DIY- How To Paint Dark Furniture White!

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hey everyone welcome back to my channel

this is America's all fake how are you

guys so today I'm going to be showing

with you a step-by-step tutorial on how

to paint your furniture so if you have

really old bedroom furniture or you just

don't like the style of it the color of

it you want to change it up you don't

want to go out to the furniture store

and buy brand new furniture and you

really like what you have then this

video is for you today I'm going to be

sharing with you a step-by-step tutorial

on how to make your furniture go from

this to this if you are interested in

how to learn please keep watching

alright guys so the first thing we're

going to review all the hardware so

we're going to screwdriver I would

remove all this a lot of people like to

do they like to go out and they like to

buy Brandon off but honestly he's not

really so great there

they're amazing now that we've removed

all the hardware we're going to remove

the key drawers we're going to want to

make sure


the next thing I'm going to do is I'm

going to use this TSP liquid substance

and what this does is it removes all the

dirt and degrees from the furniture

prior to painting do not skip this stuff

this is extremely important so this is

the next thing we're going to do after

we remove all the hardware from our


I added 12 ounces of the TSP liquid to

one gallon of water and I'm going to use

a rag and I'm going to clean everything

off and once I do that I'm going to use

a dry cloth and just dry everything back

up so the next thing you want to do is

you want to sand your furniture and get

off the faucet finish so if the people

have like a picture piece to grab onto

so I'm going to be using a home 220 grit

sander I don't know I'm going to be

using my electric pole sander or you

just use with a normal Sandlot anything

it doesn't really matter just filmic

breath so and it also depends on your

furniture like conference you need to

stand up so when I think up this piece I

do that extra gloss to the top and it's

all scratched up down so I just wanna

get to the surface of it and I'd like a

nice clean piece the work runs maybe

pains kind of here to it also make sure

that you guys do wear a mask I don't

want to wear a mask because it obviously

problems a crap out of each I'm just

going to use a clean rag pepper it up

you're going to want to do side to side

don't go up and down must cross don't do

any of that because obviously like

you're down on my table is I mean you

just don't understand


where everyone now Ulta sand this

colorful table here and I'm going to be

using 30 cents trip sample just because

let's see one with a lot more rocks on

this desk here alright everyone so after

we finished sanding all of our furniture

the next thing you're gonna want to do

is you're going to want to grab a tack

cloth and what this is gonna do is it's

going to pick up any loose particles

found on the furniture after sanding

this is a very important stuff so try to

purchase one of these you get them on

Amazon or you can get them at Home Depot

and what this is it's made out of like a

very tacky material so you're just gonna

go over everything what I did I grabbed

a regular cloth and I just went over all

the furniture and now I'm gonna go over

with this to pick up what ever be my

door locked in a pickup I'm going to

your tackle we're just going to write

everything off make sure you don't miss

the spots is very important

so the next step is primer so we're

gonna be using this water-based primer

and since I do have furniture I need to

use a primer but I've heard that if you

don't have a furniture then you you can

skip this step and then just like do

three coats of paints but I want to see

on the safe side so I am using a primer

and I'm also going to use a microfiber

roller and just a plain simple brush I'm

actually doing this this is my personal

doing this by the way I do feel very

confident so and that's what we really

need certain products just feel very



so I'm going to continue priming all the

furniture so if you take a very long

time so it's not ready now but also you

work that finished after we have primed

all of our furniture and our drawers the

next thing to do is we're going to take

a 220 grit sandpaper and we're just

gonna slightly sand down the furniture

very very lightly only because we just

want to get rid of any brush marks that

we've made you know anything like that I

want it to be completely smooth right

before we begin to paint as I'm going to

be feeling the surface just to see if

it's smooth if I'm feeling or any other

brush marks here here right before we

begin painting again we are going to

take a tack cloth and go over that again

just to assure all these fireballs you

want a very nice clean surface


take that top clock and we're just going

to wipe everything off to make sure

everything up paints I'm going to go

ahead and use the PPG timeless interior

paint and it is a paint and primer in

one so if you don't have dark oak

furniture like I had you could just go

ahead and paint with this and not do a

primer but because I do have the dark

furniture I added the primer and now I'm

going to go over it with this and the

color I'm going to be using is elegant

scream ivory we're going to begin with

the edges first with a brush this is a

booster brush I'm also going to be using

a coaster roller and I have deep oceans

the best practice a lot of teachers use

this brush so we're gonna trust a

professional Wow

I am set with this color it applies very

smoothly by the way that's very very

nice and so does this brush brush it's



we just started applying our first coat

of paint and since this paint is a paint

and primer and one but like I said

because I had dark furniture that's why

I use a separate primer in the beginning

it looks amazing and it only really

needs just one extra coat I really

thought I was gonna do like three coats

but it looks like it's only gonna need

one more so it's a little two coats of

paint and it looks extremely good all

right so then the next thing we're gonna

do is we're going to apply our second


I already now started so I forgot to

record but here's the second coat


now that we have finished applying our

second coat of paint we are ready to

apply the pollak relic protective finish

this is going to protect your furniture

I don't want to cut like two to three

coats of this I'm using the London clear

satin my paint is alright everyone so

this is the final look I'm really happy

with how everything turned out

I will say this was a pretty good

experience but I don't know if I would

ever do it again only because I was

working on three pieces of furniture and

maybe if I had only worked on the desk

or on the side table that wouldn't have

been so brutal but overall it was a

great experience

and honestly I loved the way it turned


the paint is amazing no like it's just

really holding up well so that's

basically a thank you so much for tuning

in again and I'll see you all next time