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How to Use Chess Notation | Chess

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hi my name is Rebecca taxman with chess

NYC then I'm going to show you how to

quickly use and write down chess

notation so to start we have our white

side and our black side it is important

that as a chess player that you could

you write down both moves both white and

black if you just write down your moves

not going to be so helpful so let's

start first move let's say white makes

is e4 now we don't write pawn efore we

just write E with a lowercase letter as

we can see here four by writing e4 we

know that it's a pawn has been moved now

let's say black makes a move and it goes

they go e5 so we write e5 say the next

move that white makes is knife f3 so now

we need to use our capital n f3 and

let's say black goes knight c6 so nc6

now let's say white brings out its

Bishop Bishop b5 and you notice here how