How to paint behind a toilet. Paint Behind A TV.

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this 50 advil hater on home improvement

altitude in this video on the circuit I

was painting time a toilet then hapless

clucks in front of you type somewhere

simulate simple process in the simple

tool you need to paint behind the same

and in first off you got the mouse down

here so we will give it drips on the

floor just going to remove the top of

the toilet right here and that exposes

the back of it and all you're going to

do is have what we call a weenie nap in

a wire or this thing is a small skinny

motor and it fits behind the toilet and

you can get them in different ways if

you have to reach along excessive amount

of distance but this I give this is the

side or we expand this tour next all I

need is my cut above it

it's got my colored bucket two gallon

bucket of paint with a 1 1 gallon quiet

good in and then let's begin pull behind

point it just like this


this little simple little tool makes

this job really easy when we got there

as hard as I need you with this thing to

keep reloading up my roller when I'm

done rolling behind the toilet I'll

finish all my time I'm here to look down

here to make sure I'm get it down far

enough single to reach down the backside

also just like the handy little tool

this little thing so make up $5.00 for

the frame a couple of dollars for

visitors a mohair nap on here now let

that dry and then I'll put on one more

coat and then I'll do all I cut in

we got my honey bucket here of forest

roller I got my three yes hallo claps

brush that all these finish so my cut

ends net but once again we'll cut that

bribe for the second fill down there and

then you know be done at the simple

process of getting back behind tight

spaces mica toilet hope you've enjoyed

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