How to Paint a Vanity | Easy Bathroom Updates

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if you've got a wood bathroom vanity

that's looking a little dated before you

replace it consider painting it instead

with a coat of paint you can breathe new

life into this old vanity and make it

look as good as new if you try to just

paint the vanity as is the paint's not

gonna stick correctly and then you're

gonna end up with this really subpar

look so the key to repainting a vanity

is taking your time and doing all the

prep work beforehand you ready let's get


start by removing all your Hardware

drawers and doors if you're replacing

the vanity top remove it now to save

some time masking it off later we're

keeping this stone top so I'm gonna

leave it in place if you can remove the

drawer fronts from the drawers for ease

of sanding and painting handle Hardware

can come in lots of different screw

configurations if you're planning to

switch to new hardware that uses a

different pattern that won't fit the

existing holes now is the time to fill

the holes with putty and sand them

smooth first we have to wash the surface

with this stuff called TSP trisodium

phosphate with a scrubbing pad or sponge

use TSP according to the instructions to

wash all the surfaces that you are going

to paint then rinse everything at least

two times with fresh water before

sanding then it's time to sand four wood

surfaces that are protected by a clear

finish sand with 220 grit sandpaper to

remove all gloss this will help the new

paint adhere correctly some fana T's

will have some thermofoil or melamine

those shiny adhesive surfaces that are

common on cabinet sides if you're

dealing with these materials the first

step is to make sure that the plastic

film is firmly bonded onto the material

underneath if there is a solid material

underneath that can be easily painted

you may be able to remove the film using

a heat gun use alcohol or mineral

spirits to remove the glue residue if

the material is just peeling a bit you

may be able to reattach the film with a

strong glue if the film is bonded

securely sand the surface lightly with

220 grit until it all looks dull some of

these films can react with primer so

keep checking that the plastic surface

stays bonded firmly at each step once

everything is sand

and any bare spots are primed and dried

vacuum up any dust and wipe the surfaces

with a tack cloth or damp rag use

painters tape to mask off the vanity top

any surrounding walls or furniture and

the inside face of the cabinet frame

take time here and make sure everything

is neat it will save you time later I


let's talk primer for a minute there are

some great paints out there with primer

built-in but you may still need a

dedicated primer to deal with any

surface problems on your vanity the

glossy or your final paint will be the

smoother that primer needs to be matte

paint hides imperfections but gloss can

highlight any issues in the surface if

you're dealing with melamine or thermal

foil even after sanding you will need

the stickiness of a shellac based primer

to get good adhesion otherwise the paint

and primer might easily get scratched

right off apply a coat of primer with

brush and roller and let it dry sand the

primer smooth and wipe everything clean

now it's time for the fun part adding

the color for our vanity we're going

with this eggshell paint from Valspar an

iron frost start by brushing or rolling

on a full coat let it dry completely

then add two more coats for complete

even coverage and a smooth finish remove

the tape let the vanity dry overnight

and then you can reassemble the vanity

if you need to drill new holes for the

hardware do that now otherwise you can

put the drawers back in and attach the

poles check that your drawers and doors

open and close smoothly and we are all

set I'm installing a new faucet to make

everything look nice and fresh look at

this along with the shower tile wall we

installed and some finishing touches our

bathroom looks fantastic and with some

tools and materials from Lowe's you can

do it yourself too

see you next time