How to Paint a Baby in Acrylics - Timelapse

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hey guys is Gabi welcome to my tutorial

now this part of the video isn't as

time-lapse as the rest of the video is

because I have to talk to you all about

the proportions of the face before we

start painting because a baby's

proportions are completely different to

like a person who's older so the first

thing you wanna note is the shape of the

head humans have like an egg-shaped head

it's like an oval but babies has a bit

more small rounder and closer to a

circle and that's because they have

these kicks these fat cheeks for the

baby fat and then they have shorter

chains so it's still an oval shape is

just less elongated and more circular

the next thing you want to note the eyes

now baby's head is smaller but their

eyes are the same size as adults eyes

and that's because well your eyeballs

they don't grow right and so sense is

the same size but their heads are

smaller their eyes appear to be really

big and are actually but they look like

that so that's the next thing you want

to know so that they have they look like

they have big eyes then you knows you

don't you don't want to draw any line so

they don't build that noses aren't

really defined yet and so you just want

to draw in like enormous trolls and if

you drawing the lines on your nose

bridge LLL make them look older so avoid


for the lips the lips are bit tuckered

because they have all this baby fat on

their cheeks and so it kind of squishes

and their lips a bit so especially their

bottom let me find a lot of babies with

a flat bottom lip so it has little like

a pocket there as are in the same

proportion as a normal face as in it's

the distance from their eyebrows to the

bottom of your nose

it just looks lower hair because of the

angle like the faces tilted up just like


but it's the same distance I just went

in and ruined the hair and a lot they

had a lot of hair covering their

forehead and that's just because you

know babies they're now growing out

their hair so it's a bit all over the

place you know and then soon you'll see

me going into time-lapse for when I

start painting you wanna pick out it

darkest to medium tone and lightest tone

in the skin complexion in this case I

use the mix of burnt umber burnt sienna

yellow and a lot of white and I just

added more tuned to more white to make

the to enlighten and I just painted the

entire face and that medium tone of it -

and that you're seeing there and this

will just act as the base and we'll add

a next layer on top of that

now normally the next step was would be

to paint a base for the hair as well but

since I love their hairs covering their

forehead we have to do that last so we

won't do that in this case next I saw it

I just started to shade in that sheep

you'll see it there now normally when

I'm painting a face I block out color so

like I block out all the light areas and

I'm in highlight so the cheeks your

forehead the bridge of your nose and

your chin are the lightest areas and

then I block out the areas with shadows

so like the perimeter of their face I

decide something those are Nino's and I

Logan under their lip over in this case

I didn't like block out the colors all

the tones in the entire face I did each

individual area like I did one chief

then each in that Alaska and that's

because a baby's debuts have really

smooth skin right we've all heard the

phrase smooth like a baby's butt and so

I kind of I wanted to go into each

individual area and kind of blend it out

as smoothly as possible to make it

appear smooth a tip to help lending is

to add some water I know like with

acrylics you're not supposed to add a

lot of water but like a little bit will

help you blend and you can also use your

fingers without you blend as well


next I kind of went in under the nose

and around the eyes

now you'll see me fit in the dark skin

tone around the sides of the nose right

for the new image but it doesn't get any

darker than that normally there'd be

like a darker nor the fine line for the

nose bridge but you don't want to put

that because like we said before the

noses aren't you did you find and also

even if your reference photo the baby

has lines under their eyes I know some

do don't draw them in because like I

said in my last video lines or wrinkles

their sign of aging so we don't want to

put that started because they look older


that is what they were generated because

I use just normal black for the nostrils

and that's it and shaded it added quite

a bit of highlight to like that attack

so he knows a little circular point

there then yours you can see that I

added a bit too much water to the

forehead now I know I said that water

can help you plan and it can but you

don't want to use too much because then

he'll just take really long before I

took a really long to do so be wary

about how much water you add athlete's

eventually did skip out a portion of me

laughing in before head just because it

took me so long to do


then I just mix burnt umber and black

for the eyebrows to fill the men now

don't give them defined eyebrows it's

just a few hairs and moves right you

don't want to give them kylie jenner

eyebrows you look really weird and then

I took the same bridge number and black

and drew lines for the eyelid and

outline the the top of their eyes

we the inner corners will barely visible

by so other than some burnt sienna and I

just feel put in some gray for the

eyeballs like I always say eyes are not

completely white so you want to put

grateful shadow in the eyes to the

circle for the irises you know and I'll

fill the eyes in with a mix of gray and

cadmium green and if you back to put any

pupils and I added white for the

highlights you might want to put more

highlight than usual in this case

because I don't know like babies have

this kind of glittery sparkly eye effect

I think it makes them look really good

then fitted lips their lips was slightly

off their mouths or slightly open so I

just usually makes a burnt umber burnt

sienna for the inside of the mouth for

like a shadow and then for the lips

themselves I use the mixer of cadmium

red white and burnt sienna

note that your upper lip is always

darker than your lower lip so you want

to use more currency Anna for shading in

the upper lip and you'll see me adding

white to add highlights to the Lola


started shilling in the air now else in

general pretty you like funny-looking so

you definitely wanna follow a reference

photo for your shading in your ears but

otherwise yeah I just follow the picture

and started shaving that in and putting

in the highlights of the shadow some

areas inside the area will like really

dark like they had a dark shadows and so

I added a little bit of burnt umber to

that dog skin too and just to make it a

bit darker and you'll see me do that

later as well with the neck because

there's a really dark shadow on your

neck your your chin it blocks light from

the duty your neck and - it casts a

shadow and that's one of the darkest

shadows you find on your profile so yeah

you probably want to add a bit of breath

from other


then I just went in and started painting

a base for the hair now I added some

water it was almost like a wash but not

really a wash and this was just a

peeling some color is not like detail or

defying strands is just for a base right

and while that dried I put in the

eyelashes on the baby's eyes I didn't do

before cuz I forgot but yeah I don't

know what it is about babies but they

tend to have like really long eyelashes

I know I think it has to do with the big

eyes thing good yeah and once I tried I

feel did basically the same thing with

me here I got this one tin and filled in

all the areas and put all the stray

strands of hair you know like glowing


I just filled it in and that's all there

is to it you see that don't you lines a

darker because I added water to your

face base and so it looks more than

right now I hope you found this video

useful please like and subscribe and

I'll see you next time