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How to Win the Chess Middlegame (Beginner) - GM Damian Lemos (EMPIRE CHESS)

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okay so now we're gonna analyze game

between spearmen and pavement and we're

gonna see you know this is a short

example but we're going to appreciate a

nice middle game and we're going to

focus on that so let's get started

white plays d4 black plays is six white

plays d4 black plays d5 and here

white plays at night D 2 which is the

tarish variation against the French and

well you know that white can play Knight

c3 also and here black has the choice of

playing Bishop before a pin in the night

however if we play 92 the Tarrasch here

base before it's not making any sense

because then we can just play c3

attacking the bishop and then the pin

it's over so that is why I like this

this movie is quite interesting it's a

nice way of defending our Center and

here black decides to take on e4 which