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hey there folks is Josh stony Ridge

farmer welcome to the farm blog today

our grill is looking shameful I'd like

to take you along today with me and

we're gonna refinish this grill make it

look nice again we're gonna have a

little cookout later on today and I'm

gonna show you how to take your old

grill and make it look new again so you

don't have to go out and spend 300 bucks

buying a new grill because your open

looks like crap all right so come along

today on the farm blog and we'll have a

little bit of fun fixing up the grill


all right folks so what we have here is

a master forge grill now this is a

pretty cool grill it's a charcoal grill

and I believe in cooking with charcoal I

just think it gives your meat a little

bit better flavor but it's been sitting

outside I think this grill is like three

years old which is a testimony to how

long a grill lasts now we'll walk you

around the grill we'll tell you about

its features and then we'll show you

what we're going to do here pretty

simple grill this has got the two-tier

little spot here one for like worming

and one for cooking underneath here you

have a pretty cool setup and it's all

crusty from last year I don't normally

clean my grill until the next time I

fire it up so this grate is where your

coals sit and there's a handle right

here and you crank this handle and you

can see there's a mechanical thing in

there that brings the great both up and

down and that gets your coals a little

bit closer to where you want to work now

underneath here there's a tray and this

tray is upside down because I flip it

over when I store it for the winter time

so it doesn't puddle up water inside the

tray and cause it to rust out now we'll

take those ashes that are on there and

put them in the yard it comes with a

little bottle opener in case you have

any adult beverages or regular beverages

you'd like to drink and this also is our

damper so we open and close our damper

with this little handle right here so we

can control our heat very very very

happy with this grill you also have an

adjuster here at the top that's another

damper that allows either less or more

and you can use this for smoking all

sorts of stuff and there's another

damper on this side right here we also

have a little temperature gauge which

has been pretty reliable so far before

we get down to business guys please if

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like button let's get busy if you drive

down any city street this time of year

at springtime you'll see grills all over

the side of the road rusty grills crusty

grills the lifespan of a

backyard grill isn't that long maybe one

or two years so when you're paying like

200-300 dollars for a grill you want it

to last and we've taken good care of

this one to make sure it does last

hopefully we'll get at least two more

years out of it but the outside looks

like just so we're gonna take care of

that now there are a few tools that are

going to be essential to this a little

roll of painters tape

I got a sanding sponge here I have a

knife you can use an exacto knife or

just a easy razor knife and I also have

a rest oleum spray paint handle I'll

show you this a little closer and I'll

give you a little more detail on the

spray paint that we're going to use so

the spray paint we're going to use is a

2,000 degree protective paint it's a

rust OEM brand paint I'll post links to

all this fun stuff that we're using in

the vlog today but it's a rust-oleum

paint and basically we're going to go

over the entire grill here after we tape

off the parts that we don't want to be

spray painted pretty cool this stuff


it lasts it works it does a good job and

it helps you to refinish your grill now

this little doodad right here is

something really really cool it opens up

and you can tell I've used it a lot it's

by rust-oleum I'll post a link down

below but you clip it on to your

spray-paint can and basically Shh it

makes you a spray paint gun which is

very very handy because I don't know if

you've ever painted something this big

with a spray can but using your finger

you'll end up switching fingers and

you'd be like because your fingers will

get covered with paint and it's just

it's just hard on your hands so this is

awesome and we'll show you how we use it

now there's really only one place that I

don't want paint and I don't want to own

this glass right here so basically

here's how I'm gonna do it I'm gonna

take my tape and I'm just gonna cover

the entire area right here just like

that I'm gonna take two pieces of tape

and do this and then I'm gonna kind of

press the tape down on the glass part

and I'll take my little knife here this

doesn't have to be perfect at your grill

to your backyard so you know you want to

protect this so you can tell what your

temperatures are how hot it's running in

there so I'll press it down on the glass

then I'll go around the edge and just


trim off all the way around the edge

just like that

and voila pull off the date pretty cool

now we've protected that little glass

piece pretty neat we're gonna take our

sanding sponge here and basically we'll

sand off some spots that have a little

bit of heavy rust I'll show you now you

don't have to go to awful crazy with

your sanding sponge but basically you

look you see all that rust just kind of

disappear and you can see all the little

spots where they're surface rust is

starting to disappear I'm gonna lightly

sand this whole thing really quickly

okay now you can go as crazy as you want

to with the sanding process it's your

grill if you want to make it look like a

show car you can make it look like a

show car just trying to get off anything

that might be moderately obvious once we

start slinging paint on this thing I

think this will make it look a little

bit better I'm just going to take a

little piece of tape and kind of wrap

around the edges of my little chrome

accents or stainless steel accents right

here nobody will ever really notice but

me but it would drive me absolutely

crazy to see that and be a shame that I

didn't just take two seconds and do the

right thing all right at this point

we're gonna get into the science of this

I like to keep my paint out in the Sun I

want to leave my paint out in the Sun

for at least thirty maybe forty five

minutes and want to shake it really

really well you want to shake it at

least a minute maybe two minutes and as

you're painting you want to stop and

give it a good shake again okay just

shake shake shake shake shake

when in doubt shake your paint I like

for the paint to be a little bit warm as

it goes on and I want the grill sitting

out in the Sun so it's a little bit warm

so when the paint hits it it dries

quickly and it has less of a chance of

running so the first place I want to

start painting is a place that's a

little bit less obvious so that I can

see where the paint is going to run and

how it's going to behave if it goes on

thick then I don't have to worry about

it and basically what I want to do is

spray a straight line across and you'll

see all this technique I'm gonna go just

like that so that the spray paint job is

a good job and so that you don't have

heavy paint like paint and heavy paint

light paint what we want to do is we

want a half lap over it

words will paint a strip here and then

will lap over it halfway and paint it

here lap over it and paint it here okay

that's how you get a good nice smooth

job now you want to do a light coat

first and then go back with a nice

finish coat so let's get started

painting you want to start and your

hard-to-reach areas once you figure out

how your paint's going to behave because

you'll have to go back over those at

different angles okay I hope you see how

I'm hitting this with the paint the

stuff covers really really well guys

I'll post links down below to all the

materials we're using here in the blog

today we've gotten around our problem

areas right here and you can see there's

kind of a odd spot there hold it back

about six to eight inches and fill in

half lapping over just like I showed you

before and you can watch you see how

quickly that paint is drying right there

you can see it drying that's what you

want okay that's why you want it out in

the Sun we're gonna go down here am I

worried about this handle nope we're

gonna paint right over that handle you

sure you don't neglect the angle so I

need to shoot down that way and I need

to shoot up this way okay that's why I

say start in your odd little corners

first remember to get those tight little

corners those tight little spots first

okay so you might be saying hey why

isn't he using the spray handle yet I'm

not using a spray handle yet because I'm

into these tight spots once I get done

with the tight spots and I close the

grill up I'll put that spray handle on

there and I'll really hit it and then

when I go of my second coat I'll use

that spray handle okay horizontal

surfaces or flat surfaces don't like to

run vertical surfaces do like to run so

you want to go a little bit lighter and

err on the side of caution and put more

coats versus thicker paint now you can

put thicker paint versus more coats on

the flat surfaces pretty cool let's get


guys I don't know if you can tell but

that really really made it pop I want to

give you a few final tips before you get

started be sure you're about 30 feet

away from any kind of vehicle or

anything you don't want paint to get on

because as soon as you break out that

spray paint the wind is bound to pick up


pick yourself up one of these guys makes

life so much easier and so much less

hard on your fingers no paint on my

fingers because of this guy and it's

dirt cheap I think it's somewhere in a

neighborhood I think it's under 10 bucks

so I'll post links down below to this

paint to all the goodies that we used in

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subscribed this isn't the only thing we

do here on the Stoney Ridge farm there's

lots of good projects going on one more

thing I want to touch on as a rule of

thumb stay six to eight inches away as

you paint and things will turn out great

it doesn't look like a brand new grill

but it's pretty darn close

make sure your grill is nice and warm by

sitting in the Sun and your paints warm

so when it hits it it dries quickly and

use little strokes go lightly and get

two or three cans of spray paint per

grill and that'll get you started

alright so thanks a lot guys come on

back to Stoney Ridge farm click that

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we'll see you again next time okay

I made a