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How to use a chess clock

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yes I wanted to just take a minute and

show you how to use a chess clock I

didn't find any videos that I loved on

YouTube so I just wanted to explain that

real quick with the tournament coming up

so there are two different kinds of

clocks there's an Anna clock Idol analog

clock which has a round face like a

regular traditional clock with a minute

hand and an hour hand and then there's a

digital clock like the one that I have

that we've used in chess club a little

bit here and the way a clock works is

essentially what you're going to do is

after you make a move and push your

clock what that does is that stops the

time from running on your clock and it

starts on your opponent's so in a

standard Scholastic tournament they're

usually gaming 30 that means each person

has 30 minutes to make all of their