How to Paint a Barstool

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today's DIY project is my ugly old bar

stools they've been an eyesore for a few

weeks and I haven't gotten to them it's

a rainy day so I thought I'd be the

perfect opportunity to get some my own

projects done today's project I'm going

to be using my zipper paint brush and

I'm also going to be using fairy chalk

mothers single step paint the color that

I'm using in depth is industrial it's a

nice soft grey and I think it's gonna

look really good with our whites marry

wax so to get started I clean my bark

stool really good I got all the gummy

snacks and gummed off the bottom and

underneath and I'm just gonna get

started painting it's really important

to make sure your pieces are clean

because if you paint over dunk a it

won't stick and B it'll seep through the

paint and you'll get staining through

your paint and you never want that I'm

just going to do nice even strokes

all my chairs are painted I have one

coat of industrial all in there and now

I decided to add something fun I'm gonna

stencil on the back of them I have three

total so I'm going to do number one

number two and number three just to cure

my stencil I just used blue painters

tape all around the edge and I'm just

using this little tiny paintbrush to

paint this the color that I'm using is

gem mint by fairy chalk whether you want

to get a decent amount of paint on your

brush and then you're just gonna brush

it try not to get any where does it go

I'm sure that there's probably a much

fancier way to do this but this is the

way I stencil if you had a fallen brush

you could use that too

okay once you get it all painted in

you're going to want to take it off

before the paint dries so that way you

don't get any lines

the stenciling is all done on our chairs

we have number one number two and number

three my next step is going to be to

distress them I'm going to use an 80

grit sanding block and I'm going to go

over just the edges and it's off to talk

to boot it out and it's my kids are

pretty rough on the furniture so I like

to distress what because then if they

mess it up it looks intentional

the next step is going to be to add

smeary wax I carry smearing wax on my

website Jamie Rae vintage comm it

chemically bonds with any of our paint

to make color luxe today I want to do a

white wax so I have fairy chalk mother

and snowflake which I also sell on my

website and I have my scenario acts I'm

going to take a little bit of the

smearing wax and put it in a bowl and

I'm going to add the pan it's about a

three to one ratio or blacks to paint

and you're gonna mix it all together it

doesn't take very much

I don't like mixing up my whole

container of scenario acts because I'm

good I can use multiple colors with it

so I keep it separate and I mix up just

what I need now that I have my snare ii

wax all mixed up i'm going to use my wax

brush that I also sell on my website and

I'm going to liberally apply this to the

detail or any where I want to add the

white last you

get it all nice down into the cracks

I'm gonna take my paper towel

I'm going to do this to the whole chair

until I get the look that I want you can

see that it goes down into the cracks

and adds a white detail it's going to

chemically bond to the paint that's

already on here and when we're all

finished we'll seal it with a

polyurethane for durability our bar

stools are all finished they've been

painted distressed white wax stenciled

and we sealed them with a matte

polyurethane if you want to know how to

seal your furniture with matte poly be

sure to check out our video paint

spraying 101 part 2

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