How to Paint Your Bathroom in One Day

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hello everyone it's Riley cook a kv-1

wheel realtor here and today we've got a

little bit of a different video today

I'm actually going to paint in sand well

Sam then paint my bathroom because I had

some awful wallpaper there from the old

owner so I want to get rid of it so I

tore it down

so today Sally and I are going to

basically do what I said

sand and paint and we're gonna show you

how to do it what you need and yeah any

other tips or tricks so this is Sally

and we are going to paint Ronnie's

bathroom today I'm gonna say that

whether you are prepping your house for

sale or whether you are doing it for


paint is one of the cheapest ways of

making the biggest impact and return on

your investment you could possibly make

so today we're going to relatively

inexpensively transform my this bathroom

so I've done lots of painting over the

years myself it's I find it very


so this is nice to be invited into this

I know right is not done this before so

it's a teaching process so a lot of

people will work around what's on the

walls and the doors me I like to clear

everything so I have a clean slate and

that includes taking off hooks lights

shelves everything so what we're gonna

do before we even start painting and if

this is probably takes the longest is

the prepping so make sure you prep

properly and make sure you've got

everything that you need on hand so in

this particular case we're gonna remove

everything from the walls

Riley's already pulled the wallpaper off

we're going to sand this and then we're

gonna wash because this is a bathroom it

probably has been steamed with possibly

oils and stuff

on the walls it is looks like it's sort

of like a semi-gloss type finish on here

so we'll probably give this a lights and

we're gonna stop right from the ceiling

and come on down we're making this

really easy with cheating we're painting

all the same color trim walls ceilings

everything so we're not worrying about

cutting edges sorry I thought it stopped

recording we're good okay so anyway this

is before and we will sort of follow

along the journey but right now we're

into prep okay so we've gone our first

step which is to clear the room and

double check all of the items that we're

gonna need for this so wallpaper was

taken off so the wall will need a light

sanding even when it was painted before

someone has painted over some dust so

you want to give it a light for the felt

just fine sandpaper we have our drop

cloths ready we have paintbrushes

stir sticks paint

and trays and plastic line plastic

liners are amazing because it saves you

having to wash out the paint you can

just either take the plastic liner and

wash it out or just throw it away which

is a bit wasteful but it better may be

better than putting paint down the sink

into the sewer so it's tough stuff

between and how environmentally friendly

you want to be so what we're gonna do

right now is is we're going to give this

ball of light sanding where the

wallpaper came off because there's

probably still some glue so this it's

nice and smooth here and a little bit

rough there where we took off the

handles so that when we roll up little

roller really easily so we'll just do

like sending here once we don't know

standing then we're going to give

everything a nice wash with soapy water

to take any residue dust and any water

that might start on the walls before any

oil or sex



okay next page is done we have sounded

and we have washed all the walls

ceilings and take anything off any of

the edges that we don't want where where

we don't want the paint to go on to the

to the next surface as I said this is

gonna be a lot easier because we are

painting it's just basically a very very

off-white soft gray so we're not gonna

do the ceiling and the walls of

different color it's all going to be the

same if you were gonna do a white

ceiling and a colored wall typically

what I do is is I paint the ceiling

white and then drop down onto the wall

by about half an inch with the white

piece because it's very hard to get the

paint of the color and the white exactly

the same whereas if you bring the white

down onto the wall it's easier to get a

straight line of the color so that's

just a little hint that I do and then

I'm short painters do it too but that's

what I do

so next stage is as we are going to do

all the edges we're gonna do the corners

of the walls the ceilings any edges

around anything so that it's prepped now

all we have to do then is come in and

roll up off to it so do it this is all

this is all the stuff the piddly bits

that take the time the fun part which is

the roller and you just come in and is

like zoom-zoom-zoom and it's done but

these are the piddly bits so the next

stage is to do all cut all of the edges

with a pink color you are

okay so we're gonna cuddle the cook I'll

cuddle the edges between the ceiling and

the wall make sure you got enough paint

but not so big you're dripping

everywhere basically if there's a go

like this it's the fact that we're so

close to the color that's there already

it's gonna it's much easier to paint

well we're gonna put the drop cloth down

it's much easier to paint when you

caught a color that you're changing

because you can see where you've been

need to be a little bit more careful as

we get closer to the edge here but for

now we're gonna do this pink paint this

and run it so that you don't have

clothes today






okay so so far we have trim around

lights around the mirror and all of the

corners and edges from the between the

ceiling and the walls rolling the paint

in once that's dry we're gonna do all

over again I'm going to do two coats but

for now Anna Rolla right is gonna roll

up first time it's gonna be the same

color so it's not a big deal as I said

before so



without you


okay so first coat done everywhere so

right now we're in curing mode let this

dry and then we're gonna do the same

thing all over again

all the edges before we can pull the

trim and then we'll go back over with

the roller

unfortunately this wall here had

wallpaper on it the glue didn't come off

properly and it wasn't sanded off

so what's happen was the paint and the

glue have made a disgusting mess so go

let this dry and this is gonna have to

be sanded completely all over again and

then redone so this probably will not be

done today but the rest of it we're

gonna have a second attempt letting this

after this is just finished drying and

then we'll attack this may be another

day okay so we're back it's actually the

next day so we've tried so Sally went

through last night and finished pretty

much everything except for this big wall

that we were having an issue with

because the paint went on a little bit

too wet so I had to wait and then sand

this down with a coarse sandpaper just

to get all of the extra glue that was

present from the old wallpaper I just

needed to get that off to make it nice

and smooth and then we take the fine

block that this hand paper block and

then go over that once again just to

make it nice and smooth and then we give

it a nice wipe down just make sure

everything is clean so I'm gonna go and

Sally I believe did the top edge

yesterday so I'm just going to do the

edge along here and then the edge along

the mirror and then I'm going to roller

the rest of it and then we have our

second paint and we are all done yay but

I think it's looking pretty good in here

it's a lot brighter it just it's amazing

what a good coat of paint will do

let's go let's do it okay so that is a

wrap I am done Mitch wall so everything

is done just need to let it dry and then

and now it's kind of crazy but I want to

mount a TV in here I take really really

long baths every night and I watch a lot

of YouTube and I would love to have a TV

in here so that's kind of why I did this

don't hate on me I know I have a problem

it's okay but yeah I hope you guys found

this enjoyable and I hope you learned

something if not there's good process to

go through

but yeah stay tuned for more videos

we're gonna have a bunch of stuff coming

up more like this kind of showing off

how to do stuff to your house how to

improve it and little jobs that you can

just do by yourself on the cheap so stay

tuned for those and if you have any

questions or comments feel free to leave

them in the section down below talk to

you later bye