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hello divas and welcome back to my

channel if you're new here welcome this

is another edition of diva tested Devo

proved actually this is gonna be a

little diva DIY because I this ugly

horrible disgusting light fixture in my

bathroom hey where'd that blood come


um yeah I have this awful hideous gold

brass I don't know faux 1986 light

fixture in my bathroom which does not

match any of the other fixtures in the

bathroom which are all like brushed

nickel so I'm going to attempt to

spray-paint it yeah I got this wild idea

because I'm just gonna blame it all on

target sitting in my bed I'm watching

some YouTube videos that's gonna be a

low-key Saturday afternoon here and I

was like oh I'm gonna try to clean up

the bathroom a little bit so I came in

here and I was starting to clean I was

like oh my gosh I'm almost out of my

method all-purpose cleaner and Honey

Crisp apple see we're getting low there

friends it's not sponsored so I was like

oh I'll get on target and I'll order it

and then I just do drive up and pick it

up okay I need a couple other things on

you had light bulbs from my bathroom

which you will steal I bought soon in a

few minutes so I ordered them and it

comes back and it says sorry we're out

of stock and the light bulbs well I

really think I it's probably a good

thing because I think I've maybe ordered

the wrong thing so it was probably good

that they were out of stock anyway I'm

like well to get out to go to Target

might as well just run by Ballmer if the

light moans I need and then stop at

Target on the way home on the way and

then come home well you can't just go

into Walmart for like one thing cuz you

end up picking up like five other things

that you didn't even need so I get the

light bulbs and I see these cute little

LED lights that you can stick or screw

in two places so I was like oh this

would be nice to have underneath my

kitchen cabinets so I though I was like

hmm for some researcher I think about

this dumb light fixture it's like maybe

I get spray paint that I ended up in the

spray paint aisle

yeah not only did I walk out with more

than light bulbs I walked out with spray

paint we're gonna try to tackle this

ugly light fixture and if it doesn't go

well I don't know what's gonna happen

anyway let's get into it so this is the

light fixture and it is fun ugly it's

it's awful yes I know there are three

light bulbs out you know why those light

bulbs are out because they're out cuz

they go out frequently because these

land walls are crap which is another

reason I hate this light fixture anyway

so um I want to tape everything off and

we're gonna spray-paint it and we're

gonna hope that it works



okay now

all taped off Thank You Amazon Prime now

for the great bags so I have some

rust-oleum Universal advanced formula

metallic spray or metallic paint and

primer in one satin nickel yeah got

painting clothes on okay friends

we're gonna go in already sweating


Oh Lord something someone's gonna fall

do not come down we have to do some

taping here and a mask for the nose I'm

a safety girl okay that's kind of hot

and yes if you're wondering I do have a

window open for ventilation

oh my goodness I want to turn off on

hand this is hard

see you should probably be direction

really quick you know we're going in ham

I think it's like shake eight thousand

times and ten coats

slide la-dee-da how do you open this I

also got carded trying to buy spray

paint no it was great

don't try this at home kids because it

says outdoors please not outdoors here

oh well good song fan you got a window

open we're gonna hope for the best


so it's really not looking too bad I

can't really breathe right now

um these aren't really that great

not channel 10 would not recommend um it

doesn't look bad there's a coal poison

to be touched up but I should let it dry

so far so good and I hope to know where

neighbors are you're like listening to

me well I'm doing this because I will

look like an idiot

anyway I'm gonna rest and um yeah kind

of come back and do a touch-up coat and

I will show you the finished product

hi I'm back you ready for the reveal I


did that you can hire me to sing for you

do you me so it's done um is it perfect

no and this lighting is horrible I might

accidentally shut myself off there uh

it's done is it perfect no is it okay

yeah not bad what I recommend you doing

this probably not least not doing it

inside oh you could take the fixture

down and take it outside it will

probably work a little bit better but I

was not gonna go through all that mess

no cuz I work way let's get a good big

good shot I'm sorry the lights are

really like bright because there are

three new light bulbs well four new

light bulbs in there because I put one

in this morning and then I was like oh I

need to get the other

for you placed so that's why I ended up

I'm gonna go to Walmart and that's how

this whole thing started because Target

didn't have the right light bulbs and

then I got derailed in Walmart so hmm

that's that's the deal so let's go to

look at the fixture there she isn't

Oliver glory it the broom looks so much

different I don't notice because it's

not reflecting off that old gold fixture

or maybe because like all the light

bulbs put Beckett but I feel like the

bathroom looks so different now um I

really like it I wish I were done this

sooner wish I would have taken it

outside because I'm pretty sure that I

inhaled waters for everybody fumes so

sure my lungs are nice and silvery now

you know the price you have to pay so I

think that's gonna do it for today I

have lots of learning to get finished

and some YouTube videos to watch

probably should edit this video and I'm

hard to watch tomorrow

sorry looks are ratchet today again I

was not going anywhere I was not going

to do anything today and those doggone

youtube videos where people are cleaning

their houses and then what happens I

start cleaning and then I DIY and oh

well well if you like this video give it

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post a video I'll see in the next one

thanks a lot bye divas