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we sort of have two front doors and we

use this one which leads to the FOIA but

we would love to welcome guests at this

door I was hoping you could make it more

attractive really good what you get in

mind I was hoping we could paint it

maybe black I think black is a good

black shutters black doors nice ah my

one concern is that it's metal so I

don't want to mess it up I can

definitely help you out with that thank



Lorelei you said that you want black for

your front door yeah which back do you

like black okay just like any other

color there are different shades I'm

gonna show you four colors here if

you're looking on their own they look

black but when you compare them there's

difference so we have like a red

undertone light grey green or dark blue

which one do you think would like well

let me get it this close to your door

okay I'm gonna have a bad idea so what

do you think oh I like the top right

this one here yeah

okay let's remove the door off pages so

it's much easier to paint the door on a

horizontal surface

with the door on the sawhorses we can't

remove the hardware second one

while door comes front from the

manifesto we're going to lightly send

with the 400 grit sandpaper that's it's

not very rough exactly we don't want to

put any scratch on this door okay

we're going to get all the done stuff

with the help of that and the brush

attachment and then we'll wipe it down

with the wet rag

okay our door is ready for paint

meadow is different from wooden wooden

door has poured and helps to absorb some

of the paint if we use a regular latex

paint on metal the paint is just gonna

sit on the surface and it's going to get

damaged the first rainstorm for this

metal door we're gonna use GTM or direct

metal paint and a specific design to

adhere to metal

I'm going to pour some of this paint and

we're going to start to do the work okay

we're gonna dip in the brush just a

little bit that's good enough so we're

gonna start by painting what was gonna

start by cutting with the angle brush

around the panes it was like that

so laura-leigh you got the idea when

it's right sure you get to this pan here

to you

you can't start this molding and I'll

keep going on this on here that's good

just have to brush a little bit yep

we want to get the bank just inside the

panel's where you do not want to put a

lot of paint on their styles or else

this looks a little watery exact it's a

water-based paint but it spread nice and


it just look like a fun oil-based finish

we're going straight to a foam roller

that is gonna minimize the brushstroke

marks try to cover all the areas on your

first stroke

so that long strokes long stroke you

don't put a lot of pressure this like a

medium pressure

it's been two hours it's really dry it's

time for to put the second coat on

once the second coat is dry we'll

reattach the hardware and hang the door

back right what do you think it looks

terrific I love it okay that tell you

one thing door is completely open to the

elements a darker color like this will

fit faster than the lighter color you

should be looking out to paint this door

again it's really three to five zeros I

can do that now thank you so much Mario

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