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How to Play games in imessage

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hello guys welcome back to our Channel

today I want to talk about games and

iMessage this is an exclusive feature

it's only for iOS 10 so if you guys have

a OS 9 or below sadly you won't be able

to use this feature it's something new

that was introduced along with Apple's

new sticker pack I'm going to be showing

you in like a test mode because I don't

really have anybody to play with right

now so pretty much what you're going to

see is my contact information and only

mine I'm not going to be trying to play

with friends because I don't think my

friends are available right now so as

you can see it does a test right there

so I'm going to go ahead and show you

what you're supposed to do so there are

actually if there's actually another App

Store now which is the iMessage app

store so if you tap this little app

button at the bottom it looks like App

Store it'll pop up with this little

thing and usually you'll see a screen

like this and so from this screen you

just tap store and so after tapping into

the store you'll actually be able to

download the game so on here you can

download different stickers and stuff

like that but as you can see right there

under top free that's the game right

there it's from game Pidgeon so this

game has multiple different games

involved in it if it's not there though

when you guys watch this video you guys

can also go up to where the search icon

is and you can type in game pigeon and

it should pop up I'm going to try to

leave a link in the description box

below so that you guys can download this

but I can't guarantee it because 100%

sure how I message downloads work so

anyways you'll have a menu kind of like

this after you are done downloading

stickers it will look a little more bare

if you don't really have a lot

downloaded so I'm going to go ahead and

tap into the game kitchen thing and you

see there's different things like 8-ball

sea battle

just all these different games that you

guys can play so you have ones like

anagrams you have knockout tanks

checkers poker four in a row you also

have the other games on here like word

hunt dots and boxes go beaucoup 20

questions 9 ball and there's thing it

says more you have settings feedback and

then credits which is a little coffee

cup so I'm going to go ahead and go into

8-ball and you can choose normal or hard

I'm gonna just choose normal for right

now and then you tap start after tapping

start it'll go ahead and send it so you

know if I go to the other one I'm not

sure if I'll be able to show you guys

exacting play but I might make a video

of the gameplay of this game if you guys

wanted me to anyways in here though you

tap on it and I'll say waiting for

opponent sadly since I'm playing against

myself which you can't do for this game

which is kind of a down side to it I

can't play against myself so I can't

show you guys exactly how that part


other than that though this is how it

works this is the game so you can play

different games it's pretty much your

choice of which mean you want to play

there's a long list of them they're in

there and yeah if you actually go back

you could actually also see that you can

kind of choose like for instance with

checkers you can choose if you want to

play on hard or easy

you know it's it's got a choice on all

of them you want to play on hard or you

want to play on easy so you know it's

it's really really nice to see this new

update just remember that the downsides

of this is that you do have to have iOS

10 which means you guys have to have an

iPhone 5 or newer so iPhone 5 iPhone 5s

iPhone 6 6 plus

6s 6s plus or iPhone 7 or 7 plus or if

you guys see this video next year - you

would have to have an iPhone 7s or eight

whatever Apple's going to call it as

income swatching this video I really

appreciate you guys watching make sure I

subscribe for more thumbs this video up

if you liked it and I hope to see you

guys all next time

anyways thanks for watching