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How to Play like Mikhail Tal - with GingerGM Simon Williams (Webinar Replay)

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hello I'm I'm hoping this is live and we

will find out soon I guess so

and this is the first time I've done

this so bear with me this is the first

time I've done this webinar on YouTube

so this is a learning experience for me

um I mean I do videos lots of other

videos on other things but the first

time I've use YouTube so for the first

five minutes of this broadcast it's

probably just gonna be me working out

what the hell I'm doing but then we will

get to some chess so um let's see let's

see how it goes wish me luck and I've

got some great chess stuff to share with

you guys and it should be a really

entertaining and I'm gonna really show

you some of the most amazing chess games

that I've encountered myself um so

you're gonna get an hour of tuition with

me as well and I'm gonna show my fav