How To Paint The Cover Of A Bible

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hi there it's Jan from scribble

increased calm today I'm doing a much

requested tutorial video on how to paint

the outside cover of a Bible so this is

honestly something that I've gone back

and forth on if I wanted to do this

tutorial because I sell these on my Etsy

shop these hand-painted Bibles and I

felt like okay am i giving away

proprietary information am I gonna

create more competition for myself are

people gonna stop buying from me because

they can just do it themselves and just

a lot of these negative thoughts were

going have been going through my head

for a weeks and then I just realized you

know my whole purpose of my blog and my

shop has always just been to glorify God

by creating art and I just wanted to

share his word and I wanted to teach

other people how to grow their

relationship with God through art so I

feel like I can't be keeping this back I

gotta be sharing my knowledge and

promoting community over competition so

I am happy to be sharing this tutorial

with you guys so I forgot to film the

when I prepped my Bible here I've tried

a bunch of different things to prep the

Bible pages or the but the Bible cover

sorry anywhere from just spray paint

primer to gesso to nothing at all and I

know a lot of people some Bible painters

don't prep with anything and honestly

I've tried them all and I feel like they

all kind of act the same there's um you

know I don't think it's super necessary

to prep the page unless you're using a

glossy cover Bible so I am using ESP

across a double column journaling Bible

that's the stock Bible that I sell and I

do do custom orders just in case you're

wondering for other types of Bibles but

this so I feel like with these cloth

overboard covers that is not super

necessary to prepare the Bible but if

you're doing a glossy cover Bible

like I paint thrifted Bibles as well and

those are usually these glossy covers

and said those I use a spray paint

primer and that just helps my paint

appear better and keep it from chipping

off so yeah so basically you just for

this one I just did a very thin layer of

gesso and I painted on basically just

like I'm doing now with my acrylic paint

just really thinly it really quickly it

let it dry and then I go over with my

acrylic paint so I am doing the first

layer of the background paint of this

Bible this was a custom order and I use

liquid Tex acrylic paint and I will do

anywhere from two to four layers of this

background it kind of depends on how

well my coverage was and if I feel like

it needs another layer or not and I want

to point out that you have to be careful

around those these at the edges of the

spine I guess they're um those you need

to get that paint really well because

those tend to chip and I always tell my

customers to treat your Bible with

utmost care because if you end up

bending it all weird it could definitely

crack in those corners especially along

the spine so just be aware of that and

make sure that you get those edges along

the spine really well so I feel like I'm

talking two mile a minute but I have a

blog post that goes along with this

video and I will put all the links to

the supplies that I use I'll break it

down in case you feel like you're

missing anything be sure to check out

that blog post and I'll put that link in

the description below so I'm going to go

ahead and show you how I do the inside

corners of the Bible I feel like these

inside corners are super important to

give the Bible a finished look so I like

to do this in between the background

layers of my Bible so I'll do like the

first background layer that I just did


paint this inside corners and then go

back and paint the next layer on the

Bible I do this because I was I

completely finished a Bible for an order

once and then I realized I didn't do

these inside corners go back to paint

inside corners and I got black paint my

hand slipped and I got black paint all

over the side of the Bible and I felt

like it couldn't sell it anymore so I

had to redo the entire Bible right after

I finished it all so I learned my lesson

and now I do this early on not just

because I could make a mistake but also

it's kind of nice to just have your

Bible completely finished once you do it

so all I do is I just go really

carefully along these edges and I do

this twice it's kind of hard because you

could always end up getting a little bit

of the paint on the paper of the cover

and I've learned to just not stress too

much about that and I just try to keep

it as clean as I can so now I'm gonna go

ahead and jump on over to another Bible

that I am working on at the same time so

while the background of these this Bible

is drying I'll paint the detail work on

another Bible so after I did that inside

corner I'll just paint a few more layers

of that background just like I did

earlier in the video and then I'll do

these detail works like I'm doing now so

this one is another custom order and

we're doing that plum roses and some

leaves and stuff so I actually have a

tutorial on how to do these roses with

watercolor and it's the same as dock

technique just using acrylics so I when

I'm painting the Bible and I'm painting

these details it's time-consuming

because I will go over each one at least

two times to make sure that that color

is really strong and it's not all wispy

so it does take a little bit of time so

just know that whatever you're doing

each Bible will take me anywhere from

four to seven hours probably just

waiting for it to dry

I before you put the new layers of the

base coat basically alone takes at least

an hour and a half and then painting the

detail work and then I'll show you later

but then we you know I do the protective

layer and the lettering and whatnot so

it is a consuming process so anyways

back to this I am just using a I think

probably a size 10 round brush and a

variety of purpley colors you saw

earlier I mixed my paints on my palette

which is really just a paper plate and

to create the right color that I'm using

and then for this second Rose I'm using

that same color this dark one it just

blended with white just to give a little

contrast and then make it look different

but still cohesive so I am just going to

keep on painting these roses and then

I'll paint on some leaves for this

custom order so I do a bunch of

different designs I find that my florals

are my best sellers I've done a few

landscapes as well beach scenes and

stuff and those are super fun to do and

these florals are always kind of I don't

know a specialty I guess so

as far as technique on painting these

designs really just look at my

watercolor videos and I'm doing the same

thing but with acrylic paint so it's a

little harder honestly to me using

acrylics than watercolors but it is the

same technique so just using pressure at

certain points and keeping your pen

releasing that pressure to give the

points and whatnot and the thin lines

and I'll put I'll put links to those

blog posts that could help give you some

painting techniques in the description

below but it's honestly a pretty

straightforward method

it's just kind of deciding what

materials to use and how to do them that

is the hardest part so again I'll put a

link to the blog post that goes along

with this video and all the products

that I use just be sure that whatever

you do that base coat is really

important so make sure you get that

those base coats really well make sure

you cover your Bible completely and make

it really pretty so I'm going to go

ahead and show you how I do the

protective coating now so after I

completely paint the details on my Bible

exactly how I want them then I will let

it dry and then paint the coating on it

so I'll do two layers of coating

I use a modge podge blend so I use about

three parts of matte Mod Podge to one

part glossy Mod Podge I just feel like

that gives me a pretty finish and I feel

like the modge podge protects the Bible

really well a lot of people will use a

varnish or a spray varnish and I've

tried that and I just feel like the

monopods gives me a little bit more

thicker of a coating and I feel like

that's kind of important to protect the

Bible from any wear and tear so that's

what works for me Mod Podge may not

sound the most professional but it works

so I painted on just like I would a

background color at or yeah the color

background just really carefully you

have to work a little bit faster with

the Maj pause so it doesn't dry before

you can finish the full cover because

you want it all to look even I feel like

if you try it you'll kind of just

understand one thing I also want to know

is that anytime I'm doing any of these

big layers whether it's the first

background layers or these protective

coatings or the prep gesso layer I

always put my finger around swipe my

finger around the inside corners of the

Bible to pick up any paint or coating


may have slipped over the edge of the

Bible because we don't want it to get on

the page of the Bible I also always put

pieces of printer paper underneath my

cover boards to both protect the Bible

below it and also catch any paint that

may slip or just as a insurance there so

after I do this protective coating I

will let it dry and then I will do my

lettering and then I do another

protective coating so I do the two

coatings because I like have an extra

layer of coating but also that first

layer gives my Bible a nice smoother

surface for me to do the lettering on so

I am using a unity potica paint pen to

do my lettering I feel like all paint

pens kind of have some issues but I do

really like this uni paska one although

the one issue with this one is that if

you go too fast and it snags it can end

up splattering so you have to be really

careful when you're using it but it is a

really great paint pen in general so I

am doing a faux calligraphy and I have a

tutorial and video and free printable

and a blog post for how did you photo

calligraphy and again in the blog post

that goes along with this video I'll put

all those links all the everything that

you need to know in that blog post so be

sure to check that out this Bible was a

completely custom design so everything

from the background color to the floral

design to the lettering choice of

calligraphy to what is written itself is

all custom chosen and which is really

fun and I also do semi custom Bibles

where I already have created the

background and then you just choose what

you would like lettered on it in this

video I'm only showing you the front

cover but I also do the spine and the

back cover as well and

and of course afterwards again I let

this dry and then I will oh I forgot to

say that I do the lettering twice so I'd

go over it twice to make sure the color

is nice and strong

and then I let it dry and then I'll do

that last protective coating and then I

let it dry and ship it off to you so

yeah so I hope you found this video

helpful if you did please give it a

thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if

you haven't already and if you're

interested in getting a Bible from me I

would love to create a Bible for you

I'll put that link in the description

below it's slash shop slash

scribbling grace I believe all right

so I hope you have a wonderful day god