you can

join your Facebook account from here

make sure that do you want to play he or

she should also be on Facebook and she

should or he should also sign his or her

account on this game so if they have

done so then you have to do one thing

you have to click on request again you

can see here click on them so such type

of loading will be shown to you now you