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Play Chess On Your Mac (#1409)

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Hi, this is Gary with

Did you know that a chess game comes with your Mac and it has for a long time.

You can find it in the Applications folder, it's right there, or just launch it with Spotlight

by using Command space and typing chess.

It's a pretty versatile app.

It asks you to sign in with iCloud, I'll tell you why later, but for now you can just cancel

and skip that.

So, you can start a new game and there are several different modes in this chess game.

You can do different variations on chess and you can also play human versus human.

So you don't need a chess board with you.

If you've got your MacBook with you, you can play with the person sitting next you.

You can also do human versus computer and reverse the situation there.

You can even have a computer versus computer game where they play each other.

Now, once you start you can set the number of seconds that the computer thinks per move.

The more time you give the computer to think the tougher it's going to be.

So you start.

Now you just move the pieces as normal.

Just drag and drop.

Then the computer will make its move and even call it out for you.

So you've got this little microphone here and you can even show the moves there so you

can see all the different moves.