Rustoleum Countertop Transformation | DIY Bathroom Makeover

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hey everyone and welcome back to my

channel continuing on with our bathroom

makeover series today I wanted to show

you how I redid our countertops using an

epoxy spray so first let me show you how

our countertops looked as you can see

they are a little bit yellow dingy a

little worn they have kind of have this

weird marbling effect they're just dated

and old and while I don't expect this

fix to last forever I'm hoping to get a

year or two out of having to redo my

whole entire bathroom so it's a

temporary fix but it'll give us a little

bit of time so I am starting by cleaning

off the counter tops with a cleaner this

one is not very abrasive and a clean

towel and I'm just gonna go ahead and

clean off the surface also I grabbed a

100 grit sandpaper and after

everything's clean I'm just going to go

through and sand the surface lightly to

take anything

you know give it something to stick to

so after the countertop is sanded I'm

going to take a damp towel and wipe all

the dust off and clear it all off make

it really clean and I'm going to go

through with a microfiber towel this

one's a little old but it still works

and get any dust off that you can see it

all I want a totally clean surface you

don't want anything interfere and next

I'm asked everything off the overspray

from this product is pretty intense so I

would recommend covering anything that

you don't want to get sprayed I would

have even done the toilet hindsight but

it's not that big of a deal

i masked everything off the green frog

tape is by far my favorite masking tape

it means leaves really nice lines and I

never have any problems with it so I

masked off the drain spout really well

the faucet because we're not painting

our faucet and just to be sure I went

over everything again with a clean

microfiber towel so this is the spray

that I used it is the rust-oleum

appliance epoxy and it is washable

moisture resistant smooth factory-like

finish and I cannot say enough about

this product I love the difference it

made in our countertops

so I started by spraying me countertop

and my biggest mistake was not wearing a

mask wear a mask the spray and the smell

is pretty intense you want to use any

ventilation open a window if you have

one so I quickly realized I needed a

mask so I had to make you but I have to

say the first coat was really easy just

make sure you don't like overspray a

spot and it puddle up there was a couple

of times where I noticed a hair I just

grabbed it out and then spray over it

and you really cannot tell at all if you

do happen to get like a little puddle

right in the sink I did notice like a

little bit of dripping so I just grabbed

a towel and wiped it and then sprayed

over it before it dried




so after I sprayed the first coat I let

that dry for about 15 to 20 minutes and

then went back with a second coat this

is a video of after the first coat and

you can still see like some

imperfections it's just the first layer

it's not a huge difference like I said

it doesn't cover everything we had these

little dings in there but it really is

not a big deal at all and this is the

video after the second coat so I went

and pulled the tape off probably about

an hour after it dried I just didn't

want it to dry like 100% completely

before I pulled the tape off and I made

a good choice it worked out really well

and as you can see this reveal is pretty






so I cannot rave enough about this

product it took our old ugly marbled

orange-yellow effect countertops to this

stark white crisp clean counter I was

very impressed with this product I will

let you guys know how it holds up but I

cannot say enough about it


so let's take a quick look at what we

started with these old ugly yellow

countertops and we use the epoxy spray

making it a seven dollar fix that is

amazing I just want to thank you guys

for tuning in today and coming along

with me on this journey this has been

such a fun series and we still have more

videos left so keep tuning in subscribe

if you haven't and don't forget to check

out our next video we will be doing the

floors thanks