Painting Doors | Benjamin Moore

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Many professional painters suggest removing doors and placing them on saw horses or blocks

to make them easier to paint. Now you wanna take out the hinge pins to remove the door.

If you have the time and space, this method will give you the best results. But if you

don’t want to remove the door, and quite often they’re very heavy, here are some

basic steps to follow to achieve a really good quality paint job.

First remove the door handle and hardware from the door, and place them in a plastic

bag or a container so they don’t get lost. Now this way you won’t have to paint around

the hardware when you paint the door, eliminating any swirling effect on the paint around them.

Now if you can’t remove the hardware from the door this is easy, just place some painter’s

tape over them so they don’t get splattered with paint.

Now this is important, you want to lightly sand and wash the door to remove any dirt

or grease. Now you want to start by painting the closing edge of the door first; this will

give you more time for the paint to dry and help prevent the door from sticking. Now after

you’ve painted the edge of the door, begin painting the surface of the door from the

top to bottom. And if you have solid panels in the door, paint those panels from the top

to bottom as well.

Then paint the area around the panels of the door, again going from the top and working

your way to the bottom. Using a Benjamin Moore two and a half inch paintbrush will give you

the best results. Now if you happen to have a smooth, flat door you could use this, a

small slim Jim roller. Now if you’re gonna be using latex paint you’re gonna have to

work fairly quickly to prevent brushing back in to the areas that have begun to set. This

will leave unsightly brush marks.

You wanna make sure the paint on the door is completely dry before you put the door

knob and hardware back on the door. Now if you’d like to use a paint on the door that

would be easier to clean we recommend using a sheen that is higher in gloss than what’s

on the walls, possibly the same as the trim and the door frames. Now the high gloss will

showcase your doors; however, this is a personal choice.