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Horde chess with commentary #1 (Pawns)

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everyone is Gerry Aman leach s gorg

right now and I'm going to play a game

of hoard chess it's a different it's an

interesting chess variant as you can see

here the objective for me playing the

white pieces here will be to give

checkmate where as blacks objective is

to capture all white pawns so let's see


I'm going to reinforce my furthest

advanced pawn here on b5 this is a 5-2

time control I have maybe about I don't

know maybe about 20 games experience

playing this variant still a lot to

learn not too long ago they had it where

it was the black side who had the puns

but now it's switched up a little bit

white side having all the puns and the

move beginning the game so let's see I

think in there with this chess variant