How to Paint a Tropical Beach with Palm Trees in Acrylic Painting Tutorial

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in this tutorial you will learn how to

paint a palm tree a and other





hello everyone my name is Jan Melisandre

and today I'm going to demonstrate on

how to paint a seascape okay but before

that I'm going to introduce to your

first my materials I have here my paint

palette I ever ate a tiny mite at a low

blow the brilliant red the meal and the

lamb block so you observe life that I am

always using limited colors in my

palette because I want you to learn on

how to mix and get the desired colors

you want okay and these are my brushes

you have here the number 11 nylon pad

brush no handle

number 11 bristle flat brush

long-handled number eight with a flat

brush loom handled number eight nine

flat brush short-handled and number one

in rows for details - my canvas guys

it's eight by twelve inches it has three

coats of prime D so I or can use white

acrylic I made this myself and what are

you guys it in the paint and if ever we

need a water spray guys so that we can

have us motor or a wet surface did

instead okay so I think I'm going to

start now and I'm gonna start with the

sky in the ocean here Odyssey okay so

I'll be using first the number eleven

flat brush long-handled

it's the biggest for brush off and I'm

going to use first course the blue and

white to make

sky blue yes

and we need I think we need to spray it

a little bit further guys make it a

little wet so that he can have a smooth

surface and I have another blue color

and and white there so okay that's it

see here not a blue color yeah

and we need to use some white here just

let the white directly here guys to make

a lighter color

I wonder on this on the bacon in the

bottom there so we need to spray the

water the color data that way okay so I

will be using some without a little red

guys to make a violet and some white to

write a lighter violet there so I think

it was just very easy case I'm gonna

make it something I can after not seen

and afternoon landscape and I have here

some wild we're gonna make the bottom

lighter guys so that no that's why I'm

weighing I'm adding more white on the

bottom on the bottom there there this


yeah I'm gonna make this solid so we are

adding lots of light here so I'm gonna

make the skylight there guys that's why

I'm adding more white and we're not so

mightier there

so we just have to blame the college

guys there that's it

so I think it's just a very easy

technique just plain unbidden Blaine

okay I hear guys I'm gonna i'm with us

another brush which is the number 8 flat

brush long-handled and it's also a nylon

made in here ok so I'm going to use

another low here with some red blue and

red to make some firelight darker violet

I only got some white here I'm going to

add some clouds skies came to add

cumulus clouds here

so here


so I'm going to have a darker color


thank you

there and we need to add some highlights

guys in the clouds I'll be using the

pure white here just used to provide a

nap right here directly there touch it

so I'm going to wait to analyze guys

were you aware I'm gonna put my lights I

think I'm gonna put my lights on the

right side so very similar I'm always

putting my lights on the left side so

from this time this time guys I'm going

to put it on the right side here so just

make a curve strokes like this to create

a solid color there

that's it

so the guys if you are having a hard

time you can you can put the highlights

you need to let it dry first if you want

then you can add highlights that is

better okay I'm going to add some right

here and then you can add one right


it's a Collier wet-on-wet technique case

where the background still wet and we

need we are adding another color in it

okay there just put white on the tip of

your brush so that again you can apply

some highlights like this

that's all you have known highlights


so just so you know I'm very bright

highlights stir slowly carefully there

we are painting the cumulus clouds guys

touch it so I think that will be fine

and kid okay so next I'm going to add

some I'm thinking base didn't mean to

remove the tip the tip first they even

add some the whole of the ocean or the

sea there and we're gonna put the oldest

the sea here okay and I can guess we'll

be using this brush the number eleven

Pat brush nylon handled here when I used

blue color okay so I'm going to add a

little red guys to make it a little

violet then you can add a little white

here so that we can have a lighter

horizon there touch it so meet with a

white more more white one needs to be a

lighter Christ and so I'm adding more

white just make a line guys make sure

it's straight and always be careful guys

in adding the okay so we need to be

colorful I think it's hard to use this

brush for this job so I think I'm gonna

need another brush a smaller brush for

this one okay I think I'm gonna have a

smaller brush I'm gonna use it when I

use this brush guys and imitate made the

darker color

I let the color I mean here you know


so I think we need those spurted with

her little first there


so you can apologize you can put some

tape on the top of it but we need to lit

a try first this one I'm doing doing it

manually it's a little harder because we

need to make sure that our horizon


okay so here

we're gonna make it like straight

straight straight

please do not don't move him

okay okay that's it okay I need to hold

your breath guys in doing this one yeah

holder wait I need to hold my breath

okay okay

holding your breath race will will help

you make a straight line that's it

do not talk base side follow me okay

okay and here you can add work

more straight line


okay about that here another statement

police this was part case is not needed

because I'm going to colleges with

mountains here

so what maybe I just sort of I've still

want to I did here okay here another

violet color nice and white to make it


oh okay okay that's it sorry to hold you

up later okay that's it so you have no

straight I don't know if it's right it

looks straight yeah

and we need to we need to add more

colors on the bottom so I'll be using

this little color with some little

amount of yellow to make our blue green

color here and we need more white there

so any more white I have here more white

I'm gonna ignore white case so just add

white here to make the color of the

water Bluegreen there


mother right here there's some


more wine more wine more wine here

here in a little greenish here

and here also

I just will clean the horizon guys yeah

okay about that I'm gonna win to add

more yellow here to create this part

more yellow green and more white



okay so this part will be the beach the

same and it will take out the sea okay

and first I'm gonna mix for the same but

I think I'm gonna put the sky first

before adding a sign here I'm gonna put

this guy first

so we do mix for low and little model

red to make some fire better color more

red and we'll add some white I'm alright



so here gonna put some mud in until here



ratchets are not a mountain

it's a light fire that case I remember



as yet you know there are month in the

first month in there's no get a mix for

a darker one so I'm gonna use this blue

color with some red there so it's a

darker color guys




and when I make this quarter

okay and I'm going to mix what the dark

a spa Mountain so I'm gonna use in the

pilot I'm gonna make darker violet here

this one this times the darkness

so you can see guys you can observe that

the color is from the lightest to

darkest light dark darker so this will

make the scene guys I'm look on are so

you can see that looks like for a month

in here the part is the New York

Mountaineer so that you can equate the

perspective place and painting the

mountain totally about your toriel had

to make up for mountain so maybe I can

take that on my training


so we have no the mountains I'm gonna

die Satori first I think I'm gonna put

the sign now and I'm gonna mix for brown

eyes are brown

so here guys I'm gonna use the black

there y'all look at the red the black

again and some white it's great

okay here I'm gonna remove yellow there

but more white there

I'm gonna mix I'm gonna add my white

dress on my palette so here we're not

more white than my palette there

I'm gonna add more luck there I'm gonna

make I'm gonna create some green stone

under under sun block kilo in red there

you know gray stone here

I know cannot some right there

another white so you can mix this color

guys you can meet the tow colors here it

will create an illusion that it's a

shallow water here so that's how can you

do it

so your septa blender followers that's


that's it guys hey I think I think it's

called guys very very bright okay so

next I'm going to add a pitch here

distant on this part so that will

be a little tricky in okay so here I'm

gonna use the black and some yellow and

some red there and some white to make it

lighter more yellow red and white


this will be a pitch noise at Eastern



so it's dark color first better than

Italian lights don't worry about it

okay under there

and again we're gonna turn it here

until here okay so it's a dark color

guys that are gonna add more light on



don't you

okay so I think guys I'm gonna let it

dry first for this five minutes today

I'm gonna go about adding more details

here and everywhere until I'm done okay

so that's the guy's litter tray first

for this five minutes okay so I think

the paint is already dry now I'm going

to start adding the details so I'm going

to start here on this part with here

with with the mountains doing this and

here and add it here

okay that's it so I think I'm going to

zoom in so that you can have a clearer

view and it won't be hard for you to see

the details there so it's very very near

now okay

okay here so let's start

so I think I'm going to use a smaller

brush I'll still be using the number

eight o'clock past first here's the

number it's not brush so here I'm going

to use the white some blue color some

some red then we get to violet some more

white let's stir it in got some blue and

some white there and some violet and way

to add white here case there are white

lines meeting the horse very dirty I'm

going to clean my brush first so I'm

going to use this blue here with some

white I think just blowing white case is



just white guys you

there yes I'd watch some white

we get a straight case


so from here going to the end of the

part to disorder of the of the painting

gonna make this part later




okay I'm going to retouch a little guys



ya think that's clear okay so I think

I'm gonna make this lighter so this

sound part here guys I'm gonna make it

lighter and then I'm gonna mix for our

lighter brown so here you guys some

yellow some black and red and yellow and

white some luck there and some white

okay it's a light light brown color guys

and you can need to to add the highlight




and it here

I think I'm gonna spray it with water

guys to make it a little wet there just

one spray and there again plane it now

it's our policy here to blend as if if

the converse is a little wet

so just make this part later

that's it

and without my white to add a lighter




I'm going to make this flood guys here I

said he'll make this plot lines here

gonna make this part hold it there okay

I know we will see another press case

for the highlights here so I'll be using

this number eight o'clock brush

short-handled and I'm gonna make a

limiting some lighter violet through

here some yellow some blue color so it's

a lighter fire that case it's a little

blue violet so I'm gonna add more white

and it's add some white here to add some

highlights there so just some strokes of

white case

that's it


so we can see clear the highlights and

also here on this one she has a few

strokes guys then I drove it to it ok

and here you guys I'm going to make it a

little green so I'm gonna add some

yellow on the existing color so just add

yellow and add more white yeah it's too

light there so I'm adding white guys to

make it lighter so that I can know about

we near our green highlights

yeah I'm going to add up Aloha let's

make it a little bluish there


you see

okay so you have not been Mountaineers

the nearest okay

there are some right here

yeah that looks realistic and you guys

to get add some plans here in this part

with this on the on this understand okay

so I'll be your Cygnus in brush and I'm

going to use the blue color the red and

some yellow make a Dark Queen and I'm

gonna add some white cast in the tighter

yes and some yellow there

so here you can add this home Nance



it might be some mangroves or whatever

whatever plants and also another plant

here yeah

for some land on this part of the

yeah okay

anything I'm going to ride upon free

here guys a very small palm tree so I'll

be using this in color and I'll be using

a smaller brush skies which is the

number one manner fresh make sure that

the number one die Nebraska is it's um

it has a pointed tip like this one there

and I love using this in color

so you see it okay so I think I'm gonna

add a boundary here

there's a very light line chase


so just follow attending gays in protein

da there are what he called is this

that's it I don't know the leaves of the

pine tree palm tree it's a coconut tree

guys it's a pain of Humphrey

so we have now a distant pantry let's

break it yeah that looks good

J that looks nice and I'm gonna add one

one more so I think I'm gonna add one

more here are that nice me uh

tomorrow one one more I'm not sure

okay now surrogacy maybe I'm gonna leave

that way okay that's it ain't gonna

stick to the one boundary there I want

it to be alone one tree alone and I'm

going to use an icing color guys and we

to add some rocks here few rocks on the

but under and

in this part of the of the land and I'm

gonna add some highlights I'm going to

add some white there yes just the pure

white yes that's it you know the

highlights and I'm gonna use the yellow

here in some blue color to make some

green purse and some white I'm gonna

need to add some highlights on the palm

tree there just a small highlights guys

there you almost can't see the

highlights and also this tree here you

should have the highlights of remember

guys that that I that our lights coming

from the left and from the right side

here so all the highlights should be on

the right side there and also here

so I'm using this number one in a basket

or darkness or taller you can use

another brush

hey watch it nothing that looks

realistic now ok so next guys I'm going

to add some waves here you know just a

smaller crashing waves on the ocean I'm

gonna I'm gonna move it

zoom it zoom out so that you can see the

blur in the interview there

okay that's it so you can now see the


and I'll be using a smaller bass guys

again which is disperse the number one

number eight o'clock blah short-handled

and I'm gonna use some blue color here

and some white there wait some file let

me get darker more white more white here


okay so now we are going to add some

waves here and I'm gonna spread it

butter guy still great to make it wet

yeah you know the little waves here hey

some waves on the shore crashing waves



you guys make it as small as possible

okay sorry



here get some you know some small

crossing waves


so you need to be careful guys a little

person we need to achieve a perfect

proportion yeah

that's it

yeah hey guys working out some forms


yeah it looks realistic so you need to

be careful guys make some extra careful

guys in making the perspective



I'm gonna need to add some wine the pure

white here to create some crossing waves

that's it seven little frosting weeps in


you know some grassing waves case yeah


so it's so mean you need to make a car

of guys so that you can have a

perspective correct perspective so that

you can see that it's making it further

yeah like that

not Jaden

so just be extra careful guys in making

de in making the this part

another expressing with here


there that's it

and here


okay then I'm gonna make this part

lighter so I'm gonna add some pure white


yeah okay

so you can now see a very small web

skies small crossing lips it's not RCS

natural rough so so just add smaller

crossing lips just like you see in your

on our painting okay then we do add more

here there so you need to address more

crashing waves here okay

that's it

so you could do it this way this way

guys need to create some stroke I'm

using pure white guys always remember

that just be all right there


and one more crossing live here


- it

so I think that looks realistic now here

and add more white case for the crashing

waves for the forms they call this one

the I suppose the white from the

crashing waves it's like it's look like

a Baba's yeah more white there I think

that looks realistic now so what else oh

I think I'm gonna move down so that you

can see clearly in the bottom and we

don't touch this part yeah move want to

move a little yes


I'm gonna make the Sun lighter yeah and

all the be using the bigger brush so

I'll be using this brush guys the number

eleven brush and I'll be using the red

the yellow here and then some black and

some more white that's a white there so

he had not a light brown yeah

some more white here guys

yeah I think we're gonna need to spread

it water lester to take a nap or wet

canvas more more white


they're showing it on I need to blame

this part yeah

so I'll just blend this part guys


so that is guys are gonna have to plan

this okay

going to the Sun yeah we had more white


so here yes I'm building it


got you hit

so you have notice and guys and okay and

I'm going to add a big palm tree here

guys a near a palm tree here near from

us so I'm going to zoom out so that we

can see clearly there


I'm going to add a palm tree

first case I will be using this press

the number 8 for brush and then I'm

gonna use the tab lock here the blue and

the yellow to create a dark green there

be here so I'm going to put the palm

free here guys

yeah so we need to add the leaves first



there's another lives at I'm gonna zoom

in so that you can see blurry



and I'm using the number 11 number 8

flat bass guys and we're going to add

some some leaves here using this one

just one stroke guys and make sure that

that the browser is a little wet so that

you can have a finer details finer lives



that's it

this part I should have a dick dicker

lips so you're not more lives here yeah


and also here

so let's follow what I'm doing guys just

follow my strokes okay yeah another one

here they're also here there

more lives here

another lives here yeah

that's it

so I'm gonna make this particular


dartz applying boundary no I'm gonna

make this party - yes here when I'm

gonna add one tree here one lives here


okay how about that we have no palm tree

and I'm gonna add some highlights guys I

will be adding just white here and

yellow on the existing color here it's a

yellow there yeah you know it's a my

light here

yeah over here so all the highlights

guys should be in the right side there

here also and here and here also yeah a

little here and here

and I'm gonna use some white to make us

join the effect there and also here

yeah okay so we have now some sort of

highlights okay

so I am going to zoom out guys so that

you can have a clear view of the entire

painting okay here we are and I'm going

to mix a good for a great color guys so

I'm going to use this black here

so we have some white mix it with the

with a quick color but with a black

color to make it gray and a little red

case to make it brownish in yellow

not the red okay

you guys you can I need to put the trunk

the tree trunk' softer

so make sure guys you're using a small

brush so here I'm using the number one

liner brush so that you can have a

smaller three tree trunk on a tree trunk


okay so gonna make it a little bigger

so hey guys only now

here you know you can a great Peter bass

guys of the tree

Hey and then you're gonna add highlights

so we will be using this right here need

little yellow and red to make brownish


they're not more white

so you guys gonna create the highlights

on the right side of course

okay just do it slowly carefully


I'll just bring the colors

to make it way realistic okay so again

guys follow what I'm doing


okay budget it looks realistic now then

I'm going to use some black color here

in some red just black and red there so

didn't watch some article this some

details guys on the tree in the tree

trunk there just use the dot this will

create a stare as they're like details I

don't know what to call that choice in

your terms in English so adding some

more dark here okay

and I'm going to make some Brown here

and some your yellow and some black to

make some brown then I'm gonna add some

Brown here guys yeah some brown leaves

which are it should have some brown

leaves guys under the coconut there

and I'm going to add some white paste

with some highlights and more yellow

there then you can add some highlights

on this brownish here

more yellow they get a little orange


okay then I'm gonna mix pour another

green color here and yellow and white

little right there so we thought little

details here and also here

yeah yeah you have no home for you guys

then I'm gonna add more details her guys

on this part I'm gonna say I'm going to

add some blunts here and I'll be using

this process the bigger precise number

11 but - but first I'm going to zoom

zoom in so that you can see the overview

of our painting there

okay so here I'm going to use this block

here with some white and some yellow so

it's a dark brown guys


shares a few details

some dark colors guys beside the on this

part yeah


okay so I'm adding or block and I'm

gonna put it here cuz I'm gonna add some

plants yo guys

you can spray it with water guys I think

it'll be easier for us to blend

there and we don't blend a little here


okay so I'm gonna use some black some

yellow as I'm ready to kiss I'm Brown

and I'm gonna make it

I'm gonna add some rocks here

pure rocks I got some black brother


okay then we're gonna add some lunch

guys so I'm gonna use this this yellow

blue and red here yeah I'm gonna add

some plants here so again here's a

stopping technique of punching chairs of

pure plants here


some few Queen's colors and of course

here so longer that more green color and

blue unread there you can get a stopping

your punching technique

yeah and also here

and it's like more here some plants here

I'm gonna mix one other green color yeah

enjoy stopping a Ponzi technique

that's it and here also


and it's not all get here to make some

dark tones our dark winds not yet then

I'm gonna use some white tuna some white

guys here and some yellow ones some more

blue there I only said some highlights

on this plants here and this is the

topping guys apology technique

you can actually use door number one

liner brush it will have a little

smaller details



you can use the the bristle brush guys

I'm not losing it yet Holly you can use

it here okay again guys just stopping

punching technique and I lose my breath

and not overdo it

and I'm gonna use this yellow guy sweet

white just yellow and white here you

have to create more highlight and then

yeah it's just stopping a Ponting

technique using this brush you start on

a peak you see is the tip of your brush

sky's the edge to create a list or a

smaller details Holly can use the number

one liner brush for this one it has

smaller details like this smaller than

this one

okay that's it


just a surrogate and always remember not

to overdo it when I'm going to add some

more white

some whites further highlights


okay so he own ups and we have know some

plants okay now we need to add some

highlights here

so I'm using the gain this brown here

guys and I mean adding some white then

I'm gonna add some yellow and red there

some white so this rock player that

should have some highlights

that it

manners a year

and here I can add some highlights

hmm you should not forget you guys okay

I think I'm gonna mix for another it

later color yellow and red and white


oh yeah

and of course you guys can add some



we're not some

they're on this rock

from some highlights day here

again guys don't overdo it okay about

that then I'm gonna add more here

about that

I think that looks nice guys and it's

yeah it looks great

I don't know what I'm gonna add more yes

Holly can you can you can you said yes

to add something or whatever you want

you can decide guys it's all up to you

so I'm not sure Renaud and I think I'm

gonna leave it that way

I'm planning to add one more tree here

I'm not sure yet but maybe yeah but

first I'm gonna let you see the

interview there I think this is a

wonderful landscape place yeah it looks

really peaceful

okay I'm thinking guys what we can add

or maybe being related that way don't

know I'm gonna leave it that way


yeah I think I'm done guys I'm gonna

leave it at three guys and you can add

Jase you cannot what everyone can can

decide today it will add some both here

like the one I did in the previous

tutorial again had some both here and

this on this part he will be the one to

side case talk to you okay so I think I

am done guys and I'll say thank you very

much for watching this video today and I

hope you understand and get and get

something out of this so face it like

Adam comment subscribe for more videos

in the future and if you are painting

with me I just follow it in edit this

video I will say thank you so much

have a nice day and God bless you