How To Paint a Basketball Court On Your Driveway

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hi everyone dan Becker here in

basketball Manitoba and today we're

going to take you through a driveway

project we all right going to clean

prep and paint a basketball court today

so I'm going to take you through a

step-by-step process first thing do

start off with sweeping the floor

cleaning the surface rubbing the surface

I'm using a push broom to get all the

loose gravel dirt soil grass any debris

I do another nice clean surface so the

paint will bond better this is the hard

part the least fun part ball the loose

debris now I'm going to pull up the

holes if I had a power washer power I

can get better spray down there they

drank it anymore a little fine setting

this up I'll let that dry and then we

can get on with Anna measuring tape

compartment okay here are some of the

items we'll be using today again really

all we need is a roller

some interstate to mark off the lines so

a mop-up he decided at one more thing

well the middle need some type of

measuring tool a tape measure or the

long strip now you need some dimension

so I'm going to the Internet this office

on bass might build his website as well

somebody site you can find the

dimensions to me for the project that

you want to do

so he's handy to have a cup and a

paintbrush most of the big works going

to be done or I submit pink which is the

most important part this is a loop spun

so I've got this at Home Depot for nine

bucks I'll throw it down and this is

actually a high quality concrete and

garage paint on part epoxy so I got


just there's a mist in so that's the

color that was on like the book for

writing so I grabbed it otherwise that

things I have on there before it's just

exterior paint just white history those

lives we're going to fill in the key in

3.0 with the grave epoxy garage

we're gonna make some pretty nice love

it so we're gonna get to measurement and

taping off our our lives and we'll get

to the fun stuff

the other important thing is a dimension

sheet so I can measure off whatever I'm

going to put on my basketball court here

I can do it to scale if I have the room

and have a little fun with it

okay my tape and some measurements and

get a helper and get to work

kick so I finished masking off my areas

I want to pick my paint one two three

areas okay so I'm gonna mix them pink

and get to work I got my rubber gloves

my stir stick my products I start

shaking this up mix it up pulling my pen

I'm gonna get ready to roll I got my

pink already poured extension handle on

the roller this is a heavy nap roller

for cement and masonary okay

okay so I just finished painting the

gray lucky for me I used every last drop

so that for leaders part of it is my

driveway is very now pull off the

painters tape and then it dry and then

I'm gonna reap tape and three edge with

white and I'll put some initials in the

core to kind of personalize it and then

we'll be ready to go

another key thing was this round pool

shaving I thought I was doing it just to

be comfortable and so I couldn't do

enough to bend down but because of the

size of this I don't want to step on it

you know the paint dries you see

splotches so this is an extendable pole

that people use for ceilings and walls

I believe my garden at the dollar store

for bucks actually you know two dollars

so good item to get

pull the tape off now catch pulled up

the tape came up nice and easy the lines

are pretty crisp you can still see the

light from my hoping no rush - you know

I met this great I'll find some so

that's the end of day one total time

maybe two and a half hours this sweep

spray tape okay it's day two let the

paint dry the great pink now I'm going

to add John the borderlines and white

just tape off on either side create a

nice from buffer zone your rolls of

white paint put some personalized

initials in them into the court

just finished taping all the lines off

with green painters tape this great tape

matches a better promise designed to

repel oil and stuff so my tapes not

sticking it down she probably took the

longest there's a quick look at the how

it tapes just taped a border around I'm

gonna roll a three inch roller or a

little foam roller gray the cements no

problem but they just rolled out a

straight line edges with the green tape


I just bought some exterior white base

brilliant white exterior paint Home

Depot roll that on that paint I was

talking about just paint and primer

all-in-one exterior flat ultra pure


okay Johnny pick okay I just finished

pinching all the lights that pate I was

using is a primer and paint all-in-one

so that's a pretty why the work fast it

was drawn to my back

except one codon is pretty thick I'm

gonna peel off all the tick mask off the

initials okay I just pulled up all the

tape just a couple of chips make sure

you have got a scraper some easy to help

pick the tape up I was wearing rubber

gloves help because you can't have all

types of paint on you got your hands and

just pull gently and pull away from

where your ass is slightly pull so you

don't pull up any extra paint just

finished stepping up my kids initials

freeletics pet took too long

like I said in detail all I can do is

probably your biggest job

furniture but it's that personal touch

we're going forward with the project

fund so now we paint

okay I'm just gonna pull off the tape I

know I did the video from far away but

just for a close-up you just see some

tape being pulled off I just finished

painting and touching up middle hair

actually to raise it up a little bit

okay one thing I didn't have to address

with my driveway project was measuring

and marking the court lines onto the

floor so I wanted to give this a quick

little example how we did that again we

need our court measurement sheet and

right now it's going to mark up and no

charge art so if you have a helper

that's great with the roll

tape measure dead center are you all

right there I just put a can of oil

there koala Voyles are way down my end

take my tape measure my path marking fit

and it's 1.25 meters from the center of

the circle is a no charge art so 1.25

it's right there so on and so on

as I make my way around

and then with those barks I could tape

it off so slowly marking wrong I just

make my art house I volunteer to -

because I think you want your art that's

up to you somehow I think it should have

two inches that's fine you'd make a tape

one and then you fill it up

here's a quick shortcut for joining

curves for the milk charge art and the

three-point line

I measured and got the distance but I

didn't tape everything off it was just

too hard - too much time to get a nice

clean heart so basically I just used a

tape measure and I've got a roll or the

line width that I like

did did my pants I used to tape measures

of moving guys I found my one point two

five meters held my tape measure there

and then that just rolled on a circle

trying to keep that art keep the tape

tight keep the art going

makkhi that gave me the outline I went

back and touched it up I just want to

give a quick tutorial on how I measured

outlines so I got a weighted object on

top the end of my tape measure with my

key which is four point nine meters wide

or two point four or five meters from

the halfway mark dead center of the

master so I measure that out and that's

run without my baseline here chip one

four or five meters is here I'm painting

my inside that's gonna be the inside of

my key keep this corner tight use tape

to mark off that corner

I got one corner built then I go to the

next corner measure it up Corner corner

and I can start to add the tape lines in

and measure it out added the block and I

have the hash marks and the other lines

you want to build off him it just starts

with your measurement sheet and the

starting to measure and plot out your

your quart expended time bit of planning

but it's a crucial to any problem ok

just to wrap things up we're done a

couple of things from the whole process

maybe took six seven hours total amount

of work cost of items was $25 and till I

had to buy the weight the most

labor-intensive thing was taking off and

the painting was the least pretty easy

to do and given the circumstances of

this year with coke head maybe a nice

little project to do with your a family

on this summer go driver

hope this video helped a little bit hope

to see you on the basketball courts

we'll see