10 Steps Painting A Room FAST and EASY

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this 60 ina mohair in this video we show

you how in a room and 10 simple steps so

the first step in painting a road is you

want to gather all your furniture you

want to get it away from the wall that

leaf or feet away from the wall around

the room completely where and it'll give

you a easy working space you're not

going to get pain on your furniture the

furnitures not going to be in your way

if you can't get all the furniture out

of the room just try to get it to the

center of the room and give it 4 feet

away from the walls if you got a cut in

your ceiling and you need a ladder to do

so so step number 2 is you're going to

gather all your supplies together once I

get myself some working space in this

room I was able to get everything out of

this room that wasn't very much stuff so

I got myself a good clean room with no

furniture in it

I'm gonna lay down a drop off and that's

going to be we're going to begin laying

out I used to fly so I can begin working

I'm going to set it dropped off now

that's where my things going to go and

all my do list is that I want to get any

paint on the carpet then I'm going to

begin the next step so in order to begin

this painting process you want to have

some good quality painting tools I'll

get all my tool together instead of

dropped off down and begin covering this

whole entire room with drop off with a

good massive drop tub but I start off

there's a few essential tools you're

going to need is what is the cutting

bucket with the roller and a brush I've

got myself this I like a 2 gallon common

bucket I just use a 1 gallon would rid

and kind of bucket I like a 3 inch angle

bristle brush right here to do all my

painting with on the interior painting I

used a 4 inch roller with a 3/8 inch nap

that's my cutting set up on a small room

like this I don't need a really large

roller like an 18 inch level or I could

just use a 9 inch lower so got myself a

9 inch pan with just a throwing liner

I'll have to worry about cleaning by pan

got myself a nine inch roller with a 3/8

reading Finch nap nest cover on there

get some holes in the walls I'm going to

be tackling the holes in the walls there

I got a hand master right here with

one-inch tape and nine inch paper that

we're going to be running around to

protect our floors and protect our

blinds and stuff with the taper to be

using that use frog tape a lot now use

3m 20 21 inch tape on my interior master

got ourself a baffle nice to cycle any

of the hole got a flathead screwdriver

because it got bigger the switchblade

I'm going to be popping my trim doing

our cocking method I'll be using a

caulking gun here you got wood rims

they're not going to be doing any any

the talking of the wood trim so we're

just going to be using cloth tape but a

lot of times we're using a caulking gun

we've got a lot of drop cloth but use

the plastic runners and the actual

camera style drop off nothing your

enemies is a ladder so that's kind of

some of the basic tools I also keep

myself a razor knife or snap knife

because if there's any furniture in here

we want to cover it with plastic which

is 9 by 4 out of plastic always got

myself a five in one tool so I can open

the panes and do any scraping if I drink

to and then it typically carried around

a duster brush just to dust off the

baseboards tops of the the door jams and

window trim then I use myself a pair of

rubber gloves that I'm getting paint out

of my hand so there you have a clear

some of the essential tools all the

tools and accessories that I've used and

like I keep them down from the video

description he's always flying it down

there so check out the video description

or you can find them on my tool store at

the I hope you

but here we go let's get going to the

next step so step number three with

getting utters drop off all day now

got them all the way down to this floor

the best we can as we have any furniture

where turnout so we got them all laid

out now step number four is not seeing

the rhythm we're going to use the nine

inch taper twice take the master out our

baseboard to give a little added

protection for anything with the

baseboards are the rocks on top opposed

to the base work we need to put in some

masking on our window sills and they're

going to roll for our blind run a piece

of mass goes over the top of those

blinds so no Kate will drip on most it's

a big void our ceiling so we sucked this

process this is denim it's part of

step number four we're going to run

around or one-inch Kate with that our

drop-off down got a masking paper down

we're going to about one is tape along

our baseboards door trim and a window

trim so what's step will report them I'm

going to move on to step notify and

that's removing switched lengths and

tackling the holes in the wall

we got switch lights right here to want

to remove all these switch lanes the

very simple debris will remove I'm just

using a flathead screwdriver just going

to remove the switch plate put it in a

bucket that way we can paint around it

you know what I find

remnants which slaves so nothing ready

to do this baffling just a few holes up

here got some lightweight spackling and

a flexible spackle knife right here to

do this sapling I like the lightweight

spackling to the drive really fast got

some small holes it's going to stop on

white the staff development knife wipe

around it is good I really thought

through what separates the dry spouses

this room that would take me more than

four hours to paint this room so I got

to have a faculty good guy five so step

number six is glowing the first color of

the wall so goes out rolling our first

code we got the thing all mouth off

going to roll a first tone we don't want

to be really heavy things we want it to

drive really fast we get the heat turned

up we're going to get what we call it

skin clothes on gear and our final coat

well VI heavies go so here we go with

the first count step number six so we're

kind of skin tone we brighter out given

hope this thing it's going to dry really


what's that dry we begin our cutting

process to be cut in the ceiling

you cut in the corner I'm going to roll

around our switch plates light switches

and then we'll be doing our cut ends

along our baseboards and trim in wall

that's lap then you go over it with your

second color so step number seven is

doing our cut in so here we go


you might as well be doing our cut in

and we're going to start stat number

eight now and that's rolling our second

coat on our wall and this is there's a

lot of different ways you can do this

and just depends on how many people you

have working with you if you're by

yourself or if you've got wood trim

that's or or you got painted signatures

talking until there's a lot of different

nothing they've got a bunch of different

videos out there showing you different

methods of doing this on this right here

we got Woodson we're not talking and we

just have to take right up next to the

wood trim so we're doing our cut in and

then you're going back and rolling our

second coat so we applied the second

photo right now okay this is how many

grow walls out if you want to roll the

wall box using eighteen inch roller

so now I'm going to step number nine

that's holding this Basking once again

this is a crucial step you don't want to

let your paint or caulking and paint dry

so I'm going to begin pulling all this

all the masking off that number nine and

I'm working in this zoom by myself right

now so I'm just going to pull up this

this section right here

now the final step step number 10 is

doing the touch-ups and clean up I'm

going to begin clanging all their stuff

up but before I clean it up I got two

coats on all I know that's good and done

like do I try to get my cut in all

around my doors windows baseboards and

ceilings often one tunnel inside do it

really heavy it's all I'm going to do is

go back and just look for cut it or look

for touch-ups in those areas and then

pick up all the drop off move out of

here in the clean my brushes and mowers

and that's a very fast easy process the

deal is always going to pick you off

10-15 minutes


hope you enjoyed this video hopefully

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