Rock Painting Tutorial For Beginners Beach

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Hello friends this is Annamoon

today we will paint together a beautiful beach landscape

After carefully cleaning the stone I paint two white primer layers

For this I used white gesso and a soft brush

Now I have titanium white and ultramarine blue on my pallete

The gesso is now dry and I start to paint the sky with a bright blue

You can blend the colors with light and fast brush strokes

I added some phthalo blue on my pallete

with pure phthalo blue I paint at first the horizon line

Now I added some Hansa light yellow on my pallete

With the mixture of yellow phthalo blue and white I start to paint the water

Make sure that you work only in horizontal strokes

the closer I get to the beach the more white and yellow I gave to the mixture

now I added some burnt umber on my pallete

with a mixture of white burnt umber and a bit of yellow I start to paint the beach

to paint the front water I mixed some brown in the blue

the waves I paint with translucent white

it's time to start with the palm tree

I first paint the stem with pure burnt umber

I added some oxide of chronium green on my pallete


I paint the frond with a mixture of green and phthalo blue

I added some dark leafes

I am adding some white and yellow to the green

to paint a few brighter leafes

Now I paint with a lighter brown some highlights on the stem

finally I sign ang varnish the rock

I hope you enjoyed the video

see you next week with a new tutorial