How to Paint a Bath

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you got an old bathtub and there's a

little bit of TLC I can show you how to

make it good as new now you just need

one pack of white night tub and tile to

do the average bath bits in really bad

shape you might need more than two coats

and another pack first of all make sure

you've got all your equipment handy tape

up the tiles and put drops on the floor

so paint doesn't get on them and you've

got the area around the bath protected

preparing your surface properly is vital

to getting a good job this is where a

lot of DIYs go wrong start by giving

your bath a really good clean with an

abrasive cleaner this will get rid of

body fats soap scum and other dirt that

have built up on the tub surface make

sure you get right up to the edges and

all around the plugs and any nooks and

crannies give it a good rinse with clear

warm water do this as many times as you

need to make sure the whole surface is

thoroughly clean and no build-up remains

now we need to give the whole bath and

really good sand that will help the

paint stick to give you a really nice

finish scrape off any loose bits and

sand with 240 grit wet and dry sandpaper

or a mechanical sander until all shine

and flaky material is removed any rust

will need to be sanded right back to

clean metal then rinse again with clean

warm water and let it dry completely now

grab yourself a clean dry cloth and

clean the whole surface with rust guard

solvent to make sure it's absolutely

clean trapped moisture under whiteknight

tub and tile can cause blistering so you

should also cover the taps with plastic

bags sealed up with a rubber band so you

don't get water leakage while you're

painting the next step is to prepare

your white night tub and tile make sure

you've got a couple of sealable metal or

solvent resistant containers handy stir

both the a and B tins separately with a

flat stirrer use a clean stirrer for

each team pour all of a and B tins into

one of your containers and stir really

well until they are completely mixed

this will take about five minutes pour

half the mixture into your other

container and seal them both up nice and

tight put one container in the fridge

make sure it's pretty cold between zero

and four degrees and let the other half

stand for an hour at room temperature

now when your hours up give you room

temperature mix your really good stir

for about five minutes and also when

you're using it give it a stir every now

and again using a good quality bristle

brush start your first coat from the

bottom of the bath working your way up

laying the paint down in one direction

and then finishing off in the opposite

direction to get a nice even coat clean

up with rust guard solvent straight away

the first coat should be drawn about six

hours but you need to leave it between

12 and 36 before you recode when you're

ready to do your second coat get your

mixture out of the fridge and let it sit

at room temperature for an hour give it

a good stir with a broad flat stirrer in

a circular lifting motion for at least

five minutes apply the tub and tile the

same way you applied the first coat

starting at the bottom of the bath and

working your way up using a crosshatch

motion tub and tile achieve maximum

adhesion and hardness in three or four

days and leave at least 5 days of warm

weather drawing before you use the bath

wait till your paint is completely dry

before taking your plastic bags off

for a complete bathroom makeover why not

paint the tiles a white night tile paint

for a whole new look

it's easy

check out the white knight how to paint

ceramic tiles video on YouTube or visit

the white knight website at au

while you there you can find more info

on products colors and application or

ask your paint specialists