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How to Solve Chess Puzzles #1

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um I haven't really been looking at this

puzzle I've given it some time already

for you guys to crunch the numbers I

don't know what the solution is so I'm

just really like I would do in a live

blitz game really just gonna share with

you my train of thought right now my

first thought is something about the b7

square and the reason I'm focused on

that is because of the tension between

it attacked once defended once in fact

maybe the very first thing to really

point out is one that is something that

I've shared many a times in my videos on

YouTube and that is unprotected pieces

leads to tactics in fact one of the one

of the very one video I posted was the

chess awareness test and in that video I

spoke about how squares that are let's

say are in this in this case right here

this palm it's attacked once it's