STEP by STEP Sunset Beach Landscape Painting for Beginners Using Acrylic Colours

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hello and welcome everyone

in today's video we'll be making a

sunset beach painting so let's begin

for this we can use a canvas or use a

drawing paper

so in step one let's make sky for that

i'm drawing a line to remember where

exactly the sky will be

also get ready with your color so that

you don't run out of colors while


so you can choose the size of the brush

depending on the size of the canvas

so here i'm using brush number 10

start applying lemon yellow color on the


now you can see here that the colors are

not blending properly

and they are drying very quickly so add

water for easy blending

and now start adding different rays and

reflections of light in the sky

also i am blending the colors together

but please keep in mind not to blend it


because we want some rays and

reflections of light to be seen in the



now by using this rotating moment of the

brush create these

kinds of pattern in the sky


and start adding these clouds into the



randomly put strokes of color for

showing moment of clouds in the sky

now take a dry flat brush and blend all

the colors together for that soft look

in the sky

and if in case the colors have dry then

you can use a wet flat brush for

blending all the colors together

and now i'm using a wet flat brush and

picking up colors to add that natural

cloud effect in the sky


and if your colors are dried and you're

not able to achieve this effect then add

lines of lemon yellow color on the top

now let this dry completely and

meanwhile let's get ready with the beach

so here i'm using light blue color

and now add dark green color on the top


this scene is from sunset time so the

water will be little darker

and will not be as bright as it would

have been on the daytime

so add layers of dark green color for

showing moment of water in the sea

and now add black color for creating

some depth in the water

and now let's paint the land area of the




and also paint these small rocks by

using a flat brush

and now i'm using a wet flat brush and

blending both the colors from the center

and creating shore of the sea

now let's make sun


i'm also adding sea walkway and rocks




in step 4 let's paint trees

make these fine strokes for making

leaves which are thick in the bottom and

very thin at the end


in step 5 let's add reflections of light

in the painting


also add birds for adding life into the











while painting this landscape i wish i

can be here right now

i can feel the cool breeze and the chirp

of these birds

it's a beautiful feeling


and now it's ready i hope you liked

today's video and for more such

interesting videos don't forget to

subscribe to my channel

till then take care and thanks for