Make a Barn Quilt !

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hey i'm lynne from lnj goods in medina

new york

we're here with a really awesome project

and we have been so excited we just

cannot wait to share this with you

behind me you see and you've heard me

talk about

these barn board quilts that we've been

kind of making like crazy

i just wanted to share with you how

we draft these patterns we're gonna have

megan here

i'm gonna teach her how to do this too

she's never made one

and we're going to create some really

awesome one of a kind

burn board quilt


so let's talk for a minute about what

supplies you need

i discovered the barn board quilts when

i found

these quilt pattern books by

baker's nest so lng goods carries a full

supply of these we've got them on our

website as well

but there's just all different kinds of


that you can choose from and once you do

a basic

barn board quilt you will be able to do

any of these advanced quilts as well

i'm going to walk you through a basics

today it's a full color booklet

and it has all of the color keys it has

taping instructions it has everything

that you need

to create and draft your own barn board

quilt megan and i are going to be

actually using the classic stars

which is one of the basics we're going

to be using that today

and the other things that you're going

to need jr built

these palette boards for us out of just

common pine

these happen to be 18 by 18. that's the

size that we're working with today

you're going to need a pencil eraser

a yardstick um you're going to need some

frog tape

frog tape is the kind that seals on the

edge so that you don't get paint

leaking underneath the edge of the tape

and you're gonna need your colors

all of the fusion colors are gonna be

listed and what's really awesome is

you can either go by what is recommended


or if you just want to really go crazy

you can pick your own colors

so there's like 40 different colors of

fusion that you can choose

and you can just pick whatever you love

you can put together

any combination that you like for your

barn board quilt

so we've already selected the colors

that we want to use for our projects

and we're going to get started so

let's um first of all start by prepping

our board

we're going to get started by prepping

our boards and i've decided just to keep

things simple today

we're just going to do a light wash

of casement paint so um

you've got some brushes over there what

do you mean by a wash a light

just a light coat we want these to look

kind of barnbordish so

i'm not really concerned if they're um

if it's a solid


you can use a stain on these you can use

just the plain raw wood if you want to

there's a lot of different ways that you

can prep the surface

so it's okay if it's a little streaky

yeah i kind of like that look

actually remember that we don't do


at l j goods right right so um

and everything we do is pretty much

distressed so that

if we make a mistake we don't have to

cry about it that's right

and these will get distressed later and

we'll you can do some antiquing wax over

it if that's your thing

um but we're just going to basically

lay down

kind of a dry brush easy coat of this

white and remember

most of this is going to get covered up

anyway what about the edges do we want

to do the edges

yes um i would do the edges but i'm not

worried about that right now

we can always do that a little bit later

yep again i'm not worried about

full coverage with these most of this is

going to get

covered what colors did you choose

for your pattern i chose

with your help peony

fort york red and cathedral

that's pretty combination and i'm gonna

do some really

beachy kind of light colors i'm

using french eggshell that's one of the

new fusion colors

little whale and ankle nook pretty

sounds like something that i would do

right i think we should each do the same


yes we can do let's do a crystal star

right here what's this one that was

called ohio star

crystal sounds much fancier it does it

really does it's very fancy

so the first thing we're going to do is

we are going to

first of all make a 4x4 grid now i've

gotten a yardstick over there for you

and i have one here for me so this is

not something you want to eyeball

never so we have to do some math

we know it's 18 by 18. so what we want

to do is we want to divide it in half

two ways okay so the first step

is then to divide 18 by two which is

nine nine you're right so you wanna make

two marks remember

this from high school math calligraphy

is what it reminds me of when i used to


calligraphy yeah for sure so we're just

drawing out our grid and then we're just

going to very lightly connect those

lines we want to keep it really light

we'll come back and erase these later on

and then we'll make the grid

going the other way i've done these on


um you could do this on an old cover

door you just have to start

with a square

so we're gonna go nine and nine the

other way and

so we have four quadrants now each of

these should be nine inches square

so now we're going to take half of that

so that's four and a half inches

and we're going to make each we're going

to divide each of these

squares into rectangles into

rectangles and then once you have done


we'll go ahead and i'm going to divide

them again

now we're doing what into squares again

yep we sure are

and this can be a little tricky because

we do have these lines

that are dividing that's what's throwing

me off yeah for sure

and if you wanted to really bring it

down to something like a basic

barn board quilt you could just work it

on an actual

just a piece of half inch plywood or a

solid piece of

um wood and then you're not going to


like these lines here to throw you off

and i'm going to go ahead and say this

is not a project you want to do

with a bunch of gals while you're

drinking wine or anything like that no

no some math

right just don't drink while you're

doing it it wouldn't be like one of

those paint and sip knives no where it's


next what we're going to do and you

would follow right along

we're going to make the actual crystal

star pattern so

see these two center squares right up at

the top here you're going to take your

straight edge

and now we're going to just make a

diagonal diagonal and we'll do that

on the top two center squares

we're going to do that over here we

would follow the yellow lines that are

on the pattern blue

okay so the last square we're going to

do we're going to mark out a center

square here

okay and it's going to be on the


look at isn't this easy and fun it is

it's kind of relaxing isn't it

we're going to begin by taping off these

outer squares i would just follow i

would follow the pattern

right in the book tape off but you can


that obviously i'm going to do this


okay but i can't tape off this one right

next to it you see why

because you're taking the tape would

overlap yeah so i'm just going to then

follow the guideline and i'm going to

tape off right on the line there's some

frog tape for you down there sorry

it's okay and i'm gonna


we're gonna quickly get these taped off


like this yep

so at the edge like right on my pencil

line basically yes exactly

we're gonna be taking off four of these


i know i get confused too when i look at


we've got our first set of

triangles taped off now we're going to

choose a color or right here i'm just

going to use angle nook

you pick one of your either your pink or

your red

it doesn't matter because remember this

gets turned every which way

and i'm just gonna paint these in

but this is like a thicker coat right we

don't want this to be like

well you know when you're working with

fusion you don't ever want it to be

too thick because you can always quickly


a a second coat this is going to dry

pretty quickly

but it's not a wash like it's not a wash

no we're just using

straight paint

and then this is a little trick that i

use here's a little tip of the day

okay i'm just going to put it in

a little ziploc bag and it stays moist i

don't have to wash my

brush out okay okay

now here's the thing that you want to

have handy with these just to keep the


moving along is uh grab a blow dryer and

quickly will blow dry this


now we're going to tape off our next

triangle see this okay

okay and we you can reuse this



all right so um we've taped off the next

group of triangles and we're going to

paint these in what's cool is like

you can really work this along pretty


um with the use of a blow dryer you know

i think it's good to not have like a

very wet brush

that's a very good point and and the

other thing is is you want to make sure

that you run your finger

right along the edge of that before it

starts yeah and if you do have a board

that has

these like spaces in between you you

need to be conscious of that as well


okay so we're gonna blow dry again yep


now the reveal i love this part i love

this part

okay so now we're gonna do these






okay so we have continued taping off the

different squares as per the


megan is um working on her center square

right now

and we were kind of playing around with

some different colors

to decide what we wanted and she went

for the bright red

i like it so um i wanted to show you


i did not tape right along my line so

i can correct that by

just laying that tape down again

just in the areas where i want to fill


and i'm just going to touch up

where i need to the last thing that

we're going to do

is i'm just taking an eraser and i'm

going to erase my pencil lines


on my board

and this is just a regular artist's


and then while you're touching up there

um the last thing that you can do if you

want to you can distress this so i'm

just going to take some sandpaper

so some of the white will pop through in

certain areas

and because fusion has a built-in top


i really don't need to add anything over

this unless i wanted to use

wax um i could use a white wax or

a dark wax to to give it a different


but i'm happy with it like this once you

draft one

it's pretty easy to follow the book

follow the taping pattern the colors are

listed right in there

all of our different pattern books

listed on

there will be a description of each one

and the colors that are used

so you can easily choose whatever


you need to finish your project all

right great so

thanks so much you guys um enjoy we will

um be back with you for another

project sometime soon