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Learn to Play Chess960 (Fischer Random)

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the game of chess is played on a chess

board just like you see before you

with the pieces set up just as they are

now so what exactly does it mean to play

a game of Fischer random well we

randomized the pieces now Fischer random

is also called chess960 why is that

chess960 refers to the fact that when

you rebuild the pieces on the first rank

randomly you have 960 possible different

positions now why is it even called

Fischer random then why not just

chess960 well Bobby Fischer was the

world champion and probably the most

famous advocate for the game in the

1970s he was known for playing it and

coffee houses with friends forcing them

to dive into his new favorite variation

of the game of chess and in the 1990s it

was officially acknowledged in Buenos

Aires in 1996 that Bobby Fischer really