Rustic Barn in Wildflowers Landscape Acrylic Painting Tutorial LIVE

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hello this is Angela Anderson thanks for

joining me for this acrylic painting

tutorial in this video I'm going to be

showing you how to paint a rustic barn

with some Queen Anne's lace flowers in

the foreground it should be fairly

simple I'm going to try to keep it

closer to beginner level I've got my son

mark with me hey everybody

he's a mini manage chat during the live

show so if you've got questions for me

while I'm painting you can ask those and

I'll try to answer them let's get



okay so this is my reference photos

actually looking up photographs of Queen

Anne's lace because I thought I'd like

to kind of do some you know kind of like

a wildflower series and then I found

this photo with the barn and I fell in

love it's awesome so had to do it it's

great for this time of year - it's

pretty kind of fall themed sort of

feeling so I set that aside there and I

faded go ahead and pop up the colors

there for me so you can see the yeah

it's a little bit more vibrant there

we're gonna be using a Frederick's Pro

Belgian linen canvas board this is nine

by twelve inch but you can up size it or

downsize that whatever size you'd like

as long as you kind of keep the same

basic ratio aspect even could crop it to

square if you didn't want the side of it

but um go over my brushes really quick

I've got a number eight bright a number

four note six bright and a number two

bright in the Princeton 6100 series also

have a number one round in case we need

it for some little dots on our flowers

things I've got a couple angle brushes

just in case we need to get into some

tight spots this is a quarter inch and

three eighths inch Velvet Touch I've

also got another Velvet Touch brush

that's a specialty it's called a Willows

blender it's basically a stiff bristled

filbert made for doing foliage and

things like that I've also got my dear

foot stipler this is the Princeton

Select line and my bristle fan brush 3/8

inch Deerfoot stipler and ten aught fan

brush so you don't have to have these

exact brushes but something similar will

help you kind of get the same results as

I'm going to be hopefully having here

and we're probably using a sea sponge

for some of this background trees just

to kind of make them go on a little bit

faster so all the materials are down and

listed down in the description if you'd

like to look for those those are I have

on my Amazon store and also the brushes

at the brush guys delcom

there's a code Angela fine-art that you

can use for a five-person off my go over

my paint colors here and beliefs

titanium titanium I quinacridone magenta

cadmium yellow medium yellow oxide they

love green yellow shade they'll a

Bluegreen shade ultramarine blue burnt

sienna burnt umber and carbon black

added the carbon black at the end

because I thought that this section in

here is really really dark and just be

easier to kind of get that super dark

color will probably tone it down with

another color and this they love blue

I'm not a hundred percent sure I'm gonna

be using it so just leave that off if

you're painting along with me and put it

out when you if I use it alright you

never know just the first time I

painting this too so oh it's a surprise

to me as well alright I'm going to start

out with my large flat brush oh let me

go over the drawing really quick with

you so I used a water soluble graphite

pencil I would not use and I never use a

regular graphite lead because it just a

regular graphite pencil will bleed

through your paint and you'll be able to

see it underneath so use a water soluble

watercolor pencil chalk pastel anything

that will kind of dissolve into your

paint will work well this one is one of

my favorites because it kind of does a

groat soft gray line it's not too dark

alright so we're going to kind of

situate our barn a little bit to this

side of Center so I'm going to do two

parallel lines one longer one this one

is a little bit shorter right there and

then our horizon line was about a third

of the way down so just kind of did kind

of a wavy line like dips down and then

goes back up a little bit I'm not

looking at the top of the flowers

because if you look at the top of the

flowers you can see the barn through so

what I'm looking at is where where do I

not see the barn anymore and that's

where I'm going to put this horizon

actually it probably is a little bit

lower than this so we'll want to bring

our Barna all the way down to here and

then and then when we put our flowers on

top they're going to be almost to the

roof of the barn you know they're

they're closer to us and they're looking

a lot bigger because of that and then

another line over here about two fingers

widths and I just left a little space

before the end of the canvas so three

parallel lines here here and here and

really however wide you want to make

your barn is up to you so and then this

line here you can go down

let me think I'm trying to think of how

well I just kind of went a little bit

off-center to figure out where the top

of my barn was so it's a little bit more

this side is showing than this side and

then I'm gonna do a diagonal line here

down this way I should have really

thought about the I just drew it but I

think about all the perspective rules I

know there's a way you can find that

Center bite I think crisscrossing here

but anyhow I'm not gonna do it right now

cuz it doesn't seem like it's gonna be

right so I just know that it was a

little bit closer to center here closer

to this side there's a little bit more

room on this side than this side because

it's kind of angled away from us just a

little bit

all right and then you're going to do

another diagonal line down this way I do

like the demonstration with your hands

too so that helps really angles okay

that's good these should be at right

angles to each other so just keep that

in mind when you do this or well I mean

at least on this case I guess if you had

a higher picture if it wouldn't be I'm

not doing a very good job of teaching

presentations you're not a very good

geometry teacher your geometry YouTube

geometry lessons

okay all right well buildings that often

just draw what I see don't really think

about too much about their angles and

geometry of it throw a line here throw

line exactly these two are gonna be

parallel here and here and then I did

actually though I did measure out this

because I wanted to make sure that I was

getting the angle on the roof line right

so I found that the vanishing point on

our roof was right off to here so if you

take your ruler and you go from the top

of that mark and really it's kind of

right at the bottom of the window here

it's almost straight across from the

bottom of this there's a little bit of

an angle you can start there if you want

and really it honestly just kind of pick

a spot as long as all of them point to

it so there's our little spot right

there and then on my drawing I'm going

to make this match up to that spot and

then I'm going to angle up and make the

bottom of this match up to this and then

the top of the roof as well it's going

to come down this way and so we're going

to make our line that way so you do

you're now on mine my perspective is way

off to the side here so but I can still

kind of do it if I match it up it's

pretty similar to my printout so I'm

gonna go like that and stay on that dot

and come down like this and go like that

and then stay on that dot and do the top

part of my roof like that and just

wherever they meet up is where you kind

of end your your side pieces of your

roof okay

that way it'll look like it in


that's the only part that's tricky the

rest of these are pretty straightforward

these are kind of straight up and down

these two lines are parallel and this

line and this line they should be kind

of matching and they should this this

point here and this point here should

also kind of match up in line to our

vanishing points so this one will be a

little bit longer and then this one will

be a little bit higher so our vanishing

point was out this way if you kind of

went straight across these are sort of

ending at the same spot but as they

angle down they're going to be a little

bit different I don't know okay I'm

going to stop talking because I don't

think I'm making much sense there the

code type tangent and the hypotenuse

then approach the proportional to three

fingers with a man you know you're

talking my language over there bangles

and all that good stuff okay so our

table of spreadsheets reveals it right

there and then we smack-dab in the

middle I'll have a trifle for this for

you so don't worry all right

it doesn't look better than a beach

chair what it looks better than a beach

chair yeah the beach chair was a mess

there's a reason why I stick to flours

most the time let's start talking about

angles and things my brain freezes over

all right I'm gonna do about equal parts

black and

Green here and I think I will add just a

little bit of this phthalo blue into it

so we can go ahead and add that to your

list after all and I'm going to go ahead

and just paint this background in around

my barn

with this dark dark green and then we'll

be putting on some colors on top of it

but this will give us those deep dark

areas that we need for the rest of it to

kind of pop off the page so it was a

tiny tiny bit of this light ultramarine

or light blue titanium why I call that

light ultramarine all the time it's one

of those brain things I do that all the


ornaments it is on budget titanium just

to soften it as it gets to this side

it's going a little bit softer not quite

as deep dark in the darkest areas it's

kind of more foggy so I'm gonna go ahead

and keep adding a little bit of the

lighter color to it as we get down over


and then this is gonna be really really

dark back in here okay they want to know

did you dip your brush into the water i

dryer to going yes oh yeah you always

want to go in with a wet brush you don't

the only brush that I would paint dry is

a stiff bristled brush like a hog hair

or the deer foot stipler but every you

know any of these soft bristle brushes

you always always are gonna add water to

them she depends on how much

what are you add but yes you you don't

ever want to paint with it completely

dry dry brush it'll ruin your brush and

the water you need you need for the

paint to flow off your brush so it just

it'll kind of just stick to your brush

it won't work properly especially these

soft hair bristle ones okay so a little

bit softer just a little I'm gonna go

and grab some that dark and do a little

bit of that down here low just right

along that line and then go really a

little bit lighter grab a little bit

more that blue do a little bit more of

the softer softer teal kind of just over

here and I'm kind of making sort of a

tree shape right here cuz there's some

there's some farther out trees here grab

some white it's just not going right

there we go they look kind of misty fog

cover - yeah so I'm just gonna no I'm

not gonna worry too much about this edge

cuz what I'm gonna do is stipple back

over the hata here in a minute but I'm

gonna add a little bit of this lighter

color here and there there is a little

bit of it peeking through my trees and

then we asked for a reminder on which

brush you're using this is the number

eight right

not say that I probably didn't say that

I was too worried about my lack of

drawing we've got an Acer now huh

we got it now okay thanks all right ooh

that's pretty

I like that color very moody looking

already I'm waiting for the tank to

drive out of that barn right now yeah

let me see okay so our grassy foreground

is fairly light there's not a huge

amount of darkness happening that I am

going to use a little bit of burnt umber

I think I'm just gonna use that burnt

umber and unbleached titanium here and

I'm just gonna do this foreground with

this color I'm gonna go a little bit

lighter up towards the barn area and

then down closer to us it was it gets a

little bit darker so and you can you

don't have to be real careful about this

edge most of this is gonna be obscured

so I'm just kind of feathering over the

top of that so they sort of blend

together a little bit then we'll put be

putting some grasses up tall there we're

trying to do is just give our grass a

little bit of under color so that when

we put those lighter colors on top

they'll have a little bit of depth to

them go to light all over even though

this is a very light grass there is

still going to be a little bit of

richness of color underneath that we'll

see so I just want to go a little bit

dark under here just a couple shades

darker than our grass is gonna be a bit

more of that darker Brown

I'd even grab some that green from up

above here and just go down in here yeah

that's a good color down in here there's

some dark under the grasses down here

yeah and I'm just kind of pulling up

I'm going back and forth so that there's

not really like a hard edge I don't want

anything like with these grasses you

just you don't want any kind of obvious

lines because that will make you know

that will make them look and less

realistic so while we're blending these

we're always kind of ending with the

kind of a wispy edge so that I'm not

even up here on top of the barn so I'm

not gonna have like a straight line that

I have to contend with so be a lot

harder to make it look realistic if I've

got this like perfectly straight line at

the bottom of my barn

when my court when I'm putting my

grasses in so I'm gonna pull that up

even more right there because my grasses

are gonna be overlapping on top and to

get that kind of wispy look of grass yes

you're not gonna have like a straight

line unless it's like a cut grass it's

you know three charges not obviously all

right cleaning that out and then going

to mix our barn color which I think I'm

gonna use ultramarine blue and burnt

umber and just a teeny tiny bit of

quinacridone magenta and make it a

little bit more on the purpley side it's

kind of a purple undertone to the wood

hmm so that's kind of our basic gray

dark gray black color for our barn a

little bit a little bit more this I'm

trying to mix a pretty good amount of it

so that I don't have to mix it again I

can use it for my barn there we go

a pillar

here again and when I get down to that

bottom edge I'm just going to kind of

wisp my paint color down it over and

that brown so that there's kind of a

soft edge there don't go too much - too

much quinacridone magenta you don't want

it to go like purple but you can kind of

see if just a little bit of that purpley

tone in there that's all you need just a

tiny touch

I used probably half and a half on that

ultramarine blue and burnt umber maybe a

little bit more on the brown so maybe

like four four parts Brown to one part

blue and then like a tenth of a part of

the quinacridone just a tiny tiny little

bit and that's just kind of make it go a

little bit more on that purple side oh

that's four and I'm not filling in this

middle because I'm gonna go ahead and

use a black and mix it with this color

to go in that center part just make it

even darker cuz this is actually pretty

dark in the eaves and things here this

barn and the shadows

this area is even darker so I'm gonna

grab that black and can mix it a little

bit on this corner over here we're gonna

fill that in with black it should be

just dark enough for you to be able to

see it we haven't put in our light color

on top of our wood here so if you want

to you can leave that for lighter if

it's gonna be hard for you to see it

okay and I am going to use this darker

black kind of back in here to series

really dark this side of the barn cuts

off so this extends down over this edge

of the barn right here so the roof is

coming out and overlapping it just a

little bit here

so how you doing there babe okay how are

you doing doing good it's gonna I've

been doing good today jump in and say hi

to everybody yeah yeah welcome to the


guess I should have said that already


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okay get nurse schedule set for the fall

for the fall and winter Christmas time

yesterday so that was fun you got all

kinds of fun Christmas Eve themed things

coming up all right so I'm trying to

figure out the roof color that's

definitely not it

I think I'm gonna go with Kona hacker

down and ultramarine see if I can get

there we go and then this is burnt

sienna and burnt umber so I'm gonna add

that to it that's gonna be closer to

what I want it's actually kind of a

reddish pretty red got a little bit more

that connect or down kind of a rusty

color maybe add a tiny bit of yellow to

make it a little bit more like a orange

II a rust color

that's fairly close I'm gonna use some

of that barn color mix that with it yeah

that'll be good under color so it's just

a little bit a little bit lighter a

little bit more reddish than the top or

the wood at the barn this is that kind

of middle roof here we will be adding

more detail the world is going a little

bit darker than we need to so that our

highlights will have something to play

against let me put those in I am kind of

brushing this on in the direction of

that roof so that there's some sort of

streaks in it all right

very very dark but this is where we want

to be at this point so we're doing good

cleaning that out really well this

should be fairly dry by now

I grabbed some white and just a tiny bit

of yellow blue a little bit of that

green that was in that background up

here it's a little bit more blue I'm

gonna go back up in here and just do a

little bit more of this lighter color on

this corner there's just a little bit of

this light color peeking through I'm

just gonna use the corner of my brush to

sort of tap in some little light spots

and I could have left these in when I

painted that or I could have done this

underneath with this lighter color first

and then done this over the top and left

a little bit of this showing that didn't

can I help it looked like there's some

stuff peeking through there now why did

you choose to paint a tabloid Bild on

your palette it's hilarious that's every

time that's really funny

just even the right colors alright so

I'm gonna use my water and I'm going to

I got some water on my sponge and I

squeeze out all of the water so that

it's just damp but it doesn't it's not

soaking wet because if I if it's soaking

wet it'll just it won't work at all so

I'm gonna grab my green I'm gonna make

kind of a medium green and then a

lighter green so I'm gonna grab that

phthalo green and some yellow oxide and

I'm definitely gonna need some more of

that daily brain

yeah I can't stop looking for anything

I'm going I am going to keep it wet so

that I don't lose any of that pink color

I could use my scraper too and try to

scrape that color into a little bit

smaller area if it's a smaller area it

won't dry as fast as if it's thinned out

like that that's a pro tip right there

yeah let's do that with this color -

she's really doing that so she's not

distracted by the Buddha uhmm yeah no no

I was just thinking by the time I get

this done this is all gonna be dry and I

don't have to remix those colors so that

will give me a little bit more working

time with this so let me grab some Brown

here comes a sponge yeah and some of the

green burnt umber green a little bit of

a low or a little bit of yellow oxide

and I'm going to keep this paper towel

handy just kind of take off some of that

extra and for first I'm just gonna kind

of lay in some of this color here

don't worry if you go over the top of

our barn we can fix that I'm going to

kind of lay in these little long strips

of these pine trees are kind of growing

these branches are doing these sort of

long overlapping sections so

I've zoomed in a little bit so they can

see the details a little more okay yeah

just like the light is hitting it just

right it's shining on it it's hard for

me to see it mm oops that's lifting off

that I was trying to dry right there so

I touched it and it was lifting lifting

the paint off I may have you dry this

for me hon oh well I guess I will let me

see you see how it does over here but

like when I'm touching it on the I grab

that background color here and just

there we go

sort of go over there we go and I'm

gonna use this on this edge and just

sort of define this edge of this tree

that's coming out into our lighter area

I was off-camera there on there zoom out

a little bit maybe

I'm gonna blame it on Mona okay cuz

she's telling jokes

all right and then I'm going to use a

little bit of black I'm just gonna make

some tree limbs down in here with this

the edge of my number eight it's just a

few little tree things that we're seeing

through the tree the greenery there and

then I'm gonna add some of the lighter

brown from our grass and I'm just going

to put dead onik couple these ones that

are in the front here


actually that's one tree Oh see you can

see where that lifted because that was

drying under there

I can get it back on air fight but I

don't think enough can't let's do that

again I'm just gonna do a one kind of

bigger one right there there we go

and they put a little bit of this letter

color on top of some of these this is

that just a little bit of unbleached

titanium mixed in with that black color


okay there we go now a little bit more

yellow make Savion so it's just kind of

on one edge of my sponge here and I'm

just going to lightly tap it into this

area up here just kind of bring out a

little bit of highlight on some of these

areas there and then I'm gonna go over

the top of this these tree limbs so that

it kind of obscures them a little bit

down low

okay that's really we're not doing a

whole lot more detail than that so that

background area is really dark pretty

kind of fuzzy not a whole lot of detail

happening so the thing with the sponges

you don't want to have too much paint on

it at one time you kind of want to have

a little bit control I might use this

fill willows blender I might add a

little bit of water to it grab a little

bit of this unbleached titanium and grab

this dark color from our background mix

it with a little bit of that yellow that

we had going on over here this so this

is that dark background green and I've

just added a little bit lighter color to

it so it's kind of a little bit of this

yellow color and I'm going to go ahead

and kind of do some

overlapping mystery is sort of in front

of all of them I'm gonna grab some of

that you know if I need to go right up

to that roof which is completely covered

now by the green which is fine we'll put

it back in huh

like I thought about doing the

background first but then I just thought

I didn't want to have to draw the barn

in during the show

I just wanted to have it ready to go

ahead of time so I could take my time

with it all right I'm gonna grab some

black mix that with green I'm gonna go

back in here and add a little bit of the

darker green in a couple places

what I'm looking for is just making sure

that I don't have any white spots on my

canvas left you know visible I want to

have all of it covered grab some that

yellow oxide

sometimes when you put your first coat

of paint on there you can have some

background color showing through so we

want to make sure we don't have any of

that happening okay that looks good so

let's go ahead and use some of this over

here I'm gonna go back in and grab some

of that dark darker black that we used

over here and add a little bit of the

lighter color to it maybe a little bit

more there's not a whole lot of the

details showing on this part of it so

foggy not seeing a lot this brush kind

of gives me a little bit more control I

can kind of be a little bit more

deliberate about where my branches are

going in things sponges a little bit

less precise

so now you may have I think I heard you

say it but it wasn't really paying

attention the reason why you didn't put

in the background before you did the

barn was just preference or yeah because

the barn was gonna take a while to draw

like if I was having to drive you know

having it pre-drawn made it easier for

me to just do my angles and have it done

but it would have taken longer would

have slowed me down so I just wanted it

it would it's faster this way just to

have it even though I'm having to paint

over it it's it's faster in the long run

because I don't have to stop and really

think about drawing it correctly it was

already pretty done for me alright so I

think that that's good I don't want to

spend too much time on the background

here yeah grab some yellow here just do

some of that I want to make sure that

I'm leaving just a little bit of those

tree trunks showing that I am kind of

going over the top of them in a couple

places so that they sort of disappear

into the background for me and I lost on

my light blue sky so I'm gonna go ahead

and put a little bit of that back in a

couple places

and go between the trees obviously

what's the matter nothing I'm just fat

fingering things what you do

do I not want to know no it's just the

the laptop I'm more using here has a

trackpad on it hmm

and sometimes my thumb hits it and then

it clicks over to the other window and

huh move things around on me so okay

just have to do it this show

no okay the show is still going on no


okay just softening up those edges where

I put in that white so that it's not

don't look like a de don't take an

apartment the scenery back there

hmm a little bit of that black know if

they would like if they want to add more

fog to theirs

how would they do that just um we could

go over with the zinc white I'll have to

let it dry completely so we can show

that it toward the end but yeah that

later remind me all right so I think

we're good this should all be dry now

I'm gonna go ahead and clean that brush

out and set it aside

yeah I think I'm gonna go ahead and use

I'm just trying to figure out what brush

share to use I think it going to use my

number two right here

grab some of that gray from the first

coat here

mmm actually I'm gonna first I'm gonna

go back in here with the darker color

and just touch back in where my borders

are make sure that I've got those


lost some of those with the trees

and also make sure that I don't have any

white spots showing so just kind of go

over any of those spots where I'm seeing

any white grabbing that roof color here

and up

just redefined that recline on there

okay here we go

now I'm gonna grab some unbleached

titanium mix that with my barn

background color I'm gonna start putting

in texture on my barn and I'm going to

just sort of start lightly dragging will

be adding several layers of this but I'm

just gonna kind of start dragging it

honestly I'm not gonna worry too much

about going to light yeah that's more

concerned about just getting the right

texture on than anything so I want it to

be streaky if I'm going kind of dark dry

with my brush here and just dry brushing

these slats in on top of the dark color

keeping them kind of horizontal here or

vertical I mean right

getting a little bit of paint on my

brush and just sort of dragging it

gently down over the top what I'm trying

to do is getting it to catch on the

texture of the canvas you can see where

it's doing that so this is sort of a

dark or like a darker version we're

gonna keep on adding more and more light

colors to this and then we're going to

go over the whole thing with it with a

wash of dark again and to darken up up

in here where it's gonna be shadowed so

don't go go right up to the top with

this right up into your dark areas with

this lighter color it's okay we will fix


and I'm just using this brush width to

figure out the width of my boards

these are looks like on our bar board or

a barn there's some that are wider than

others so you really don't have to worry

too much about having these perfect

I'm leaving just a tiniest bit of this

dark showing between them so that

they're kind of have that indication of

slats but if you get them too close and

you cover that up we can always add that

back in later so I said I'm really just

mostly concerned about getting some of

this texture on on it

if your paints too smooth what you can

do is kind of wipe it on your towel to

kind of pull the moisture out of your

brush and then pick up a little bit more

of the paint right on the very tip and

that'll kind of help to give it a little

bit more see how that worked

okay so I'm gonna keep on adding what is

unbleached titanium

actually I think I'm gonna grab some

white it's kind of a bluish kind of a I

was warm as the unbleached titanium

white will kind of make it a marble blue

highlight instead of the warm yellow

highlight that the own unbleached

titanium gives us this and if you want

it to kind of break up you can kind of

lift your brush in a couple places or

just sort of tap it as you're doing it

not too obvious though I don't want it

to look weird

using the edge of my brush can give me

like thinner streaks in it

we're getting there closer the bottom

edges are lighter it gets darker at the

top so we can kind of go a little bit

brighter at the bottom here

go right over your grass don't worry

about your grass at all and then in our

darkest shadow area I'm gonna go ahead

and grab that remember we use black over

here so I'm gonna go ahead and grab this

color that was on the front there and

just use it back here it's a kind of

laying some texture not a whole lot is

really even visible back there but it'll

give us a little bit of texture and I'm

gonna go ahead and use this color in

this part of the barn to and then like

at the bottom of this there's just some

sort of stuff that you can kind of see

in there grab that black and clean up

that edge there

so you can kind of see that there's

maybe something happening in there but

you don't really can't really tell what

it is and if you want to have this area

back in here that's sort of broken out

boards we can do that too we can sort of

make pick a slat and just sort of

to find it back in in black so kind of

looks like it's broken out right there

okay and then I'm gonna use this black

and sort of go between and add some

streaks upward

doesn't have to be on all of them but

just you know where you may need a

little bit more definition maybe the

board's got

to live in an area or to close together


it's fun

dry brushing is one of those things that

looks a little bit harder than it is it

really is very quite easy if you have a

light touch with it you have your brush

loaded the right way it's pretty easy

just mean mainly make sure that your

brush is not too wet I haven't added

water to it that will give us that

dragged texture that we look we're

looking for here and you could even use

your pallet knife if you want to do even

more texture like if you wanted to

thicker texture wanted it

more weather looking

you can kind of see that difference I

don't you tell a difference there I'm

being really light with it

see that how it kind of breaks it up a

little bit differently it looks a little

different than the brush so kind of like

both a little bit more of that


this canvas is not super textured so

it's not as easy to get the these this

effect but if you're using a board

that's or you know canvas that's got a

lot of texture in it it'll disappear

it'll it'll come out really easy okay so

I've loaded up some of that darker color

now I'm going to just use a corner of my

brush to add in some knots in my wood

you're using the number two bright

mm-hmm just using the edge of it and if

I you know if I see any areas where I

want more of that dark there but I'm

just kind of can kind of see them

this is something you totally leave out

if you don't you can try it and see if

you don't like the look of it you can

just leave it out and just do the dry

brushing leave that it's just next I

didn't add a detail it if you want to

add it

you can it's your painting hopefully

you'll kind of do your own twist on it

you can make it a color you don't have

to do this gray color you could make it

red barn if you want to do or whatever

you wanted to do with yours

okay a little bit more that light color

white cleaned out my brush that's not

good a little bit dark in there I'm

gonna tone down the white with a little

bit of the gray color that we've been

using but then I'm gonna take all that

moisture out of my brush I'm just

pressing it against the paper towel and

then pick up a little bit more that

paint yeah I'm gonna do one more layer

of really bright highlights on some of

these boards and the inside of this Yves

up here pretty bright I'm gonna tone

that down but I'm gonna go ahead and put

it in bright right now

Hey and then do the edge of this part of

the roof to use that edge of my brush

that was skimming it along there so it's

catching the canvas

aren't you looking for him

so having some unevenness to it given

some of these boards a little bit more

streaks this is where I can kind of

really define some of these boards I

want to

there we go

we're happy with that there is some

yellow on these I'm seeing down here so

I'm gonna go ahead and grab some my

yellow oxide with my white again wipe my

brush off and use that on some of these

that are down right here I think I'm

gonna add a little bit this gray color

just so that it matches yes

two ones down that yellow a little a

little bit thought is fairly bright

there we go a little bit of yellow

then I'm gonna go ahead and kind of put

a little bit of a inside edge on this

part of the barn right here

we're seeing that inside of that barn


all right now once that's dry I'm gonna

go ahead and grab I think this is pretty

much dry so we've been using such dry

paint I'm gonna grab my angle brush you

can use the black and some of that light

some of the barn bought dark barn colors

and thin it out a little bit the water

and I'm going to so have quite a bit of

water on my brush I'm just going to

touch it on my paper towel to kind of

pull off the back end of that angle

brush so that the darker colors on the

tip here and I'm going to go along that

edge right there darken that up and then

just use my finger to kind of wipe it

off now if I've gone you can see where I

haven't done it on this side see how

that just pushes that does boards back

really gets a depth so we'll do it over

here and I have enough paint on my brush

I didn't even have to reload you just

want the darkest color to be on the tip

of the brush make this easier and then

kind of just fades out there we go see

that now we have some dimension in our

barn and then I'm gonna use this color

I'm gonna get some more that darker

color and I'm just gonna go along this

outside edge of the barn roof and kind

of tone down just a little bit of this

just gonna wipe over at the top of that

white edge cuz it was a little bit right

there there's sort of a peak right here

that kind of comes out

here we go

and then let's grab that barn or the

roof color I'm gonna grab some white

and a little bit of this yellow oxide do


I'm just going to kind of streak in

lines try to keep them sort of parallel

on top of that grab some more that you

know a little bit of the

quinacridone magenta so I'm getting

another more rusty orangie red color

hair there we go


the top

and then there is kind of a line of

darker something right here so I'm just

gonna kind of do mine and if you can

keep an eye on that it's actually gonna

go a little higher up here it'll be sort

of right in between the angles of this

and this if you've looked at your

vanishing point out out here to the side

this would match up with these lines

that we did before so I'm gonna add some

of this back in that darker color and

I'm gonna grab some ultramarine blue and

some white and mix that with the purple

that we've got going on in our brush I'm

not cleaning out my brush I'm just

picking up a little bit of blue

and there's some blue highlights on here


and if they look too dark we can always

tone them down later but let's let them

dry and see how we like him use that for

the front face of that

there okay so I'm getting a lot of glare

on this today all right I think that

that's good I'm happy with that this is

dry now so I can show you how you would

you would lay in your fog so I'm gonna

use zinc white and grab my different

stipler which I didn't end up using in

my trees after all and I'm gonna wet it

down and then out this zinc white I

think white is transparent so it'll do

fog a little bit easier go zoom out


yeah their foot stipler here I'm gonna

add a little tiny bit of blue to let's

grab some of that ultra marine blue

right there so it's a little bit of


thing quite a little bit of ultramarine

blue and I've got my dear foot stickler

taking most of the moisture out I wanted

to what the paint wet but not the brush

so I'm taking the the the the paint wet

down is just to thin it out so I just

wanted the paint thinned out but the

brush will work better if it's drier so

I'm gonna try to take that out and I'm

just going to lightly come in a circular

motion I took most of the color out of

my brush if I have too much paint in my

brush I'm just gonna be putting down

with bright paint on there and which is

not what I want to do I want it to look

foggy and that will the only way to get

that is to have very very very little

paint on my brush and lay and layer it

on slowly add your colors up a little

slowly so that you don't put too much at

once that one's almost too much there

okay so and you can see how I could keep

you know keep going and do it more fog

in some areas

that gives you that kind of look all

right you know an hour into not too bad

if somebody doesn't have zinc white is

there something they could subsidy you

could use white but it'll just be a

little bit more noticeable that's all so

just make sure that you've really really

thin it out with water if you use white

instead titanium white because it's the

zinc white is transparent tritanium

white is very much not transparent so

all right what make some grass color use

my mostly yellow oxide here tiny bit of

sink well or type in a phthalo green I'm

gonna go along this edge here and yep

that's enough this is dark enough back

here I can get it should show up it's

not dark enough back there and then you

may want to change the value of your

grass just a little bit so that's either

darker or lighter whatever you need it

to be to show up against the background

and you did grab your fan brush this is

the fan brush yes did I not say that

sorry okay I thought I was talking about

other things I will fire you thanks

because somebody needs to paint


okay just using it kind of back and

forth here not a lot of water my paint

keep me kind of dry

oops get too much there I can just take

my paper talents or I'll wipe it off

I'm gonna have so many layers of other

things in here it won't matter too much

I'm gonna go ahead and put a little bit

of this green in some areas here that's

happening when I'm pressing down a

little too hard with the fan brush so I

just need to keep my and if you turn it

sideways you can kind of keep it from

doing that too so if I can't turn my

brush sideways I can keep it from having

these kind of big blob areas that I

don't want that's for me getting

impatient just pressing a little too

hard on my fan brush I find that the

more stiff bristled fan brush has worked

better for me I like I like them better

than the kind of floppier first like

regular bristle fan brushes like a soft

bristle fan brushes so but that's

personal preference if you are using a

bristle fan brush you would definitely

want to add water to your not bristle if

you were using a soft fan brush if you

don't have a stiff bristle fan brush you

will want to add water to your paint for

it to flow off onto the canvas all right

so I'm gonna clean that out and grab

some of that unbleached titanium

and see what color I'm seeing in there

let's see what this looks like on here

this may be

yeah that's a little bit left bright

let's go ahead and use a little bit of

that yellow oxide to tone it down a

little bit maybe a little bit of burnt

umber which was kind of our original

color here right for the background so

we're just kind of adding a little bit

of that burnt umber but this time we're

going a lot lighter and about you can

wipe it most of that off there there we

go so I'm starting from the farthest

back and I'm working my way forward that

way these new layers are gonna overlap

the old ones and I'll push those back

make them look like they're farther away

and just a reminder to everybody that

those are come in since the beginning of

the show there's a link down below the

video you can click and show see show

more and it's got all the supplies paint

colors and a link to the brush guys with

D'Angelo's list of suggested brushes and

I think almost all of these are in that

list they're all they're all in the list

and there's a five percent off when you

order using the code Angelo fine-art

some of these I'm wanting to kind of do

then like not them not all of them

straight up and down some kind of

curving some of them so that they have a

little bit more natural look to them as

well most of this stuff in the

background here is going to be covered

over with other flowers and things but

we do need to kind of set the tone for

the stuff that's gonna be in the front

front so we're just gonna slowly working

our layers in so we get some depth when

we put our

bigger flowers in that are closer to us

and I added a little bit darker darker

color to my a little bit more than burnt

umber to it to give it a little bit

different color so it's not just the one

color happening

as they get closer to the bottom I'm

making these drugs a little bit longer

so the ones up here farther away or a

little bit shorter and then the middle

ones are a little bit longer and then

these ones down from the bottom are

actually going to be quite long

all right that's all I'm gonna do for

those I'm gonna grab my let's see what

brush do I want to use it's use the

quarter-inch angle brush here I'm gonna

grab some of that green some water some

of the unbleached titanium to make a

little bit lighter color I'm gonna go

ahead and use it

no that's too thick press that a little

bit flat flatter so I get thinner lines

here there we go a few little spots and

then I'm going to use it and do dabs

little dots these are the little seed

pods gotta zoom in hon these are really

tiny way back here so I'm just doing a

little teeny tiny taps with my brush to

get these little dots happening if you

can't see them you can add a little bit

of white color more obvious against the

dark of the barn

starting out with the green because

there's the green kind of undertones and

the flowers even on the white flowers

there's some green happening teeny tiny

taps the tinier flowers will make this

barn look farther away here and then I'm

going to put a few kind of medium-sized

tops sort of in the middle here bringing

this closer together closer to us

defining some of them with more white

keeping my brush kind of horizontal

because these flowers are sort of flat

on top or they are flat they're sort of

like a dome shape so if I can keep my

brushstrokes going sideways like that

you know give it the same effect going

for him now I'm inputting some white in

amongst our green just a few these don't

have to be don't want to overpower it

but you can see how they like the having

the sort of dark green middle green and

like green with the white here really

helps give it a good effect let's just

keep on going here just keep on grab

some green do some green back in here

way far away very very very small

he's farthest ones are gonna be just

barely little little dots that's what's

gonna give us our perspective and then

making them a little bit bigger and a

little bit bigger as they get closer to


a little bit too dark too bright

so I'm trying to look through my flowers

and see what I'm seeing

far away so that I'm getting perspective

on this because I am seeing some smaller

ones you know down here close but

there's some that are even closer to us

and we're not even seeing the bottom of

these these ones that are huge like this

are right in front of us and so that's

why they look so large these ones are a

little bit farther back so we're seeing

more of them and they're not quite as


and these little ones come all the way

up to like here so I'm gonna do some

pretty high up there on the side of the

barn almost to the top of there maybe a

fingers width down

I'm some of that white

even grab some of the unbleached

titanium do some with them

and as we get closer we're seeing more

of the individual flowers and they are

kind of clusters so I'm not gonna do I

go straight down I'm going to kind of

tap in so that I'm seeing sort of this

cluster shape happening that makes sense

dunno all these background ones first

because then we're gonna put all of our

our branches of the bigger ones or our

stems of the bigger ones in front so

it'll push all these even farther back

put some of these down in here grab some

that green

it's gonna smashing my brush down here

to get these skosh random shapes

all right no I don't really well

so so while you're playing painting

barns and flowers or talk about yogurt

in your in the chat it's nice anybody

wants to join in talk about yogurt

sounds exciting

well because I kind of diverted firm

talk about yoga blocks and said I prefer

yogurt to yoga - yoga

so now we're talking about yogurt yeah

I'm sorry

it just happens normally talk about food

in jail when I'm here that is a regular

theme isn't it yep all right so I've

loaded my brush I've got it a flat edge

on it I've pressed it flat on here so

that I have a nice flat edge I just

wanted it a little bit darker than this

background color that we've got going on

so that's why I tested it there to see

how it looked and I'm just going to kind

of lay in some some stems

and I'm just gonna run them up from the

back here on the bottom of the canvas

if I don't press down too hard and add

enough of water they should just kind of

skim right off my brush but I want some

of them to criss cross and I find that

it's easier to just do these fast if you

think too much about it they can I come

out wobbly so just kind of think too

much about it just come on they're

grabbing a little bit more the darker

color here maybe grab a little bit of

brown to add to it it's a lot of yellow

in this green

get me down

these are coming right off from the

bottom of the canvas because they are so

close to us we're not seeing the bottom

of these

right then I'm going to use the tip and

just draw in our little shapes these

most of these are kind of unopened so

they're just this is kind of cupped bull

shape happening and I definitely need it

darker so I'm gonna go ahead and grab

some burnt umber to add to that there we


once again you have proven you know what

you're doing oh yeah yeah because I was

you know looking at the beginning of the

in the video mm-hmm and kind of look

like a third grader was painting a bar

but okay now it's a little bit better

and sorry I love it better no insult to

third graders no exactly 3rd graders

make awesome art and they're much more

advanced than I am

well it was what was that quote from the

we were watching from Parks and Rec last

night the kids art is something and all

artists or crooks or something yeah yeah

the kid no kids art is crap and all

artists are correct sorry if you don't

know Parks and Rec is an American TV

show I know people in that countries

like what and it's it's been off air for

years yeah and we're just now

discovering it enjoying it so we're a

little behind it through some streaming

services oh yeah but no but really cuz

all right we're I'm not telling them

what I'm doing here let me sorry

go ahead tell them I'm delicious

titanium I used a little bit of white on

the underside of this mixed with that

green and then this one I'm kind of

doing a but bleached titanium but I need

to kind of highlight this this bulb here

or the whatever it is on the tips so I'm

just gonna go back in here and kind of

add some I've added that green now and

now I'm going back in and lightening up

the tips I'm gonna add some kind of

streaks down into that green with this

color some of them more facing us or

look more circular like this one here

they're gonna look kind of weird these

are sort of a hard flour to do because

they don't really have a good like

obvious shape they're rough don't look

like a flower doll really in this vent


having some white and some yellow here

you know oxide

I'm picking all the tops of these that

we've put in and is tapping in little

she'll I think I'm gonna use my round

brush now I think I can get some better

detail on these maybe switch to that

grab this white a little bit of the

yellow it's got the green in it it's

just a lighter version of what we did

for the stems

let's use some of this colour to do the

underside of some of the flowers that

are shown from the bottom just doing

kind of an oval shape here this these

are definitely more difficult so if you

want to keep it super simple I would

just do the these farther ones and be

done like like you could have stopped

right there and been perfectly good this

part is definitely more of an advanced I

think this is you know more difficult so

just keep that in mind if you're you

know kind of a beginner early you know

first-time painter or you know early to

painting you may find this a little more

challenging than then the first part

even the barn and stuff so full

disclosure there don't want you jumping

into something that gonna be frustrating

for you not that you won't be able to

paint it ever but or you know shouldn't

try but I'm just saying it will

definitely you know be a little bit more

challenging I think I think one of the

things that beginners tend to do I've

got I've seen over and over is that they

will choose projects they're a little

bit above their level and then get

really frustrated and kind of quit and

give up and they won't complete you know

they'll have several projects that they

don't even complete and you're gonna

spend hours and hours on struggling with

something and then you know so I would

say pick projects that are right at the

right at the level that you're at maybe

just a little bit harder and that way

you'll have success you want to build on

successes when you're learning to paint

it's kind of like you know you don't

start out learning to play the piano on

you know Mozart and Beethoven you learn

the chopsticks it's boring but you learn

it and then you can kind of move on and

progressed it more difficult you know

things this is the top part of this

flower so I'm kind of doing the curve

here I did the curve on the bottom there

it's gonna kind of curve around like

that so that's just one thing I would I

would recommend it's just picking

projects even if they don't really

appeal to you completely you know and

you won't really want to paint your you

know a portrait of your Aunt Mildred I

would not do that first off I would not

be like that would not be the first

thing that I tried it was a portrait or

something like that that's really you

know difficult I would stick just some

easier subjects first and do those get

confident build up some techniques build

up some experience and then I'm gonna do

this one just a little bit smaller it's

huge but just gonna kind of make it a

little bit smaller it's gonna be big but

maybe not as big as it's in the picture

that makes sense I don't know no one is

your age people from you know other than

the point that Mildred was my

grandmother sorry Carol was my aunt I

think I did kind of did it make sense

surfer why would anybody want to paint

your grandmother though that's what I'm

I'm just saying you said my Aunt Mildred

you kind of threw me for a loop theros

following you

who you switched brushes on me while I

was out number one number one round yep

number one round I don't have that one


sorry everybody


kind of look like cauliflower they're

gonna have that kind of shape a little

bit this is white but it's definitely

kind of toned down a little bit it's got

some green some green in it

I'm not going pure white we'll put some

pure white on top but we want to go with

kind of a more muted color first and I'm

leaving lots of the background showing

through so I'm tapping these in but I'm

not putting them in solid they're kind



all right

I don't know what I was trying to say

there it's TrackMania alright so let's

do one right here these are gonna

crisscross and cover up some of those


Bowlby things too so keep that in mind

there's just one is the kind of tall one

just put a little bit of the lighter

color on top of that one just peeking


does anything here

okay let's do some over here on this

side that is looking pretty cool and

that looking yeah looking really cool -

they're fun flower and just like the

shape of them really unusual you get

them here in Arkansas which is nice and

grab some white I've got the angle brush

back now and I'm going to use the white

and just do really bright highlights on

some of these little dabs

like bright white

it's gonna really pull those forward we

brighten them up just pick pick a few

spots you don't want to do this too much

because then it's just gonna overwhelm

the whole thing but really can I add a

little bit of brightness to ours

definitely kind of more on the top edges

where that sunlight sketching it

go ahead and grab some of that lighter

color I've got a little bit of water on

my brush here to make it flow off a

little easier and I'm gonna go and do

some grasses up this way over the top of

my roof all the way up to it

in front here they're kind of just

poking in this way sort of at an angle

right and then I'm going to use this

color down here and kind of find there's

some of these that I didn't have

connected to anything so make sure all

of these are connected to something

mm gonna use some of that unbleached

titanium a little bit of burnt umber

water and I'm gonna define some of the

grasses down lower here I really think I

need of a smaller brush probably do

better to have a liner here but we'll

see how this can go

trying to do is kind of just add some

foreground interest to these to this so

that doesn't look like these are coming

out of nowhere

put some grasses are kind of on top of

them a little bit

there's gonna be these lighter colored

grasses kind of mixed in with them

grabbed some white

yeah if you're having trouble with this

I would just use a liner brush I didn't

have it in my if you're having trouble

keeping these then I would just use a

liner brush for this I'm thinning it

down with water and use that instead I'm

getting it to work but they're a little

bit maybe a little thicker than I would


now gone to use the darker green again

do these seedpod ones

there's many seed pods on this side so

nuts gonna but I am gonna can I add some

of the darker I don't know why that's

doing that I'm gonna add some of the

darker seed pods with these dark green

just a few taps in the air

there's some in here too kind of in the


start getting yep some of that see how

that adds contrast there you have to

have the dark two for the light to pop

out maybe that's a metaphor for life huh

you have some dark to make you

appreciate the light times

right grab some white mix that with the

green use that I'm here to do the

backside of our underside of our flower

here cuz this part is the underside of

it there

that one it's a big one right here you

go through all this trouble and put in

your bar and then you cover it all up

that's alright

so this is where you can make a mistake

on your barn you should put a big ol

flower in front in front of it you done

I'll set

I'm gonna put in some of this darker

green dabs back in here just

pick a couple spots here for some big

flowers to go right in front

they're really

she's focused on flowers she can have me

please really quiet fully like this is

the best part of the painting over here

right at the end where really starts

making sense and that's where can i

really miss turn these the last few

layers or what really make it come to

life adding a little bit of the white

bright white along the edges of these

flowers that I've already kind of set in

there I'm gonna see how that sort of

makes them stand out a little bit more

I'm gonna elongate some of these really

emphasize that flat flatness

no I got these ones in here to come a

little too close together they're all

kind of merging into one big blob of


go back through here and add some

seedpods back in I think that all kind

of helped me to find some of these and

kind of put them over the top of some of

the areas where I feel like there's too

much white you may not need to do this

but I'm just going to try to define it a

little bit better there yeah I grab some

weight with my green I'm gonna go over

some of these stems here

I grabbed some Brown burnt umber here

I'm just gonna put in some burnt umber

cuz there's some

I feel like I need some deeper like

darker parts in this little area right

in here

it'll help gonna pull that lighter

colors forward a little bit so I'm not

trying to keep him kind of in between

just kind of tucking them in here and

there so I'm just gonna adding little

dark spots maybe a little dot here and

there so that it's not just Spencer

mister just squash and

yeah and it also will tint this bottom

area we want him darker a little bit can

kind of use thinned out burnt umber it's

it's thinner it's not super thick it's

gonna darken this area down here which

will give it a little bit more depth to

there we go okay I think was there

something else I needed to do

no why did the I get that mist that was

something else trying to remember let me

do one more layer just really bright

white and we will be done

so what do we got going on tomorrow

tomorrow we have a bonus video for

patreon supporters the $5 level or above

we're going to be painting a bear

landscape which is actually gonna be

very similar colors to this that

actually probably be good companion

pieces to one another it's gonna be a

mountain bear in kind of silhouette so

it's not gonna be I think not too

difficult I try to keep it but it's if

you want more information you can go to Angela fine art will

sign up and then you'll see the link

there we're actually changing the link

somebody shared it so that's something

no no so we're gonna take two and I'm

just like I don't really know why people

didn't feel like they need to do that

but that's okay so one you go to that slash Angela fine art

there's different levels you can sign up

for yeah there's a dollar level we get

access to the trace of bulls and all the

trace bulls going back to February 2017

person many download says you want so

it's not just one it's as many as you'd

like and then as she said the $5 level

gives you the trace clothes plus access

to the bonus video and not just

tomorrow's bonus video but the past

bonus videos also reflect the different

ones we've done and then the ten dollar

level gives you all of that plus access

to a special Facebook group where

there's additional painting and

challenging deals weekly weekly live

chat where you can talk to me and mm-hmm

ask questions well we paint something

together but not while you're driving no

yeah right I'm gonna call that good Oh

fun hope you guys enjoyed it Oh marks

got super chats all right let me sign it

while you're talking go and ride in my

big level let's see if I can find a spot

that's not what

okay we had once again hundreds and

hundreds of awesome chats in two super

chats first one was from Darlene and she

says as always a stunning painting

Thank You Angela for the painting and

thank you Mark for the information as we

go along thank you so much darling for

the support thank you and then we have

one from Carol she says says thanks

Angela and Mark loving this painting

appreciate appreciate all you both do

for us

so thank you Carol that's awesome Carol

and yes I get to turn on the disco

lights mark is happy about that

oh yeah all right guys thanks so much if

you would join us tomorrow you can sign

up on patreon and do that we'll be

posting a link tomorrow just before the

show and then we'll be back on Tuesday

with a owls spooky I'll always be really

cool pretty awesome yeah it'll be fun

and then next week we're going to be

doing a girl in some sunflowers for our

Saturday video so lots of fun projects

coming up and I'm gonna have a whole lot

of new projects probably scheduled for

probably next week I'm gonna try to get

the new schedule up for the rest of the

month and in part of November so lots of

fun stuff we're gonna start on Christmas

pretty soon so probably about halfway

through November we'll start on

Christmas stuff but we've got a fun got

some sheep coming up we got no I don't

know got all kinds of fun stuff so yeah

you get a lot of great ideas yeah got a

lot of really fun ones so all right guys

we'll see you next time thanks for

joining us today him bye