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How to Think in Chess 🤔 with GingerGM Simon Williams!! [Master Method]

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welcome to Waverly abbey ruins and also

to my course the second master method

now I'm hoping you've brought the first

master method and this course is really

an extension of that and I've put in

everything else I can think of that will

help you improve your game to maximum

level are you the kind of player who's

been stuck in a rut kind of player who's

not really improving as much as you

hoped if that is the case then this

course is the right course for you

because this is aimed at revolutionising

your game so we're gonna discuss how you

can have a better tactical player and

we're gonna look at your openings your

middle games and try I'm going to

suggest a whole new repertoire for you

based on e4 French defense and English

defense but we're really concentrating