House Refresh - Painting Everything Black | Stair Rails, Doors + Quarter Round

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hi guys welcome back to my channel my

name is Megan in today's video is all

about painting everything black and I'm

exaggerating when I say that because I

haven't paint everything black but I did

paint quite a few things in my house

black recently and I wanted to share

that with you guys I did a lot of

research before I did this project and

what you would think is a simple project

of just painting something turns out

that maybe it is or maybe it isn't

you'll have to watch to find out but I

did all of the research on all of these

things I'm here to share it with you so

that you can hopefully get started on a

project in your home a little quicker

and easier than I did if you're new here

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I'm also on Instagram and you can find

me at Belle and cotton I share my

personal life as well as my projects as

I'm doing them so you don't have to wait

for the YouTube video to come out

oftentimes to get a little bit of a

sneak peek on what I'm up to so I

decided that I wanted to paint my front

door black and that's kind of what

inspired this entire like overhaul in my

house of painting all sorts of things

but I wasn't really sure if I could just

paint my door that was like where this

whole thing you know kind of spawn from

was like can you just paint a door is

you know it's already painted like what

do I need to do to prep it that sort of

thing I also painted my stair railings

the banisters the posts whatever you

want to call it

they were wood and I wasn't really sure

if I could just paint those as well

because I wanted to use something that

was durable since you know railings get

touched quite a bit but I also painted

the quarter round in my in my house and

it was wood and the wood matched the

flooring that was in there but it just

wasn't a complete look for me it has

become really hard to fit in some of

these house projects so you know all of

this took me a few weeks of doing it

during nap times but I want to share

this with you guys because hopefully it

will inspire you to make a change in

your home something simple as painting

your door or fixing the color of your

cord around

have lots of footage of the before the

after the process I'm going to go ahead

and get started and showing you all of



the doors of my house were pre painted

white I just cleaned them with some

simple green and I painted them with

some Benjamin Moore more glow and that

comes in a soft gloss everything I used

I will list in the description box below


do you recommend removing the tape even

between each coat while the tape is

still wet because if you don't it will

take some of the paint with it when you

take the tape off and you'll see the

results of that here and I just went

back and free-handed it to fix it I did

not tape around the window above my door

and said I just went back with a razor

to remove any excess paint that was left

on the window the base of the post on

our stairs had some damage and I just

went ahead and sanded it lightly and

then I used some wood putty to fill it

in after that was dry I went ahead just

sanded it down really nice and smooth


before I paint anything I went ahead and

cleaned it with some simple green just

to get any oil off make sure it was

really nice and clean priming the stair

railings because they are previously

stained and I'm really not sure what

they're staying with so using sensors

bullseye 1-2-3 primer and they probably

could have used two coats of primer and

I definitely will do that next time I

only did one but I think it could have

used too


I didn't want to disconnect this

handrail from the post but I did

disconnect it from the wall and as you

can see I'm just kind of working around

it and one of the hardware on the wall

to match the hand railing so I removed

them and I spray painted them black


aping off the spindles just felt like

way too much work for me I would rather

freehand them and then go back with some

white paint and touch them up some of

the quarter-round that was around the

base of the stairs just was cut awfully

so I went ahead and removed it and

instead of trying to fix it and repair

it I cut new cord around this wood cord

around was such an eyesore I couldn't

wait to paint it white so I primed it

with the sensor bull's eye primer and

then I used the same white that I

touched out my spindles with to paint it

I also took the opportunity to go ahead

and touch up the baseboards while I was

at it since our house is getting a

little older and they needed a little




I am so pleased with the results let me

know in the comment box below what you

guys think of this project and I will

see you guys next time