DIY HOME PROJECTS // Painting Staircase Banister White!!!

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are y'all this video is brought to you

by truly just kidding but if you are

watching feel free to sponsor me because

I drink your stuff all the time but grab

yourself a little beverage we're gonna

make this you know a good time we're

just starting everything tonight I'm

actually gonna do the rest of the

painting tomorrow so I'm just doing all

the prep work this evening I wanted to

get that out of the way so I can get

straight into painting tomorrow cuz I

know I'm gonna have to do the first coat

let it completely dry down for a day and

then finish the next day so it's gonna

be kind of a 2 and a half due process

but it'll be well worth it I think the

white is gonna look amazing so let's get

started so we'll start off with the

paint everything I got is from Lowe's

this is a semi-gloss interior and then

she recommended the lady that we're

working with to do a cabinet paint it's

really good for high-traffic areas and

easy to clean and then the semi-gloss or

any kind of satin finish is decent as

far as for like fingerprints and all of

that good stuff so it doesn't show as

much so we just have that in white so

she said the first couple steps and all

of this I learned from the expert I read

a lot of Pinterest boards and watched a

couple of YouTube videos but I think

this will be the most effective way so

the stairs that we have we're really

gonna need to clean everything down with

simple green and then we also need to

rough up the edges with the sanding

block right here really we're not doing

a whole lot we're just lightly getting

that little scratch to it so the paint

can stick better we got our cloths our

little tree we're gonna work with we

have a believ this isn't yet a 2 inch

brush and then this one's got a really

nice angle to it so that way it's easy

to get into cracks oh yeah it's really

hard to do things with my hand anyway

see and see it comes to a nice point

like that and then we got our tape and

then these are for working with like

edges if we need them at all so really

that's all you're going to need and

we'll get

all righty guys so this is the project

right here so we're gonna be paying

these Oakwood stairs to a pretty white

color and we're gonna be doing that

railing up there so you don't have a

whole lot to paint but this is really

what we're working with right here and

then I'm going to show you the supplies

that we use to do it okay so we're going

to start off with a 220 edge detailing

angled sanding sponge and I'm not a

professional so bear with me and I'm

just going off of what I was told we'll

see if it turns out if you guys actually

do end up really liking this then follow

it okay

all right everyone so now that we got

everything all sanded down we're gonna

go in with a little bit of simple green

and a paper towel we're just gonna wipe

everything down and they're going to let

it dry overnight I'm going to go ahead

and vacuum through here and then we will

pick up tomorrow morning with the whole

painting process

and this is why it is super important

term of all this okay so it's day two so

it's time to begin so I've got

everything set up over on the table but

we are going to start off with the non

fun part and that is taping everything

all right everyone so we got it all

taped off so you just have this one to

do of course this side we worked on this

right here and then we just have that

little portion right there so now that

that's all taped off it's ready to start

painting all right so I just have all

that taped off so we are beginning the

painting process so this is what we are

using again

and I didn't get a string stick so I had

these just two skewers just to give it a

little stir okay so I'm gonna just pour

some into this right here and we'll take

our two-inch brush and we'll get started






all righty you guys and this is the

finished product are you guys so I am

obsessed with how this turned out I

really do think that it brightens up the

room and it was one of my best projects

I have done so far

definitely take the time this is a lot

of detail work that you're gonna need to

do and also be sure to do a second coat

you definitely will need it I didn't

film an outro but thank you all so much

for watching and I'll see you on my next

video bye everyone