Painting an Aluminum Boat with spray paint & primer | Smokercraft Restoration.

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buy me an Instagram for more short

videos and media content as my reach

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going on tiny boat nation today is a

painting video by popular demand of my

audience who wanted a painting video so

this is my boat my smoker crap I just

recently painted it so the perfect time

to drop this video in this little time

where I have the amount of time I need

to push it out a lot of serious content

this is a step by step way showing you

how to do it with about 50 bucks of

rattle cans paint and primer okay it's

about it's the easiest way to paint your

boat it's not the most durable way or

the best way but it is the initial

painting video I'm going to do out of

series of like three videos so I have

Mordan up both back guys I need a paint

job and this is just one way showing you

how to do it so just check this out

watch it step by step on how I did this

all and all materials needed everything

you need to get okay what I used was

Kryolan automotive acrylic spray paint I

use the gloss black and I used the Jason

self-etching primer to prefinished I

used these crimped wire wheels I also

tried using these like not in wire

wheels they were terrible they'd almost

chew right through the hole don't use


I used strip paint stripper gel when I

apply with a paintbrush I also use

microfiber cloths with acetone to help

decontaminate the whole after I had

cleaned it and I use paint 350 grit

sandpaper as all of my Amazon store guys

check the links below as you're watching

the video

Matt rattle-can his jet killer and that

is actually still a really really good

paint job it's lasted forever and that

was in and out of water

I think rattle canons gonna be okay if

you're just gonna go on and off the lake

for periods of time if you're gonna let

your boat sit in the water for a period

of time or if you're going in salt water

then rattle canning is just not gonna

cut it

then you're gonna really need a like a

high-dollar antifouling paint or gel

coat or whatever whatever type of boat

here is I'll show you how to do it nice

so it's gonna still look nice still be

very basic we're gonna pull it off you

don't need a million cans of spray paint

but you need a few so this orange stuff

you see is paint stripper and this is

what it did to the paint this stuff went

really bad for this stuff for whatever

reason I think that's like cue

antifouling water pink it is tough stuff

to get off it's gonna come off but it

took like two coats of this stuff let me

see little come on

yeah barely will start to come off now

this other stuff just you see it I had

to put it on with a paintbrush it was

just it was this stuff

citrus stripped it's doing the job well

drill because that handheld drill that

was like a 20-fold drill is really good

but it was killing me so try this thing



all right so taking out this side dude

Callen as much being as I possibly can

with a scraper these damn pinstripes

whatever the hell and then the other

side will do the same thing there's only

a few little sore spots that gave me

some problems so ivory applied that

citric raw stuff I'm like I got like

tiny little bits of it left to attack

the hard stuff her and that it came off

however with some fairly light grit

sandpaper to kind of smooth stuff out to

smooth out I just smooth out this end

over here


it's not really to take off the paint's

just to kind of get any the swirl marks

or inconsistencies were that the brush

dug in too little too deep so it looks

not so bad when we primary


okay all right so we're rinsing this

thing off and we're about to wash it and

you know of the this really isn't gonna

beat the final step but what this will

do is get any of it all the impurities I

don't want any of that pate stripping

dust because it seems like that dust

would just stick to the hole no matter

how much you scraped it off it's like

the floating dust in the air after you

scraped off the paint we just float


all right so I got all the paint off

slightly more aggressive wire brush with

thicker bristles and the other one and a

disc pattern and it did fairly good I

went over it again with a polishing

wheel because I got like the more finite

stuff that I missed all right so the

sides fully stripped of all that stupid

paint and 99% of the impurities are

still a little stupid little spots in

here like I could literally go on this

thing all day yeah there was something

to happen here I thought that's bondo oh

what the hell that is

but there was like a serious damage and

you can even see like right here it was

a big dent but somebody fix that wonder

what that is anybody know what would be

here that did such a good job of like

getting it blending over the aluminum

and still like just making a perfect

finish whoever did that was that was a

pro job using painters tape you want to

use the painters tape because the let's

scotch tape or not the scotch tape but

you know they wrote the regular masking

tape it is really sketch to use

sometimes it'll just like stick and

never come off a lot of times really use

residue this painters tape is supposed

to be the best to use to prep a surface

it evaporates super quickly I should be

wearing gloves just so you Jeff fast

evaporates all right this is a trial on

automotive self-etching primer on the

bare metal

and there's other ones you can use you

can use the resulting stuff zinc

chromate and have it on my Amazon store

and it's also in the link in the

description part of this video is

supposed to be the best stuff the top

shelf self etching stuff so I haven't

tried that it's like twelve thirteen

dollars a can versus four dollars a can

and we literally had no mess-ups like

literally that the paint job these are

all campaign jobs we've done in the past

you vote so i've never documented them

have less for a long time

alright I'm painting it like this I just

taped the edge we're not gonna go too

berserk here pipes on my last nerve

structions apply for two light coats

followed by one medium wet coat so three

coats all together allow ten minutes in

between each coat and it has been for

sure 10 minutes shake these cans for two

full minutes I mean this stuff is

already dry to touch krylon makes some

pretty phenomenal stuff I'll tell you

okay so now it's much more even not

spray wise now my final code I'm gonna

be extremely meticulous then how I spray

the whole thing all right now for the

third and final coat here we go


came out pretty good in my opinion came

out really good for like

thirty-minute rattle-can job no thing I

came out like a pile of crap

was this spot right hit with that brush

which I'm still up seemly upset about

this is just like hey look at me mother

effer BAM just look at it just like crap

but whatever the rest of it looks great

and I have candy kale that's where the

smoker Kraft and the TV nation decals

and whatever else is gonna go right in

that section anyways followed by

whatever else I put on this boat but

it's gonna be decal that crap out just a

week later after the paints had enough

time just sit and cure and do whatever

it needs to do I waited a full day until

I put that sticker on and then just a

big haul of four decals and stick all

kinds of decals more or less on the top

part of it pretty clean except for that

spot you can kind of really see that

more where I was talking about now that

it's not glossed in the Sun but inside I

used a different spray v and I used what

was it stupid krylon fusion it did not

like it as much didn't do but I also

didn't prep the surface as well I was

too far into this whole thing for me to

start grinding and sanding and getting a

bunch of dust all in the party I would

have never got it all out so definitely

a painting is a pre build thing I wasn't

gonna do it and then I decided I was

gonna do it so then painting something

you need to definitely do first that was

the only much thing I got in the in the

middle I didn't pay for too bad but it

over I'm really happy with this and

that's about as much effort as I want to

put into this because truth be told I'm

pretty aggressive on the water if

there's like rocky structure or there's

like whatever is less I'm you got to get

real close to nor to get those fish like

I don't hold back I'm not gonna like sit

there and be like oh I don't want to

chip my paint and know I'm gonna go in

there and I'm gonna do those fish and if

the hole gets scratched and the hole

gets scratched so and it does get

scratched I won't go I put in all that

work because they could have really done

this I could have took him the boat

flipping it over and then got some more

expensive primer got some like

antifouling paint like we're strolling

up topside and I could have tipped and

rolled the whole thing and I probably


really good but then they just looked

that much more worse when you scratch it

so depends on what you want to do this

is about what I'm gonna do for this boat

for the other boats I'm gonna do a

tipping and rolling deal but there'll be

other boats for other people stay tuned

for the finished product I'm gonna start

putting out the full playlist for this

boat here and a little bit along with

them with a Alumacraft you're gonna see

another preview at the gentle is zero

framing I got my Amazon store check the

links below in the description part see

all the parts they used to do this boat

are there with the exception of the

paint I got the pan at Lowe's by the way

it's all there