How to paint a door like a pro

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hi my name is Libby widow owner of

expressions painting and today I'm going

to show you how to paint a door like a


the first thing when you want to paint

the colonial door like this is you want

to brush in every little square and

round the doorknob at the bottom of the

door essentially anywhere the roller

can't go but the big thing is that after

this set is you do want to use a roller

and that's where most people typically

will try to do it all with a brush which

is fun but it is far quicker use the

roller and the finish is actually far


now in this case the door was not white

so we will need to put a second coat but

should it have been white one coat would

have done it perfectly and as you notice

I started with the squares and one dip

from the paint will do these small

squares typically you start with dabbing

the four corners and then fading on the

paint these larger ones I typically

recommend having two dips and when it

comes to the handle if you if you're

confident in your skills and you want to

brush it out as I did that's fine the

other option is you may want to put some

tape around it or the third option of

course is to remove it now I want to

want something else in this case this

door has already been painted so it's

okay to just cut around this door but if

it were a new door you do want to make

sure to paint it completely without this

handle so that the paint will go behind

it but in this case we're just

repainting it so we can just cut around

it go as close as we can and it will

look perfectly and that's it hope you