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How To Decide Your Next Chess Move 🎓 Beginner Chess Lessons - GM Damian Lemos

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hello everyone this is when Master

Damian limos here for a chest of net and

welcome to this new video where we'll be

talking about deciding your next meal

and as you can probably imagine this is

one of the most difficult parts of chess

because we cannot rely on tactics or

concepts to decide a single move I mean

sometimes we can sometimes week not and

as you can probably imagine calculating

an entire entire variation is almost

impossible to do so it basically depends

on the a position but we have some tips

to make this process easier for instance

when I see a position I try selecting

candidate moves I don't want to waste a

lot of time on certain moves and then

realize they are useless and suddenly I

lost like 20 or more minutes on my clock

so if I choose candidate moves then the