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Quality Play, Tilt, and Flagging in the Reddit R/Chess Arena #2

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okay welcome back guys in just about two

minutes the Revit chess tournament is

starting gonna be two hours of let's

Jess five plus zero and I'm already

debating whether or not like berserk

most of my games I'm not sure if I'm

playing to win the tournament or if I'm

just playing

to play good games I mean ideally both

so I'll probably have some threshold

like the zerk against any player below

2000 seems like a lot of player is like

over 200 so far hello JH SK the first

commenter in the chats welcome just

about a minute left I have no idea who

this guy is

this town title player rated 2607 seems

like dangerous person I probably play

him first round two maybe I should start

preparing but he's not online I wonder

if people like join the tournament so it