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ChessKid Lessons: The Magic Of Chess

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hello you are really lucky why because

you're about to learn how to play chess

chess is a really really old game almost

2,000 years old

chess is a game where two players play

against each other on a chess board made

up of 64 squares an 8x8 grid each player

gets a bunch of different pieces that

they use to try and go after the other

players King what is it called when you

get the other side's King checkmate

you're right today I'm going to teach

you about the different pieces how they

move and how to checkmate each of the

six different kinds of pieces has its

own shape for moving most pieces cannot

move through other pieces only the

knight can jump over anyone that gets in

his way

also note piece can ever share a square

with another piece that square isn't big

enough for the two of us sorry

however they can be moved to take the

place of an opponent's piece that's how

you capture the enemies now let's go

meet our team the King is the most

important piece since losing him means

the end of the game but he is also one

of the weakest so very often he needs

his friends to protect him the King can

move one square in any direction up down

to the sides and diagonally see this

would be one move now after my

opponent's move I can go again for

example here how many moves will it take

me to get to the edge of the board three

that's right the King may never move

himself unto a square where it could be

captured it's not losing on purpose

if your opponent ever moves their King

onto a square where you can take it

don't grab the king and laughs I win

instead you should explain why they

can't move there then your opponent can

put the King back where it was and

choose a different move let's test you

and the white king move here no good how

about here

yes very good and here nope I think you

got it so let's keep going

when another piece threatens to capture

the king it's called check when there is

no way for the King to escape check it

is called checkmate as stated before and

that is how you win there are only three

ways a king can get out of check move

out of the way block the check with

another piece or capture the piece

that's checking you at the end of this

video when you know the other pieces

will show some examples of this if a

king cannot escape checkmate then the

game is over customarily the king is not

captured or removed from the board the

game is simply over the queen is the

most powerful piece like the king she

can move in any one straight direction

forward backward sideways or diagonally

but unlike the king the queen is very

speedy in fact she can move as far as

you like as long as she does not move

through any other pieces hold on and

like with all other pieces if the Queen

captures an opponent's piece that's the

square she stops on all right 30 seconds

super intense practice can the Queen

move here no way she doesn't have a

teleporter to go anywhere she has to

follow a straight line okay how about

here yes good can she capture this piece

you bet

how about this one yeah him too and this

one Wow

the Queen is pretty strong right

alright let's test how fast she is can

she get to the top of the board in one

move yes and what square would she land

on that one how many moves would it take

her to go to the left side two tests

complete she's very fast the rook is

also sometimes called the castle some of

my friends like to call it a tower of

power that's because usually rooks look

like towers or castles and they're

pretty strong to the rook moves much

like the Queen as far as it wants along

straight lines but only forward backward

into the side easy-peasy let's get right

to practice since practice makes good

that rook right there can he move here

can he move there you can catch this

piece how long to get to that side of

the board very good next is the bishop

bishop is the other half of the Queen it

moves as far as it wants but only

diagonally when I was a kid my brother

and I used to stack a bishop on top of a

rook to be an extra queen in the

starting position the bishop sits next

to the king and queen like advisors you

start with one Bishop on a light square

and one Bishop on a dark square and you

will notice only moving on diagonals

each Bishop is stuck on the color square

that it starts on let's move this bishop

around trying to get him on to a dark

square mmm Wow that was totally

impossible luckily his buddy is here to

cover the squares he can't bishops work

well together because each covers the

squares the other one can't what time is

it now that's right

test time that bishop right there can he

move here correct

can you move there excellent what about

this other bishop over here can you go


and nope but he can go here candy right

excellent the night is our next study

the chess piece for a knight who looks

like a horse now really the horse is

supposed to have a writer who is brave

or not so brave but it's hard to design

that way sometimes people will tell you

it's called the knight not a horse but

it's okay with me if you want to call

the knight a horsey Knights move in a

very different way from other pieces

going to squares in one direction and

then one more move at a 90 degree angle

just like the shape of an L try to

imagine every square this night could

move to now we'll start showing them

Knights are also the only pieces that

can move over other pieces pawn in the

way enemy rook in the way no problem

people often say Knights hop because of

that special ability to hop over other


check out these night hops your BAE here

I go now I'm going to catch someone okay

no wait he knows something very special

about those hops the Knights change

square colors with every move

remember that there'll be a test later

now the pawn let's meet the pawn this is

a pawn this is also a pawn and this is a

pawn but this is a pawn not a pawn pun

is spelled P a W n the pawn is the

smallest piece on the board and the

slowest but it has a lot of potential

half of your starting team is pawns so

it's very important to understand how to

use these little guys even though

they're not very strong pawns are

unusual because they move in one way but

capture in a different way when they

move they just go forward when they

capture they go diagonally pawns can

only move four

one square at a time except for their

very first move when they can move

forward two squares or one pawns can

only capture one square diagonally in

front of them they can never move or

capture backwards because pawns move and

capture differently the pawn is the only

piece that can get blocked by your

pieces or enemy pieces if there's

another piece directly in front of a

pawn he can't move past it can't capture

that piece either of course your pawns

would never capture your pieces but not

that's another story

okay now pawns may be small ponds may be

weak I hope you enjoyed this video so

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