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How to play chess #6 - tournament rules

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so you're playing in a chess tournament

we'd better go through some important

rules the most important rule is that

you must not interfere with anyone elses

game you must not say anything or make

any noises that might alert one of the

players to be careful this is cheating

and it spoils the other game for the

players if there is a problem raise your

hand so that someone can come and sort

the problem out it is too late

to complain at the end of the game if

you think the game is finished checkmate

or stalemate perhaps then raise your

hand someone will come and check to see

if the game really is over quite often

it isn't checkmate at all you cannot

leave your king in check if you are in

check then you must move out of check

immediately if your opponent doesn't

move out of check you cannot take their