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get a little bit of paint on your hands

by the way hi and on your face okay




hello welcome to another day at the

Nords right now Mike and I after lunch

and we're actually over at the shop we

have a shop called indoorsy it's in a

local antiques mall

I know you guys I know I'm touching my

mask I'm sorry I I got it I'm just doing

the best I can he is building me a wall

so that I can hang my art on it because

I do have this wall which I appreciate

but I don't want to have to like put in

new holes all the time

and so we're actually making this a

pegboard wall so I can just make really

cute displays any time really really

easily just you know putting up hooks so

he built this half frame of the wall at

home and then we brought in the back of

the van and then he's got the rest of

the wood to frame it out outside then

he'll bring it in and put that in and

then we'll have to bring the pegboard

back and attach it to that but pretty

excited so things are going well at home

Daniel's still doing his training

Missionary Training Center stuff at the

house he does that you know six to eight

hours a day and everybody else is just

doing their thing one of the nice things

about the stay-at-home orders is that

the kids have gotten like I guess it's

not I mean we were already homeschooling

but like it kind of just like made them

realize that they just needed to figure

out how to not be bored instead of

hoping they could leave the house every

day did not be bored like maybe go to

the library or go to a friend's or go to

some thing or a field trip that we would

take them on and so they've all kind of

developed things now that are keeping

them busy which I really

the older kids have already done that

but it's kind of trickled down even

lower like Peters constantly reading and

writing D&D games that he's playing

Asher and T both have been in the woods

a lot they have this app that like shows

you what the plant is or what the bug is

it helps you identify it and then kind

of crowd sources the information well

but and they love that Pearl has been

doing lots of her bracelet making she's

also been creating a lot of art Esther's

been doing hair stuff but also reading a

lot and creating things and that Andrew

continues to write he's also been

working a lot on making both miniatures

for D&D but also one of those things

called that Andrew makes like I'm I just

went blank glass with little plants that

I'm terrariums Eve is continuing to work

on school with that because because of

her limitations

she needs that more regular and you just

doing a lot of art he's getting so good

as well as reading and stuff like that

so oh I'll stop blogging and go back to

helping Mike but just starting the day

out here is coming together okay the

next day I'm back over at the shop

we brought over things that I've just

been waiting at my house and make it a

mess to finally put up on the art wall

so we'll see how this goes




all done for now all that it could do

sometimes I really feel like I don't

know what I'm doing because I don't kind

of making it up as I go along I need to

find somebody who has had a booth to

take me under their wing some some guru

but anyways things are selling and I'm

enjoying myself so I guess that's really

all that matters but now I'm really

hungry so I'm gonna go home and get some

lunch for Megan's next trick she'll be

painting a rug tears in it so don't

worry too much it's it's already it's

kind of torn up on the edges and it's a

real pretty rods but it's very light

muted tones that it just I'm gonna put

in the shop and it just the right colors

so I'm just over dyeing it fun thing

about over dyeing is it not supposed to

look perfect


perfect for this doll I didn't some hot

water and some chocolate a think about

like spilling grape juice on a rug not

cleaning it up and spilling it over the

entire row that's essentially what I'm

doing it will so is that a thing full of

grape juice right there yep it'll bury

two sections over it will stain the rug

and it will make it hard we've got it's

very watered down truck pain

and it's pretty cool I already like it I

like the way because it's pretty blue

but it's mixing with the pinks and the

yellows and the greens and making some

cool colors we're cool

might be one okay

these boys are all hanging out what is

you do tonight Pete had a good solid

game there Andrew you had friends over

right hang on the woods we're having

some of our first social interactions

because it's allowed you get along just

below 50 people now but we still keep a

look for Joe trying to be cautious but

the kids we're wanting some social

interaction yeah and I took some time

putting together some new shelving so we

can actually well we cleaned up in here

a little bit it was oh hey look there -

you just came walking out of nowhere

his PJs but anyways I kind of cleaned it

up so he could clear out a spot for this

and I love if some of these you were

serious about him just walking out of

the woods with his PJs so we got it all

a little bit more organized got some

more storage now these are these shelves

from Costco they're pretty sweet only

like 70 bucks for one of those I got two

of them good solid shelves we got some

amazing stuff that still has to go over

the shop as well as some you know other




all done

looks pretty get a little bit of pain on

your hand by the way all right and on

your face and because it was a really

cute rub but when I put it in there just

so wrong with all the bright staff and

this will not look so wrong

this would look so right and let this

dry I don't know if this would be dry by

tomorrow but it's pretty humid we don't

have an extra fan to put out here on it

so mm-hmm

we love you guys thanks for coming along

the last couple days and don't forget to

Like comment and subscribe and I know I

need a haircut

I actually made an appointment today so

I don't have to have a quarantine cut

and end up on some channel oh well you

should probably say why yeah you're

right there's a guy on YouTube that has

a really really big channel like 5

million subs and he like did a reaction

video to quarantine haircuts and Alijah

giving me a haircut you just got like I

think you just got all over your nose oh

oh like that's terrible and I don't know

but I don't usually watch it we were on

very nice he was really nice yeah about

the quarantine yeah yeah so you're gonna

get a haircut so that it's more normal

just fine okay

so we'll see you later right bad