Paint A Beach Scene In 10 Minutes!

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ten minute beach scene with seafoam

first I need an atmosphere so I'm going

to put something blueish in the


let's put white on there it does anybody

have a white that I could borrow I just

realized that I completed my white on

the black all right thanks a lot G okay

I'm just adding some kind of an

atmosphere and when I add blue to this

it's gonna turn very turquoise and I

would like my water to be more turquoise

than the sky so in order to really make

that easier for me to do I'll add some

purple I have some magenta it's blue to

make purple because I'm just not using

any purple paint at the moment put a

little bit more blue on there this guy

is usually a little more turquoise where

it gets lighter maybe a little bit more

purple where it gets darker seems to be

a common pattern that I see and for this

ten minute painting I'm not going to be

too concerned about the exact color or

getting to the intensity of the color so

let's just get a nice light horizon so

that I can see my water really well

these will just be some clouds in Thomas

now I'm gonna put the horizon employees

so for the horizon of my ocean I'm gonna

use something a little bit more purple

than the rest of the water let's make a

nice straight line across here

I'm gonna do my best to make this

straight line it's kind of a fun little

accident that that line comes out a

little bit blurry it looks like it looks

like atmosphere moving it's kind of

disappeared yeah maybe a way maybe just

maybe just real distant on the

background so that blue is gonna be a

little bit more purple and then the blue

I put in the foreground it's gonna be

more turquoise because I'm not gonna add

that magenta to it

so let's lighten that up maybe this is a

reef that's catching the sunlight let's

put more white on there and you know the

key to painting fast is using lots of

paint so you're just moving paint around

you know you just put it on there I

always applied first mix later okay

we've got our light turquoise color for

the bright water and then for a beach

because I have to do seafoam on this I'm

gonna use black and white which is going

to appear to be some light shade of

brown when it's next to that turquoise

because grey since it's since it's a

combination of all the colors in the

spectrum that we see in light it has the

colors that this one doesn't and so the

opposite color becomes visible it starts

to look like a dark orange color instead

of just great when it's next to this

blue so I gotta add plenty of white here

so that it's light it looks like the Sun

is illuminating that's dirt right there

and then I'm gonna have just a little

more blue up here so that my deep water

is darker than my not so deep water

I need the darkness of this so being

mindful of how dark each section is is


okay now to do a little bit of beach I

need a place to put the foam I'm going

to make off a hard edge which means that

it doesn't it's not a blurry edge it's a

real real sharp edge and if I had just a

little bit more orange than what was in

the black and white then that'll really

enhance the effect of some dirt coming

out of the water because more orange

equals less blue and so it looks like

it's coming out of that blue water if I

just make that a little bit more orange

it doesn't need to be super different

just a little bit different and then if

I put more white again under that then

I'll have the difference between wet

sands and drive sea let's put a little

bit more white wait they're not coming

wet are you my dry area dryer yeah it

has the more money on it and then if I

take a little bit light blue violet

which is a great color for reflection

I'm mixing that over here I can put some

light reflection on this wedding scene

five minutes oh five minutes oh man I've

got a little bit of reflection of the

sky on my wet sand putting that little

bit of purple so foam is going to have

shadows so I'm gonna put a little bit

anytime I make a shadow that has less

sunlight and still has the color of the

water the sky on it it's gonna have to

be bluer than what it would be in the

sunlight so I'm adding over here on the

Left I'm adding this blue violet to some

black and then I'm gonna lighten that

and then I'm gonna make some shadows

here now these are the shadows of the

foam on the water and so I'm going to

use really flat brush strokes as flat as

I can

and then I'm gonna come back and do my

pure white maybe a white that is

slightly colored by us what was it

trying to say slightly colored by the

reflection of the sky I'm going to add a

little bit of purple to that white so

they put a few more of these shadows on

and then that's going to make a much

more three-dimensional look to my

seafoam let me rinse out my brush stroke

big now I'm going to do pure white over

here not very pure because I still got

some color my brush that's okay I've got

some of this here there's a little bit

of my blue violet color I'll get a lot

more whites and get it nice and bright

okay now here's my seafoam color and I'm

gonna put it right above these areas now

the thing about seafoam is that when it

pulls apart

it leaves skinny strands that point

toward each other so I'm gonna put these

shapes over the top of each other but

the theme that I'm gonna try to have as

skinny shapes that point toward each

other and that are pulled out sideways

so this will go on top here and this and

put some more little horizontal stripes

right above my shadows wherever I've got

a shadow I'm gonna put this right above

it whoops missed that one I'll put some

right above this piece here so I want to

see a white spot above every gray spot

so that I have a three dimensional water

line and then in order to fine-tune this

foam a little bit I'm just gonna put

skinny little strands that point to each

other I want to have every shape have

skinny little strands that come off of

it and point to the ones that it's near

which I'm having a hard time doing with

is a big brush but

it is just subtly happening cubes we're

gonna have to settle for four

Impressionists two minutes Oh two

minutes man we try to get better

wide-ranging ministry and connecting

let's make this brighter there see that

skinny line I kind of have skinny lines

pointing to each other right there

skinny lines pointing to each other here

it makes it look like it's pulling apart

the more you can make a shape and then

put little skinny lines pointing toward

each other so let's make this foam start

to come together as it comes into the

foreground and make a big foamy edge on

this water we've got the white bone

right here let's get more of that white

and then let's put a shadow on it lender

it with some blue violet let's put blue

then let's put some magenta and that's

gonna be a nice shadow color under this

foam oh man I can feel that clock taking

so we only got seconds and let all the

pressure okay so now we've got a little

bit of shadow and it's not a dark shadow

it's just a light show that's on there

okay I'm gonna take the liberty to go

over on time because I know I'm not

gonna hit the ten-minute mark man but

you still have to do the countdown so I

got 30 seconds okay a little bit more

blue and magenta I want to get darker

here just to show that foam I want to

see that edge see that little bit of

shadow as long as I have that shadow

real colored then it'll look like it'll

look like that one well they have the

impression of foam right it has the

impression of a poem on the stand so

let's say I'm trying trying to encourage

myself by abusing your your friendship

here give me a compliment tell me it

looks good

okay so now all I'm doing to refine this

a little bit as stretching these lines

out trying to find any shapes that look

too broad up and down why is it stretch

them out sideways because I want this to

have perspective and everything just

needs to be kind of flattened out so I

can make zig zagging s kind of shapes as

long as there as long as the real

scrunch so right here I've got one up

that I'll kind of zigzag this way but

I'm really pulling it out horizontally

so that I have a perspective and then

just looking for any little corner that

I can make pointy to another corner and

then of course trying to combine that

with the little shadows underneath okay

so then I have a dirt color that's under

here I can enhance this further but I'll

be mixing my black and white if I lose

my shadows which I did I count I kind of

lost the look of the shadows under the

water so I can mix this light Goretti

now that doesn't have the blue in it and

I can put bright spots just on top of

each foam area this gray I can put on

top of any white spot above and any of

the white spots to recreate the look of

shadows a bright spot of dirt showing

through the water and so you know I can

I can my point is that I can bring out

the bright spots yeah let's bring out

some of the brightest spots of dirt