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How to Achieve Checkmate in 2 Moves | Chess

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hi coach Russ here with chess NYC a very

common question that we receive as chess

coaches is what is the quickest way to

win a game of chess now everybody's idea

of the game of chess that it's a very

long strategic thought-out game but

surprisingly enough there is a way to

win a game of chess in only two moves

now when we're looking at the tomb of

checkmate or also known as the fools

mate it's going to take a sequence of

bad moves by the opponent to fall into

this trap of only two moves now

interestingly enough if to move

checkmate is going to occur on the black

side checkmating white in two moves so

white is going to open up and play a

move f4 as we can notice in this

position by black moving their white

moving their pawn to f4 they've opened