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End Game Strategy and Tactics Lesson 1- Minor Pieces

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everyone this is kevin from the chess

website calm and today we're going to be

starting a very important series one

that I think you're going to want to

watch all the videos in the series and

it's going to be a series on chess in

game strategy and tactics we talked a

lot about opening theory and middle game

theory strategy and tactics but if you

don't have a strong endgame you're not

going to be a good chess player so I

want to take some time and make some

good videos on chess in game strategy

and tactics and today we're going to be

looking at minor pieces and minor pieces

have some similarities to the middle

game in the endgame but they also have

some key differences so today I want to

touch on the similarities that you need

to think about with your minor pieces

but also some very distinct differences