How To Paint a Small Bedroom to Look Bigger - Ace Hardware

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Lu Manfredini aces home expert if you

have a small room in your home you know

it can be challenging to make it seem

larger well you can actually do it by

adding color I'm going to show you how

we're using Clark and Kensington flat

paint and the color is cast iron so the

first step in any paint job after the

prep work is to cut in so I'm going to

go ahead and cut in around the ceiling

area and it's okay if I get a little bit

on the walls because we're gonna be

painting those as well they want to make

sure that you're using a good quality

brush and cut around anything that's up

in that ceiling before you start rolling

the paint on I can't stress enough how

the quality of the painting tools you

use really do affect the finished

product this is a high quality roller

sleeve it's actually a three quarter

inch nap so it's a little bit thicker

but that's good because it gets a lot of

paint on there and what's important

about this is that the core is synthetic

so you can't really squeeze it which

means it does a better job of holding

the fibers on there

we got a roller frame here with a pole

and now we can get that thing full of

paint now at that thicker roller you'll

see that you get some really nice

coverage work that color in you can see

that as you overlap don't want to push

too hard because you'll end up with

what's called roping and you want to

even that all out and remember this is a

two coat application so let the roller

put the paint on there just apply enough

pressure to get a nice stimple the

stimple is texture that comes from the

roller itself and you'll see that that

sealants gonna look really really really


with two coats on the ceiling it's time

to paint the walls

now I already went ahead and cut in at

the ceiling level now I have a pretty

steady hand so I didn't tape it if

you're unsure then you may want to go

ahead and use some painters tape up

there to get a clean line I did use

painters tape along the baseboard

because I wanted to make sure that that

was a nice even line we're using Clark

in Kensington arid Tundra as the paint

and this is something we're gonna start

rolling on it's kind of a reflective

color and this along with the

combination of the darker ceiling paint

is what's gonna make this room look

larger just by the use of the right

color combination


we also added some trim around the

window to the picture frame give it some

depth and some texture this room looks


it's amazing what you can do with a few

coats of paint and as you can see this

combination of colors actually makes

this smaller room feel larger I know

it's counterintuitive but the darker

color on the ceiling with the lighter

walls actually draws your eyesight up it

makes the ceiling look taller if you

need more inspiration for your next

painting project just visit us at the

paint studio com

better yet visit your local ace ace the

helpful place