How To Paint And Decorate Wicker Baskets (Easy Basket Deco DIY Tutorial)

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today are demonstrating a simple project

to enhance any room of your home this

project can also be used for garden

plants we are going to spray paint a

simple wicker basket

select any wicker basket of your choice

today I'm demonstrating on this single

handle larger basket what I'd like to do

is paint the bottom white and leave the

top natural you can do this by selecting

any color of spray paint today I'm using

a rust-oleum white I've used many

different types of spray paint many

different Sheen's and it doesn't really

matter they all seem to work just fine

you can now learn your pattern with any

type of tape as long as it's good and

sticky and you press it down firmly

I've already press down my top line I'd

like to paint from here down to here but

now I've decided that I might leave a

little bit of the bottom the natural

color so I'm going to take my taste


and I'm going to make an additional line

and block off the natural section like

this continue that around your entire

basket our white line will go from here

to here this is a fun easy project and

you can get as creative as you like by

using one color or many colors you can

create an ombre look by painting the

bottom of the basket darker and lighter

as you go up after you've outlined your

design and press the tape firmly all the

way around take your spray paint in your

desired color and go ahead and spray in

between the tape this is how it looks

after a light first coat

I'd like to enhance the white a little

bit more so I'm going to go ahead and

put on a second coat

Spray lightly at first in order to avoid

drift you can always go back and add

more color with a different coat to

thicken the paint you might like just a

light spray or you might want a definite

white line so here's the first coat


leave your basket to dry for a few

minutes but not totally before you peel

the tape off while our basket is drying

I'll show you some embellishments I did

on some of my other basket this one for

instance is a square basket I painted

just a lid and I made a simple stripes

around the bottom just as we are doing


then I embellished it with this

mother-of-pearl like flower

I took fishing line and just fished it

through the back of the basket and tied

a simple knot you can use anything to

embellish your baskets to go with any

decor I just painted the bottom of this

basket with a white stripe you can hear

em paint this if you like I prefer spray

painting because it goes in all the

nooks and crannies a little bit more

also I have dipped it in a bucket of

paint we need to find a shallow pan the

height of the paint you want and then

you would lower the basket to the

desired line and then pull it out and

let it dry

this takes quite a bit more paint a

little bit more messy and I just prefer

spray paint I glued a seashell on the

front of this one

this basket is just a simple basket I

picked up and I had an old table I was

throwing away I wanted to make the

basket a little bit taller so I sawed

off part of the leg of the table spray

painted them and screwed them onto the

bottom of the basket now my basket can

stand on the floor and it gives it a

little more height I continue to make a

flower arrangement of my choice to go

with my color scheme and I accented it

with a seashell now it's time to remove

the tape from our painted basket gently

pull off the tape all the way around



feel free to leave a comment about this

video or better yet tell me how you

decorated your basket continue watching

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