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so what really sucks is when your voice

sounds even worse than it normally does

I've got bronchitis but that's not gonna

stop us because we are talking about

bathrooms and we are kicking something

off that's different this week guys we

are doing bathroom week all about

bathrooms so in today's video we're

gonna kick it off and talk about how do

you refinish your tub or your shower if

you've got an avocado green powder blue

shower tub and you want to get rid of it

there is a way to do that

cost-effectively and in fact I did it at

my own so you're gonna get to see how

this looks two and a half to three years

later and you're gonna get to see this

powdered blue tub get transformed by me

tomorrow's video we're going to talk

about what if you actually want to just

rip it out the old avocado green and

replace it with a new tub so you're

gonna get to see that project in

progress and you're also gonna get to

see me replace a toilet don't pay

someone a hundred dollars to come and do

it you can do it yourself and trust me

it's very easy so you're gonna get to

see that tutorial on Wednesday Thursday

we're gonna be replacing faucets I don't

really like plumbing stuff but we're

gonna do it

and then Friday I don't know what we're

doing on Friday we're just gonna do like

bathroom tips and ideas and tricks and

things like that so stick with me this

week because every day five videos voice

or no voice we go and do it all right

guys let's kick it off with tub

refinishing that sounds horrible tub

refinishing tub refinishing can't wait

for my voice to come back before we

begin let's quickly review what's in

every bathtub refinishing kit and talk a

little bit about safety the kit comes

with part a color Part B hardener a

non-skid additive liquid primer and

etching cleaner and you'll also get a

paint right sandpaper a tack cloth

gloves a stick for mixing a foam brush

and two paint rollers but there are a

few items you'll need to gather on your

own you will need some Ajax or Comet a

razor blade scraper paper towels a mask

trash bags painters tape a blow-dryer

and a fan or a proper vent and be sure

to thoroughly review the instructions

before you begin and have plenty of air


nation also if you have old shower doors

you'd like to remove you should remove

them before beginning scrape off any

leftover sealant as well after clearing

out all of your personal belongings and

making sure that there's positive air

flow as well as good ventilation in the

work area at all times we are now ready

to clean the bathtub it's important to

start by cleaning your bathtub

thoroughly scrub the bathtub with Ajax

or comment and pay special attention to

the heavy soap areas any residual soap

residue left on the surface after

cleaning will prevent bonding and cause

failure we do not want this to happen

it's not uncommon to clean your surface

at least two or three times just to make

sure that you've removed all of the soap

and all of the Ajax are common and when

you think it's clean go ahead and clean

it once more you can never be too sure

this step is very very important after

thoroughly cleaning the tub if you'd

like use a razor blade or sharp scraper

to remove the caulk around the bathtub

or walls this bathtub only had caulk

along the floor so I did remove that so

the next step is to take a razor blade

and check that you have removed all the

soap scum and all of the cleaning agent

from the tub nub just be careful don't

cut yourself but you will see a little

bit of residue on your finger so I did

another wash checked it with the razor

blade and everything was good to go and

we can move on to step 4

which is optional but recommended using

the etching cream this easy etch pace

will help to remove any residual finish

from your bathtub use the scotch brite

pad provided and spread it throughout

the entire surface paying particular

attention to the drain area and don't

forget the front now if this is a

clawfoot cast-iron steel bath tub or

you're doing sinks and tiles leave it on

for 20 to 30 minutes this is the colored

tub so we're going to leave this one for

30 to 40 and then rinse it really well

next while your bathtub is still wet use

the sandpaper that came in your

refinishing kit to thoroughly sand down

the tub you'll want to pay particular

attention again to the drain and rinse

really well

if you have removed old shower doors

you'll likely have some holes that need

to be patched or you may just have some

chips in your tub you want to fill those

now using the bath works chip repair kit

follow the instructions in the kit for

how to patch and sand it smooth before

moving on to the next step if you've got

a detachable shower head give it a

little shake to remove excess water then

use a latex glove to prevent water from

dripping onto the shower place it over

the showerhead tie it into a knot for

extra security and I always recommend

tying a trash bag as well in case

there's any leaking you'll also want to

do the same for the tub spout again tie

it into a knot so it's extra secure be

sure to dry all the parts of the bathtub

including the walls using the blow-dryer

completely dry the surface of the

bathtub this is very very important

again any moisture left on the surface

could cause the product to fail and I

know you want great results so pay

particular attention to ensuring that

the drain area is very dry as well when

the surfaces are very dry use painters

tape around the bathtub and around any

parts that need protection including the

tub drain

your bathtub refinishing kit comes with

a tack cloth use the tack cloth rubbing

it over the entire surface cleaning any

foreign materials from the bathtub or

wall area at this point your bathtub

should be smooth and ready to be rolled

you're now ready for the liquid primer

you'll pour the entire 1 ounce bottle of

liquid primer onto the bottom of the

bathtub using several paper towels

spread the material over the entire

surface now remember the paper towels

will most likely soak up most of the

liquid primer so having a bunch of paper

towels will prevent tearing and allow

you to spread the primer much easier and

again pay particular attention to the

drain area and don't forget the front of

the tub pour the entire Part B hardener

into part a color you want to mix it up

really good and after you've mixed it

let it sit for 5 minutes if your kit

includes a non-slip additive pour

approximately one to two ounces of mixed

material into the provided non-slip

container and using the same stir makes

it really well and then pour the mixture

into the middle of your bathtub use your

small yellow roller rolling lightly both

vertically and horizontally over the

same area several times to create a

smooth even rectangle and let this area

dry for 10 minutes before moving on if

you've removed shower doors you'll want

to spray on a very thin coat of an

oil-based primer called kills primer

over the area where there was silicone

caulk under the doors be sure to use

paper towels to prevent any overspray

it's now time to paint pour the rest of

the a B mixture into the paint tray and

use your foam brush to dab the paint all

around the edges where the roller won't

fit this will typically be along the

caulk line of the bathtub next using the

four inch wide roller roll the first

coat of paint towards yourself and

remember do not dry roll this is very

important you always want to make sure

that you have a good amount of paint on

your roller and as you're painting

starting with the sides you want to make

sure that you reload that roller often

you want to keep it very wet

a good rule of thumb to remember to make

this project easier to work and cleaner

is to roll the inside walls of the

bathtub followed by the curves in the

bottom and you'll also want to save the

front of the bathtub for last a second

coat can be applied right away following

the same pattern but be careful not to

lean on the wet surfaces and you'll want

to dispose of all the unused materials

in garbage as soon as you've completed

the job keeping it away from open flames

children animals or those sensitive to

paint fumes and of course obey all the

city and town codes for proper paint


after 45 minutes you are now able to

remove the painters tape very carefully

remove it at a 45 degree angle

after removing the painters tape if you

see any edges that need to be cleaned up

go ahead and do that now but keep in

mind these edges will most likely be

covered up with caulk and you'll want to

wait 24 hours until it dries before you

apply the caulk but you should have an

amazing beautiful new bathtub but here's

the thing does it last and how do you

actually care for this so it does last

so let's talk about how you actually

clean your shower here when you have

your finished shower or tub you cannot

just put comet or anything abrasive in

here you've got to put something that is

not abrasive that you can just spray in

here let it do its job and then wipe it

down and hopefully all the dirt will

come off one thing I have noticed is

that in this area it's been two and a

half years since I have refinished in

this area that I've noticed it's become

a little bit more a little bit more

stained and it's not quite as easy to

clean this part along the sides I don't

have as much of an issue and I try to

use something that's environmentally

friendly but occasionally I will get

some of the Scrubbing Bubbles because

that works pretty well too and I'll just

spray everything down take this out

all right we're gonna spray everything

about and then we're just gonna wipe it

with a clean towel no scrubbing because

you don't want to disturb the surface

it's been refinished back here in the

corners it can be a little difficult

they see the dirts just wiping away and

then I usually try to wipe here down

here in the corners is where a lot of

the stain kind of builds up and it's

easy to wipe away and I'm just using

there just an old rag I'm not gonna use

anything abrasive and just wipe nicely

you see some chipping here along the

drain and this looks like where I'm

probably gonna have to refinish and a

little bit of chipping here but for the

most part this has actually held up

really good for the two and a half years

that I've had my shower refinished I

probably think this will last maybe

another couple of years once I do a

little bit of touch-up but for the most

part I think it's a good value for what

200 250 or less versus you know going

and replacing your shower when you can

just do this and if you are trying to

sell your house or maybe you're on a

budget and you're not trying to spend a

lot of money to redo your bathroom this

is a great option so if you've got an

ugly shower and ugly tub you can

refinish it and it'll look good and it's

not very difficult to maintain but what

if you want to actually replace it well

you got to come back for tomorrow's

video because we are gonna be talking

about how do you actually replace your

tub you'll get to see that process from

start to finish I will see you tomorrow

be sure to like this video subscribe and

come back again because we're going to

be doing more bathroom projects for

bathroom week